Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 9 (1996)

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Recent studies on aqueducts and water supply: tot aquarum tam multis  ...
R. J. A. Wilson

Typology and diversity in the portraits of Augustus
R. R. R. Smith
Rock crystal:
the key to cut glass and diatreta in Persia and Rome
M. Vickers

Convivial spaces: dining and entertainment in the Roman villa
K. M. D. Dunbabin

Landscape paintings in the Villa of Oplontis
J. R. Clarke

The impact of the Antonine plague
R. P. Duncan-Jones

v9_07_Leveau_thumb                        v9_08_Bellamy_thumb                         v9_Koenen_thumb                        v9_10_van_Alfen_thumb                       v9_11_Casey_thumb    
The Barbegal water mill in its environment
P. Leveau
The villas of the
Vallée des Vaux and the Barbegal mill:
La Mérindole villa
P. Bellamy & 
R. B. Hitchner

The carbonized archive from Petra
L. Koenen
The 7th-c. Yassi Ada shipwreck: capacities and standard sizes of LRA1 amphoras
P. G. van Alfen
Justinian, the limitanei,  and Arab-Byzantine relations
P. J. Casey

Archaeological Notes
v9_12_Cotton_thumb                                v9_13_Cohon_thumb                             v9_14_Roxan_thumb                            v9_15_Feugere_thumb            
Fish sauces from Herodian Masada
H. Cotton, O. Lernau
& Y. Goren
A forged masterpiece (Detroit Institute of Arts)
R. Cohon
The earliest extant diploma issued by Vespasian
M. M. Roxan
Scène de jeu sur une lampe romaine d'Algérie
M. Feugère

                                       v9_16_Dillon_thumb                        v9_17_Maloney_thumb                      v9_18_Cameron_thumb_thumb                                        
The portraits of a civic benefactor of 2nd-c. Ephesos
S. Dillon
The villa of Torre
de Palma
(Alto Alentejo)  
S. J. Maloney &
J. R. Hale
Orfitus and Constantius: a note on Roman gold-glasses
Alan Cameron

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