Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 6 (1993)

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v6_01_Claridge_thumb                     v6_02_Wilson_Jones_thumb                     v6_03_Boschung_thumb                   v6_04_Billows_thumb                v6_05_Begley_thumb                 v6_06_Painter_thumb    

Hadrian’s Column of Trajan
A. Claridge

One hundred feet and a spiral stair: designing Trajan’s Column
M. Wilson Jones
Die Bidnistypen der iulisch-claudischen Kaiserfamilie
D. Boschung

The religious procession of the
Ara Pacis
R. Billows

New investigations at the port of Arikamedu
V. Begley

Late-Roman silver plate: a reply to Alan Cameron
K. Painter

v6_07_Dunbabin_thumb                      v6_08_Tomber_thumb                          v6_09_Cutler_thumb                        v6_10_Varene_thumb                       v6_11_Bessac_thumb    
Wine and water at the Roman convivium
K. M. D. Dunbabin
Quantitative approaches to the investigation of long-distance exchange
R. Tomber

Five lessons in Roman ivory
A. Cutler
L’apport de l’ethno-archéologie ...
la reconstruction d’un temple à Glanum
P. Varène
Etat des recherches sur les carrières du Bois des Lens
J.-Cl. Bessac

v6_12_Peacock_thumb                          v6_13_Black_thumb                          v6_14_Norman_thumb                         v6_15_Garrison_thumb                            v6_16_Fitz_thumb            
The site of Myos Hormos
D. P. S. Peacock
The period 1C bath-building at Fishbourne and the problem of the Proto-palace
E. W. Black
The Yasmina necropolis at Carthage, 1992
N. J. Norman & A. Haeckl
A newly-discovered cryptoporticus and bath at Carthage
M. B. Garrison et al.
From Roman Gorsium to late-antique Herculia: Tác
J. Fitz & J. Fedak

v6_17_Gazda_thumb                          v6_18_Cohon_thumb                          v6_19_DeLaine_thumb                         v6_20_Bomgardner_thumb                            v6_21_Bodel_thumb            
Roman portraiture: reflections on the question of context (review article)
E. K. Gazda & A. Haeckl
The typology, history and authenticity of Roman marble craters
(review article)
R. Cohon
Roman baths and bathing (review article)
J. DeLaine
A new era for amphitheatre studies (review article)
D. L. Bomgardner
Looking up Roman brickstamps (review article)
J. Bodel

                                                            v6_22_Freeman_thumb                                                v6_23_Kehoe_thumb                                                             
‘Romanisation’ and Roman material culture (review article)
P. W. M. Freeman
Economic rationalism in Roman agriculture (review article)
D. P. Kehoe
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