Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 4 (1991)

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v4_01_Serra-Ridgway_thum                     v4_02_Dodge_thum                     v4_03_Bailey_thum                   v4_04_Fabre_thum                v4_05_Guyon_thum                 v4_06_Kazanski_thum    

Etruscan art and culture: a bibliography 1978-1990
F. R. Serra Ridgway

Ancient marble studies: recent research
H. Dodge
Lamps metal, lamps clay: a decade of publication
D. M. Bailey

Interdisciplinary reseach on the aqueduct of Nîmes and the Pont du Gard
G. Fabre, J.-L. Fiches, J.-L. Paillet

Recent work on Saint-Bertrand-
J. Guyon et al.

A propos des armes et des éléments d’harnachement “orientaux”
M. Kazanski

v4_07_Metcalf_thum                      v4_08_Fentress_thum                          v4_09_Williams_thum                        v4_10_Cunliffe_thum                       v4_11_Hirschfeld_thum    
Avar and Slav invasions into the Balkan peninsula ... numismatic evidence
D. M. Metcalf
Heba, the XXIXth legion, and the Campo della Chiesa tile
E. Fentress

The import of millstones to Roman Mallorca
O. Williams-Thorpe &
R. S. Thorpe
Fishbourne revisited: the site in its context
B. W. Cunliffe
Khirbet Khiraf: a 2nd-c. fort in the Jordan Valley
Y. Hirschfeld

v4_12_Cahn_thum                          v4_13_Ling_thum                          v4_14_Welch_thum                         v4_15_Bomgardner_thum                            v4_16_Bowersock_thum            
A Table Ronde on a treasure of late Roman silver
H. A. Cahn et al.
The architecture of Pompeii  (review article)
R. Ling
Roman amphitheatres revived (review article)
K. Welch
Amphitheatres on the fringe  (review article)
D. L. Bomgardner
The Babatha papyri, Masada and Rome
(review article)
G. W. Bowersock

The Alps as a frontier
(A.D. 168-774)
N. Christie

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