Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 2 (1989)

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v2_01_Alcock_thum                     v2_02_Wilson_Jones_thum                     v2_03_Vismara_thum                   v2_04_Whitehouse_thum                v2_05_Rossiter_thum                 v2_06_Del_Chiaro_thum    

Roman imperialism in the Greek landscape
S. Alcock

Designing the Roman Corinthian order
M. Wilison Jones
Gli studi degli ultimi anni sulla Sardegna romana
C. Vismara

Begram, the Periplus and Gandharan art
D. Whitehouse

Roman villas of the Greek east and the villa in Gregory of Nyssa
J. J. Rossiter

A new late republican-early imperial villa at Campo della Chiesa
M.  Del Chiaro

v2_07_Cozza_thum                      v2_08_Frenz_thum                          v2_09_Pena_thum                        v2_10_Arthur_thum.                       v2_11_Purcell_thum    
Sul frammento 212 della Pianta marmorea
L. Cozza
The honorary arch at Mainz-Kastel
H. G. Frenz

P. Giss. 69: evidence for the supplying of stone transport operations in Roman Egypt
J. T. Peņa
Some observations on the economy of Bruttium under the later Roman empire
P. Arthur
Rediscovering the Roman Forum  (book review)
N. Purcell

v2_12_Kleiner_thum                          v2_13_Barnish_thum                          v2_14_Barnes_thum                         v2_15_Maxfield_thum                            v2_16_Cutler_thum            
The study of Roman triumphal and honorary arches  (book review)
F. S. Kleiner
The transformation of classical cities and the Pirenne debate 
(book review)
S. J. B. Barnish
Emperors on the move  (book review)
T. D. Barnes

The frontiers of the Roman empire: some recent work  (book review)
V. A. Maxfield

The end of antiquity in two illuminated manuscripts  (book review)
A. Cutler

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