Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 28 (2015)

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Cultural contacts and identity construction:
a colonial context in NE Spain (2nd - early 1st c. B.C.)

A. G. Sinner

The roof and suspended ceiling of the marble room
in the House of the Telephus Relief at Herculaneum

D. Camardo & M. Notomista

Public buildings and private opportunities:
some dynamics in Pompeii’s
urban development

M. A. Anderson

The moral architecture of
villa storage
in Italy in the 1st c. B.C.

A. Van Oyen

Conubium cum uxoribus:
wives and children in
the Roman military diplomas

E. M. Greene

Labour status and economic stratification
in the Roman world:
the hierarchy of wages in Egypt

C. Freu

   JRA28_08_Caserta_thum               JRA28_09_Dunbabin_thum                 JRA28_10_Harper_thum                  JRA28_11_Wootton_thum                JRA28_12_Arino_thum               JRA28_13_Ogus_thum

La Villa di Lucio Vero sulla
Via Cassia
a Roma in località Acquatraversa

E. Caserta

The agonistic mosaic
in the Villa of Lucius Verus
and the Capitolia of Rome

K. M. D. Dunbabin

Pandemics and passages
to late antiquity:
rethinking the plague of c.249-270
described by Cyprian

K. Harper

Figuring out the facts:
calculating mosaic labour times
in 4th-c. A.D. Britain

W. Wootton

Intensive survey in the
territory of Salamanca:
aerial photography,
geophysical prospecting and archaeological sampling

E. Ariño, S. Dahí, E. Garcia-Garcia, J. Liz, J. Rodríguez,
R. Sala, M. Reyes de Soto & R. Tamba

A late-antique fountain at Aphrodisias
and its implications for spoliation practices

E. Öğüş

            JRA28_14_McCormick_thum                JRA28_15_Zink_thum                  JRA28_16_Haselberger_thum                  JRA28_17_Ingemark_thum              JRA28_18_Thomas_thum             JRA28_19_McIntyre_thum

Tracking mass death during
the fall of Rome’s empire (I)

M. McCormick

The Palatine sanctuary of Apollo:
the site and its development,
6th to 1st c. B.C.

S. Zink

Visualizing asperitas:
Vitruvius (3.3.9)
and the ‘asperity’ of
Hermogenes’ pseudodipteral temple

L. Haselberger & S. Holzman

Roman horticulture beyond the frontier: garden cultivation at Iron Age Uppåkra (Sweden)

M. Larsson & D. Ingemark

Oplontis B: a center for the distribution
and export of Vesuvian wine

M. L. Thomas

Reconstructing population size in a Romano-British colonia: the case of Eboracum

L. J. McIntyre

            JRA28_20_Rautman_thum               JRA28_21_Raja_thum                 JRA28_22_Reeves_thum                    JRA28_23_Darby1_thum                  JRA28_24_Darby2_thum              JRA28_25_Liverani_thum

A menorah plaque from the center of Sardis

M. Rautman

The “Beauty of Palmyra” and Qasr Abjad (Palmyra):
new discoveries in the archive of Harald Ingholt

R. Raja & A. Højen Sørensen

A petroglyph of a religious ceremony at Humayma

M. B. Reeves

The Late Roman fort at ̒Ayn Gharandal, Jordan:
interim report on the 2009-2014 field seasons

R. Darby & E. Darby

Aufidius Priscus, the cohors Secunda Galatarum,
and Diocletian’s re-organization of Arabia and Palaestina:
the new tetrarchic inscription from ̒Ayn Gharandal

R. Darby

Old St. Peter’s and the emperor Constans? A debate with G. W. Bowersock

P. Liverani

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