Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 27 (2014)

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The shape of the Roman world: modelling imperial connectivity
W. Scheidel

Bronze rostra from the Egadi Islands off NW Sicily: the Latin inscriptions
J. R. W. Prag

The beginnings of Rome’s conquest
of Hispania: Castellet de Banyoles
J. Noguera et al.

El santuario republicano de Nertobriga Concordia Iulia:
los rituales de fundación
L. Berrocal-Rangel
et al.

Integrating survey data for studying the townscape of
Contributa Iulia Ugultania
P. Mateos Cruz
et al.
Britain’s first
urban communities
M. Pitts

v27_07_MacKinnon_thumb                  v27_08_Swift_thumb                    v27_09_Colominas_thumb                  v27_10_Richard_thumb                v27_11_Couzin_thumb                  v27_12_Ousterhout_thumb
Animals in the urban fabric of Ostia
M. MacKinnon
Design, function and use-wear in spoons
E. Swift
Everyday cooking and eating: a pantry at the Vilauba villa
L. Colominas
et al.
Macellum / µάκελλον: ‘Roman’ food markets in Asia Minor
and the Levant
J. Richard
The Christian sarcophagus
population of Rome
R. Couzin
The life and afterlife of Constantine’s Column
R. Ousterhout

v27_13_Magness_thumb                     v27_15_Dey_thumb                   v27_15_Tholbecq_thumb                  v27_16_Oetelaar_thumb               v27_17_Walbank_thumb                 v27_18_Carre_thumb  
Huqoq (Lower Galilee) and its
synagogue mosaics
J. Magness
et al.
Archaeological evidence for the tsunami of January 18, A.D. 749
 (Caesarea Maritima)
H. Dey
et al.
The “high place” of
Jabal Khubthah:
a suburb of Petra
L. Tholbecq
et al.
A computational investigation of the thermal environment
of the caldarium
T. Oetelaar
et al.
Remaining Roman
in death at Corinth?
A debate with
K. W. Slane
M. E. Hoskins Walbank
Transport amphorae Lamboglia 2 and Dressel 6A:
Italy and/or Dalmatia?
M.-B. Carre
et al.

                                  v27_19_Dutting_thumb                v27_20_Heeren_thumb               v27_21_Palermo_thumb                 v27_22_Wilson_thumb                   27_23_Benovitz_thumb
Lead net-sinkers
as an indicator of fishing activities
M. K. Dütting
& S. Hoss

Brooches and burials:  expressions of identity
in cemeteries of the Batavian civitas
S. Heeren

Nisibis, capital of
the province of Mesopotamia
R. Palermo

Tile-stamps of Philippianus in Late Roman Sicily
R. J. A. Wilson

The Justinianic plague: dated Greek epitaphs
of Byzantine Palestine and Arabia
N. Benovitz
with online appendix
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