Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 25 (2012)

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/v25_01-Tusa_Royal_thumb                     v25_02-Roppa_thumb                     v25_03-deLigt_thumb                   v25_04-Poehler_thumb                v25_05-Corsi_etal_thumb                 v25_06-Baird_thumb    

The landscape of the naval battle
at the Egadi Islands (241 B.C.)
S. Tusa and
J. Royal

Rural settlement and land-use
in Punic and Roman Republican Sardinia
A. Roppa and
P. van Dommelen

The Album of Herculaneum and a model of the town’s demography
L. de Ligt and
P. Garnsey

The drainage system
at Pompeii:
mechanisms, operation and design
E. E. Poehler

A geomagnetic survey of Ammaia: a contribution
to understanding Roman urbanism in Lusitania
C. Corsi,
P. S. Johnson and
F. Vermeulen

Re-excavating the houses of Dura-Europos
J. A. Baird

v25_07-Stern_thumb                  v25_08-Kenawi_etal_thumb                    v25_09-Robinson_thumb                  v25_10-Pury-Gysel_thumb                v25_11-Hanson_thumb                  v25_12-Weisweiler_thumb
Tagging sacred space
in the Dura-Europos synagogue
K. B. Stern
A commercial nursery near Abu Hummus (Egypt) and re-use of amphoras for the trade in plants
M. Kenawi,
E. Macaulay-Lewis,
and J. S. McKenzie
Mount Helikon and the Valley of the Muses: the production of a sacred space
B. A. Robinson
Aventicum (Avenches), capital of the Helvetii:
a history of research, 1985-2010. Part II.
Urban development after A.D. 100,
crafts, and finds
A. de Pury-Gysel
The ‘Valu lui Traian’: a Roman frontier rehabilitated
W. S. Hanson and
I. A. Oltean
From equality to asymmetry:
honorific statues, imperial power, and senatorial identity in late-antique Rome
J. Weisweiler

v25_13-Munro_thumb                    v25_14-Wiseman_thumb                   v25_15-Zink_thumb                   v25_16-Peleg-Barkat_thumb                  v25_17-Lancaster_thumb                 v25_18-Slane_thumb          
Recycling, demand
for materials, and landownership at villas in Italy and the
western provinces in late antiquity
B. Munro
Roma Quadrata, archaic huts, the house of
Augustus, and the orientation of Palatine Apollo
T. P. Wiseman
Old and new archaeological evidence
for the plan of the Palatine temple of Apollo
S. Zink
The relative chronology of tomb facades in
Early Roman Jerusalem and power displays
by the elite
O. Peleg-Barkat
A new vaulting technique for early baths in Sussex:
the anatomy of a Romano-British invention
L. C. Lancaster
Remaining Roman in death at an eastern colony
K. W. Slane

                                  v25_19-Jackson_thumb                          v25_20-Sandor_thumb                          v25_21-Keay_et%20al_thumb                          v25_22-Cameron_thumb                  
‘She who changes’ (Amibousa): a re-examination of the triangular table from Pergamon

The genesis and performance characteristics
of Roman chariots
B. I. Sandor

Interim report on an enigmatic new Trajanic
building at Portus
S. Keay

Basilius and his diptych again: career titles, seats
in the Colosseum,
and issues of
stylistic dating
A. Cameron

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