Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 22 (2009)

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New light on the production of decorated roofs of the 6th c. B.C.  at sites in and around Rome
N. A. Winter et al.

Magni nominis umbra:  entre onomástica y topografía en torno al theatrum Pompei
A. Monterroso Checa
In search of Roman economic growth
W. Scheidel
Indicators for Roman economic growth:
a response to
Walter Scheidel
A. Wilson
The transport amphoras Lamboglia 2 and Dressel 6A: a central Dalmatian origin?
A. Lindhagen
Haec aurea templa: the Palatine temple of Apollo and its polychromy
S. Zink with H. Piening

v22_07-Trincherini                  v22_08-Rihll                  v22_09-Segard                    v22_10-Lindsay                 v22_11-Dasen                    v22_12-Marzano
The identification of lead ingots from the Roman mines of Cartagena
P. R. Trincherini et al.
Lead ‘slingshot’ (glandes)
T. Rihll
Pastoralism, rural economy, and the evolution of landscape in the western Alps
M. Segard
The man in Turia’s life, with a consideration of inheritance issues in the 1st c. B.C.
H. Lindsay
Roman birth rites of passage revisited
V. Dasen

Costly display or economic investment? A quantitative approach to the study of marine aquaculture
A. Marzano & G. Brizzi
  v22_13-Groot                   v22_14-Stewart                   v22_15-Gualtieri                    v22_16-Mackensen                    v22_17-Attanasio                   
Surplus production
for the market? The agrarian economy in the non-villa landscapes of Germania Inferior
M. Groot et al.
Totenmahl reliefs in the northern provinces
P. Stewart
A mosaic of Aion with the Seasons at Masseria Ciccotti (Lucania)
M. Gualtieri & S. Ferrari
The Tetrarchic fort at Nag al-Hagar in the province of Thebaďs
M. Mackensen
Quarries in the region of Aphrodisias: the black and white marbles of Göktepe (Mugla)
D. Attanasio et al.

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