Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 21 (2008)

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v21_01-Ammerman                   v21_02-Colivicchi                  v21_03-Zink                   v21_04-Greene                  v21_05_van der Veen                  v21_06-Stephens

The clay beds in the Velabrum and the earliest tiles in Rome
A. J. Ammerman,
I. Iliopoulos, et al.

Hellenism and Romanization at Ancona: a case of ‘invented tradition’
F. Colivicchi

Reconstructing the Palatine temple
of Apollo: a case study in early Augustan temple design
S. Zink
Learning to consume: consumption and consumerism in the Roman Empire
K. Greene
Food as embodied material culture: diversity and change in plant food consumption in Roman Britain
M. van der Veen
Ancient Roman hairdressing: on (hair)pins and needles
J. Stephens

v21_07_Tucci                  v21_08_Kennedy                  v21_09_Cribiore                    v21_10_Dunbabin                 v21_11_Vaccaro                    v21_12_Ridgway
Galen’s storeroom, Rome’s libraries, and the fire of A.D. 192
P. L. Tucci

Castra Legionis VI Ferratae: a building inscription for
the legionary fortress
at Udruh
D. Kennedy &
H. Falahat

A teacher’s dipinto
from Trimithis
(Dakhleh Oasis)
R. Cribiore, P. Davoli & D. M. Ratzan
Domestic Dionysos? Telete in mosaics from Zeugma and the Late Roman Near East
K. M. D. Dunbabin
An overview of rural settlement in four river basins in the province of Grosseto
E. Vaccaro

An inscribed bucchero aryballos
D. Ridgway
v21_13_Arino               v21_14_Volken                   v21_15_Hernandez                    v21_16_Black                  v21_17_Holbrook                 v21_18_Bowden
Un quaestor pro praetore republicano en Carthago Nova
B. Díaz Ariño
The water bag of Roman soldiers
M. Volken

The Roman forum at Butrint (Epirus) and its development from Hellenistic to mediaeval times
D. R. Hernandez &
Dh. Çondi

Fishbourne, Chichester, and Togidubnus rex again
E. Black

Circencester and the Cotswolds: the Early Roman evolution of a town and rural landscape
N. Holbrook

The plan of Venta Icenorum (Caistor-by-Norwich): interpreting a new geophysical survey
W. Bowden & D. Bescoby

    v21_19_Crummy                   v21_20_Goren                   v21_21_Tzavella
An update on
the excavations (2005-7) on the site of the Roman circus
at Colchester
P. Crummy

The Oboda potter’s workshop reconsidered
Y. Goren & P. Fabian

Burial and urbanism
in Athens
(4th-9th c. A.D.)
E. Tzavella

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