Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 19 (2006)

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v19_01_van Dommelen                   v19_02_Oleson                  v19_03_Poehler                   v19_04_Bowman                  v19_05_Tucci                  v19_06_Derks

Punic farms and Carthaginian colonists: surveying Punic rural settlement
P. van Dommelen

Reproducing a Roman maritime structure with Vitruvian pozzolanic concrete 
J. P. Oleson et al.

The circulation of traffic in Pompeiiís Regio VI
E. E. Poehler
Outposts of empire: Vindolanda, Egypt and the empire of Rome
A. K. Bowman

Ideology and technology in Romeís water supply: castella, the toponym  AQVEDVCTIVM ...
P. L. Tucci
Returning auxiliary veterans: some methodological considerations
T. Derks &
N. Roymans

v19_07_Bridger                  v19_08_Jones                  v19_09_Mackensen                    v19_10_Dunbabin                 v19_11_Becker                    v19_12_Lyons
Veteran settlement in the Lower Rhineland
C. Bridger

A letter of Hadrian to Naryka (Eastern Locris)
C. P. Jones

Production centres of African Red Slip ware (2nd-3rd c.)
M. Mackensen &
G. Schneider
A theatrical device on the Late Roman stage: the relief of   Flavius Valerianus
K. M. D. Dunbabin
The Villa delle Grotte
at Grottarossa
J. A. Becker

Giovanni Montiroliís watercolors of Porta Maggiore
C. L. Lyons
v19_13_Leibner               v19_14_Warry                   v19_15_Alvar                    v19_16_Bennett                  v19_17_Elton                 v19_18_Hope
Identifying Gennesar on the Sea of Galilee
U. Leibner
A dated typology for Roman rooftiles
P. Warry

The mithraeum at Lugo (Lucus Augusti)
J. Alvar et al.

The cohors equitata fort at Tihau-Cetate, Romania
J. Bennett
A new Late-Roman urban centre in Isauria
H. Elton et al.
A painted residence
at Ismant el-Kharab (Kellis) in the
Dakhleh Oasis
C. Hope &
H. Whitehouse

v19_19_Lazar                   v19_20_Simsek                  v19_21_Lazreg                v19_22_Jones               v19__23_Lewit
Glass finds in Slovenia and neighbouring areas
I. Lazar
A menorah with a cross carved on a column
of Nymphaeum A
at Laodicea ad Lycum
C. Simsek
Roman and
Early Christian burial complex at
Leptiminus (Lamta)
N. Ben Lazreg et al.
Addendum: Cosa and the Antonine plague?
C. P. Jones
Footprints in the later Roman countryside:
a response
T. Lewit
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