Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 16 (2003)

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v16_01_Welch_thumb                     v16_02_McKenzie_thumb                     v16_2a_Baines_thumb                   v16_03_Zachos_thumb                v16_04_Schnurbein_thumb                 v16_05_Packer_thumb    

A new view of the origins of the Basilica
K. Welch

Glimpsing Alexandria from archaeological evidence
J. McKenzie

Possible implications of the Egyptian name for Alexandria
J. Baines

The tropaeum of Augustus at Nikopolis
K. Zachos

Augustus in Germania and his new ‘town’
at Waldgirmes east of the Rhine
S. von Schnurbein

J. Packer

v16_06_Jansen_thumb                  v16_07_Yegul_thumb                    v16_08_Small_thumb                  v16_09_Erkelenz_thumb                v16_10_Williams_thumb                  v16_11_Weiss_thumb
Social distinctions and issues of privacy in
the toilets of
Hadrian’s Villa
G. C. M. Jansen
Building a Roman bath for the cameras
F. Yegül with T. Couch
New evidence from tile-stamps for imperial properties near Gravina
A. M. Small,
V. Volterra &
R. G. V. Hancock
Ubique gentium quadriuges et
seiuges currus:
für Angehörige der
hohen ordines?
D. Erkelenz
New light on
Roman Kent
J. H. Williams
The vision of Constantine
P. Weiss

v16_12_Lewit_thumb                    v16_13_Morillo_thumb                   v16_14_Salas_thumb.                   v16_15_Aslanidis_thumb                  v16_16_Jackson_thumb                 v16_17_Bliquez_thumb          
‘Vanishing villas’: what happened to élite rural habitation in the West?
T. Lewit
Legio VII Gemina and its Flavian fortress at León
A. Morillo &
V. García-Marcos
Recent excavations and sculptural finds in the colony of Astigi
A. Romo Salas
The Roman odeion at Epidaurus
K. Aslanidis
The Domus ‘del chirurgo’ at Rimini ...  medical assemblage
R. Jackson
Roman surgical spoon-probes and their ancient names
L. J. Bliquez

  v16_18_Sherlock_thumb           v16_19_Swift_thumb            v16_20_Spier_thumb            v16_21_Ugurlu_thumb           v16_22_Gutteridge_thumb         v16_23_Bowes_thumb           v16_24_Hirschfeld_thumb.
The Roman combination knife
and spoon
D. Sherlock

Late-Roman bead necklaces and bracelets
E. Swift

A lost consular diptych of Anicius Auchenius Bassus (A.D. 408)
J. Spier

Sarcophagi in the necropolis of Andriake, near Myra (Lycia)
E. Ugurlu

The walled town of Dyrrachium (Durres): new light on the early defences
A. Gutteridge &
A. Hoti

An amphitheater and its afterlives: Durres amphitheatre
K. Bowes &
A. Hoti et al.

Social aspects of the late-antique village of Shivta
Y. Hirschfeld

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