Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 15 (2002)

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River port, navalia, and harbour temple at Ostia
M. Heinzelmann &
A. Martin

‘It all comes out in the wash’: Looking harder at the Roman fullonica
M. Bradley

La turba inpia: artigiani e commercianti del Foro Romano e dintorni
E. Papi

Un edificio del centro monumental de Carthago Nova
J. M. Noguera Celdrán

A model of demographic and economic change in Roman Egypt after the Antonine plague
W. Scheidel

The effects of plague: model and evidence
R. S. Bagnall

v15_07_Mackensen_thumb                  v15_08_Nagy_thumb                    v15_09_Mastrocinque_thumb                  v15_10_Gordon_thumb                v15_11_Bowden_thumb                  v15_12_Zahariade_thumb
Production centres of African red slip ware (3rd-7th c.)
M. Mackensen &
G. Schneider
Figuring out the Anguipede (‘snake-legged god’)
Á. M. Nagy
The divinatory kit
from Pergamon and Greek magic
A. Mastrocinque

Another view of the Pergamon divination kit
R. Gordon
Roman and late-antique Butrint: excavations and survey 2000-2001
W. Bowden,
R. Hodges, K. Lako
Halmyris, a settlement and fort near the
mouth of the Danube:
M. Zahariade &
M. K. Phelps

v15_13_Cifani_thumb                    v15_14_Buttrey_thumb                   v15_15_Wootton_thumb                   v15_16_Christodoulou_thumb                  v15_17_Demierre_thumb                 v15_18_Wood_thumb          
Notes on the rural landscape of central Tyrrhenian Italy in the 6th-5th c. B.C.
G. Cifani
The goddess Maia on denarii of Domitian
T. V. Buttrey
Another Alexander mosaic: reconstructing the Hunt mosaic
from Palermo
W. Wootton
Galerius, Gamzigrad, and the Fifth Macedonian legion
D. N. Christodoulou
Les fours à chaux en Grèce
B. Demierre
The wall-top of
the Late-Roman defences
at Saint-Bertrand-
J. Wood

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Vestiges d’un parapet antique près de la tour du Sacraire Saint-Sernin à Carcassonne
J.-P. Fourdrin
Le couronnement du rempart de Saint-Lézer (Castum Bigorra)
C. Darles, A. Badie, J.-J. Malmary
Inscriptions de l’hippodrome de Tyr
J.-P. Rey-Coquais
Roman and
Early Christian burial-complex
at Leptiminus:
first notice
N. Ben Lazreg
Response to the comments of
B. Bergmann and
C. H. Hallett
in vol. 14
R. Tybout
The Severan coin hoard from Shapwick: a comment
R. Reece
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