Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 13 (2000)

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New letters of Hadrian to Aphrodisias
J. M. Reynolds

Subject selection
and viewer reception
of Greek portraits
from Herculaneum
and Tivoli
S. Dillon

Replicating the body politic: the Herculaneum Women statue types
J. Trimble

A history of earlier excavations in the arena of the Colosseum
G. Schingo

The wooden arena flooring of the Colosseum
H.-J. Beste

Studying the valley of the Colosseum (1970-2000)
R. Rea

v13_07_Kessener_thumb                  v13_08_van_Ossel_thumb                    v13_09_Bodel_thumb                  v13_10_Harvey_thumb                v13_11_Tuck_thumb                  v13_12_Scott_thumb
The aqueduct at Aspendos and its inverted siphon
P. Kessener
Rural settlement economy in Northern Gaul in the Late Empire
P. van Ossel &
P. Ouzoulias
Bibliography of the works of Herbert Bloch
J. Bodel

The inscribed bowl from the Garigliano (Minturnae)
P. B. Harvey, jr.
A new identification for the ‘Porticus Aemilia’
S. Tuck
The triple arch of Augustus and the Roman triumph
R. T. Scott

v13_13_D'Arms_thumb                    v13_14_Steinby_thumb                   v13_15_Lulof_thumb                   v13_16_Klynne_thumb                  v13_17_Yerkes_thumb                 v13_18_Schrunk_thumb          
P. Lucilius Gamala’s feasts for the Ostians and their Roman models
J. H. D’Arms
Herbert Bloch and the new CIL XV.1
E. M. Steinby
Archaic terracotta acroteria representing Athena and Heracles
P. S. Lulof
Investigating the gardens of the Villa
of Livia
A. Klynne &
P. Liljenstolpe
Vitruvius’ monstra
S. Yerkes
Roman estates on the island of Brioni, Istria
I. Schrunk &
V. Begović

             v13_19_Kron_thumb                v13_20_Bagnall_thumb                v13_21_Oleson_thumb                v13_22_Hannestad_thumb                v13_23_Rauh_thumb              v13_24_Goldfus_thumb                    
Roman ley-farming
G. Kron
P.Oxy. 4527 and the Antonine plague in Egypt
R. S. Bagnall
Ancient sounding weights
J. P. Oleson
Late-antique reworking of the Ara Pacis?
N. Hannestad
Possible amphora kiln sites in W Rough Cilicia
N. K. Rauh &
K. W. Slane
New excavations in the East Church at Halutza
H. Goldfus, B. Arubas & K. Bowes

v13_25_Eshel_thumb                                           v13_26_Poulter_thumb                                       v13_27_Stern_thumb   
Khirbet Yattir: a note on the
church in area D
H. Eshel, J. Magness & E. Shenhav

The Roman to Byzantine transition
in the Balkans:
preliminary results on Nicopolis
A. Poulter

A decorated bone ring from a cabinet
or chest and workshop procedures

W. Stern
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