Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 12 (1999)

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v12_01_Angelelli_thumb                     v12_02_Treggiari_thumb                     v12_03_Jacobson_thumb                   v12_04_Cool_thumb                v12_05_Meyer_thumb                 v12_06_Pasquinucci_thumb    

Considerazioni sull’occupazione protostorica nell’area sud-occidentale del Palatino
C. Angelelli &
S. Falzone

The upper-class house as symbol and focus of emotion in Cicero
S. Treggiari

The annexe of the ‘Temple of Venus’ at Baiae
D. M. Jacobson &
M. Wilson Jones

Peeling the onion: an approach to comparing vessel glass assemblages
H. E. M. Cool &
M. J. Baxter

Axial peristyle houses in the western empire
K. E. Meyer
The landscape and economy of the territories of Pisae and Volaterrae 
M. Pasquinucci &
S. Menchelli

v12_07_Haijmans_thumb                  v12_08_King_thumb                    v12_09_Shaw_thumb                  v12_10_Bardill_thumb                v12_11_Warden_thumb                  v12_12_Haalebos_thumb
La topographie de la ville d’Arles durant l’Antiquité tardive
M. Heijmans
Diet in the Roman world:  a regional inter-site comparison of the mammal bones
A. King
Emerald mining in Roman and Byzantine Egypt
I. Shaw, J. Bunbury & R. Jameson
The Great Palace of the Byzantine emperors and the Walker Trust excavations
J. Bardill
The Etruscan settlement of Poggio Colla (1995-98 excavations)
P. G. Warden, M. L. Thomas & J. Galloway
Recent research on the limes in the Netherlands
J. K. Haalebos & W. J. H. Willems
v12_13_Rehren_thumb                    v12_14_Schmid_thumb                   v12_15_Eck_thumb                   v12_16_Wilson_thumb                  v12_17_Leveau_thumb                 v12_18_Kaufmann-Heinzelmann_thumb          
Cupel and crucible: the refining of debased silver in the Colonia Ulpia Traiana
T. Rehren & K. Kraus
Decline or prosperity at Roman Eretria?  Industry, purple dye works, ...
S. G. Schmid
Ein Triumphbogen für Hadrian im Tal von Beth Shean bei Tel Shalem
W. Eck & G. Foerster
Deliveries extra urbem: aqueducts and the countryside
A. Wilson
Quelques réflexions sur Caesarea/Cherchel et Barbegal
P. Leveau
Eighteen new pieces from the late Roman silver treasure of Kaiseraugst
A. Kaufmann-

             v12_19_Bauer_thumb           v12_20_Karamut_thumb             v12_21_Parker_thumb              v12_22_Rautmann_thumb             v12_23_Konrad_thumb            v12_24_Eshel_thumb.         v12_25_Foote_thumb           
The Constantinian Bishop’s church at Ostia:  preliminary report on the 1998 season
F. A. Bauer &
M. Heinzelmann
Nephelis: a recently discovered town of coastal Rough Cilicia
I. Karamut &
J. Russell
Brief notice on a possible early 4th-c. church at ‘Aqaba
S. T. Parker

Amphoras and roof-tiles from Late Roman Cyprus: a compositional study ...  Kalavasos
M. L. Rautman et al.

Research on the Roman and early Byzantine frontier in North Syria
M. Konrad
Interim report on Khirbet Yattir in Judea: a mosque and a monastic church
H. Eshel et al.

Frescoes and carved ivory from the Abbasid family homestead at Humeima
R. M. Foote

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