Sample Articles

The following full text Reviews from JRA 25 (2012) are presently available:

Kl. Fittschen, Uber das Umarbeiten römischer Porträts, a review of M. Prusac, From Face to Face.
R. Ling, The finale of the corpus of mosaics of Britain, a review of S. R. Cosh and D. S. Neal, Roman Mosaics of Britain, vol. IV
M. Vessey, The end of the pagan classics?, a review of A. Cameron, The Last Pagans of Rome
S. E. Ostrow, The life and times of Francis W. Kelsey, a review of J. G. Pedley, The Life and Work of Francis Willey Kelsey

Articles include:
S. Tusa and J. Royal, The landscape of the naval battle at the Egadi Islands (241 B.C.) FULL TEXT HERE.
Subscribers also please see corrected page 43 of that article which contains the correct Semitic characters for the Punic inscription

Sample article from JRA 24 (2011)

W. Bowden, Architectural innovation in the land of the Iceni: a new complex near Venta Icenorum

The following full text review from JRA 24 (2011), with a response, is presently available:

H. Dey, Urban public building during the ‘crisis' of the 3rd c. A.D. [a review of S. Rambaldi, L’edilizia pubblica nell’impero romano all’epoca dell’anarchia militare (235-284 d.C.)
Response by S. Rambaldi to the review by H. Dey

Full text available of:
J. Stephens, "Ancient Roman hairdressing: on (hair)pins and needles
For Janet's videos of her recreations of Roman female hairstyles see:

Full text of Clive Foss, The Near Eastern countryside in late antiquity: a review article (JRA Supplement 14)

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