PDFs, Offprints, and Copying


Acquiring a copy of an article or a review

We can provide a PDF of any article or review published in the annual JRA from its inception
Or we can send by mail an original offprint of most articles and reviews.

The cost is $1 per page, up to a maximum of $20 per article or review.

SUBSCRIBERS to JRA may request up to four (4) items from the annual issues each calendar year free of charge
Contact us by e-mail, telephone, fax or letter and we can quickly arrange a convenient method of payment:

            JRA, 95 Peleg Road,
            Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871 U.S.A.
            Telephone: 401-683-1955;
            Telefax: 401-683-1975; E-mail: jra@journalofromanarch.com

Making copies of a JRA work

We will permit SUBSCRIBING individuals, libraries and institutions to make copies of individual articles or reviews from the annual issues for internal academic purposes,
or we can supply you with a pdf free of charge, up to 4 per calendar year, from the annual issues.
Libraries can make the PDF available to members of their institution on a protected website.

If you are NOT a subscriber and wish to make your own copy or photocopy from any of our titles, permission can only be obtained from us directly (please send us an e-mail, letter, phone, or fax, specifying which book and the pages).

Please note that the Copyright Clearance Center (USA), the Copyright Licensing Agency (UK), and other Foreign Reproduction Rights Organizations are not authorized to licence copying of JRA works or to collect fees on our behalf.


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