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From its inception JRA has specialized in long, synthetic reviews. JRA reviews are often the fullest evaluation that a book receives. Most are 3-4 pages long, some are even 10-12 pages or more. We aim to review between 75 and 90 works every year in the separate Reviews Fascicule of some 400 pages.
Search our Index of Books Reviewed (in all volumes from 1 to 27) to find out whether a particular work has been reviewed. Every main author of a work is included in the index. If you do not know the author’s name, you can search the Index by a keyword from the title of the book.
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Works Without a Listed Author

H. Zabehlicky:

·      26.904: G. von Bulow und H. Zabehlicky (edd.), Bruckneudorf und Gamzigrad. Spätantike Paläste und Grossvillen im Donau-Balkan-Raum. Reviewed by A. H. Chen.

A. Zaccaria Ruggiu:

·      17.526: A. Zaccaria Ruggiu, More regio vivere: il banchetto aristocratico e la casa romana di età arcaica. Reviewed by N. Terrenato.

·      12.555: A. Zaccaria Ruggiu, Spazio privato e spazio pubblico nella città romana. Reviewed by A. M. Riggsby.

M. Zagermann:

·      27.792: M. Zagermann, Der Münsterberg in Breisach III. Die römerzeitlichen Befunde ...    Reviewed by G. Wesch-Klein.

M. Zahariade:

·      11.631: O. Bounegru and M. Zahariade, Les forces navales du Bas Danube et de la Mer Noire aux Ier-VIe siècles. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

N. Zair:

·    31.597: N. Zair, Oscan in the Greek alphabet. Reviewed by U. Roth.

E. Zanini:

·      22.813: L. Lavan, E. Zanini and A. Sarantis (edd.), Technology in transition A.D. 300-650. Reviewed by J. P. Oleson.

P. Zanker:

·      31.678: P. Zanker, Roman portraits: sculptures in stone and bronze in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Reviewed by D. E. E. Kleiner.

·    29.628: K. Fittschen, P. Zanker, aufnahmen von G. Fittschen-Badura, Katalog der römischen Porträts in den Capitolinischen Museen und den anderen kommunalen Sammlungen der Stadt Rom. Band IV. Kinderbildnisse; Nachträge zu den Bänden I-III; neuzeitliche oder neuzeitlich verfälschte Bildnisse; Bildnisse an Reliefdenkmalern. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

·      25.613: P. Zanker, Roman art. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

·      12.533: P. Zanker, The mask of Socrates. Reviewed by F. Sear.

·      6.331: P. Zanker, Pompeji. Stadtbilder als Spiegel von Gesellschaft und Herrschaftsform. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      3.271: P. Zanker, The power of images in the age of Augustus. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

P. Zanovello:

·      13.597: G. Bodon, I. Riera and P. Zanovello, Utilitas necessaria: sistemi idraulichi nell’Italia romana. Reviewed by A. Wilson.

J. Zant:

·      24.671: J. Zant, The Carlisle Millennium Project: excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001, vol. 1: Stratigraphy. Reviewed by R. Collins & M. Symonds.

M. Zarmakoupi:

·     28.632: M. Zarmakoupi, Designing for luxury on the Bay of Naples. Villas and landscapes (c.100 BCE–79 CE). Reviewed by C. C. Mattusch.

F. Zayadine:

·      19.441 and 19.446: F. Zayadine, F. Larché et J. Dentzer-Feydy, Le Qasr al-Bint de Pétra. Reviewed by J. Patrich and D. F. Graf.

F. Zevi:

·   26.575: M. Cébeillac Gervasoni, M. L. Caldelli e F. Zevi, Epigrafia latina. Ostia: cento iscrizioni in contesto. Reviewed by D. Nonnis and C. Pavolini.

·   21.433: M. Cébeillac-Gervasoni, M. L. Caldelli & F. Zevi, Epigraphie latine. Reviewed by C. Bruun.

J. D. Zienkiewicz:

·      1.142: J. D. Zienkiewicz, "The engraved gemstones" in The legionary fortress baths at Caerleon II. The finds; Reviewed by M. Henig.

·      1.142: J. D. Zienkiewicz, Roman gems from Caerleon. Reviewed by M. Henig.

M. Zink:

·    31.936: P. Ducrey, P. Gros & M. Zink (éd.), Les archives au secours des temples détruits de Palmyre. Reviewed by A. Schmidt-Colinet.

T. Zollt:

·      11.683: T. Zollt, Kapitellplastik Konstantinopels vom 4. bis 6. Jahrhundert n.Chr. Reviewed by M. Dennert.

A. Zuiderhoek:

·      24.773: A. Zuiderhoek, The politics of munificence in the Roman Empire: citizens, elites and benefactors in Asia Minor. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

The reviews are sorted by author's last name; click a letter below:
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Works Without a Listed Author



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