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Works Without a Listed Author

D. J. Waarsenburg:

·      12.453: D. J. Waarsenburg, The northwest necropolis of Satricum. Reviewed by C. J. Smith.

J. S. Wacher:

·      15.621: A. S. Anderson, J. S. Wacher and A. P. Fitzpatrick, The Romano-British ‘small town’ at Wanborough, Wiltshire: excavations 1966-1976. Reviewed by P. Booth.

·      11.613: B. C. Burnham and J. Wacher, The small towns of Roman Britain. Reviewed by P. Booth.

·      3.213: J. Wacher (ed.), The Roman world (2 vols.). Reviewed by M. Millett.

M. Waelkens:

·      20.418: J. Poblome, P. Talloen, R. Brulet and M. Waelkens (edd.), Early Italian sigillata: the chronological framework and trade patterns. Reviewed by S. Rotroff.

·      16.677: M. Waelkens and L. Loots (edd.), Sagalassos V. Reviewed by C. Ratté.

·      13.668: S. Mitchell and M. Waelkens, Pisidian Antioch: the site and its monuments. Reviewed by K. Harl.

·      10.537: M. Waelkens and J. Poblome, Sagalassos I, II and III. Reviewed by J. Russell.

·      7.361: M. Waelkens, N. Herz and L. Moens, Ancient stones: quarrying, trade and provenance. Reviewed by D. P. S. Peacock.

G. Wagner:

·      2.281: G. Wagner, Les oasis d'Égypte à l'époque grecque, romaine et byzantine d'après les documents grecs. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

T. Waliszewski:

·      15.691: Z. T. Fiema, C. Kanellopoulos, T. Waliszewski and R. Schick, The Petra Church. Reviewed by J.-P. Sodini.

D. R. Walker:

·      3.431: D. R. Walker, "Roman coins from the sacred spring at Bath" in B. Cunliffe (ed.), The Temple of Sulis Minerva at Bath II: finds from the sacred spring. Reviewed by J. A. Davies.

S. Walker:

·      22.549: A. Leone, D. Palombi e S. Walker (edd.), Res bene gestae. Ricerche di storia urbana su Roma antica in onore di Eva Margareta Steinby. Reviewed by E. Papi.

·      4.210: S. Walker, Catalogue of Roman sarcophagi in the British Museum. Reviewed by G. Koch.

A. Wallace-Hadrill:

·      25.680: A. Wallace-Hadrill, Herculaneum, past and future. Reviewed by N. Monteix.

·      8.387: A. Wallace-Hadrill, Houses and society in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Reviewed by K. M. D. Dunbabin.

L. M. Wallace

·     28.723: L. M. Wallace, The origin of Roman London. Reviewed by M. Pitts.

A. Walmsley:

·    21.737: A. Walmsley, Early Islamic Syria: an archaeological assessment. Reviewed by C, Foss.

K. Walsh:

·      15.561: P. Leveau, F. Trément, K. Walsh and G. Barker (edd.), Environmental reconstruction in Mediterranean landscape archaeology. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

M. Walsh:

·     31.820: M. Walsh, Pudding Pan: a Roman shipwreck and its cargo in context. Reviewed by M. Fulford.

J. C. Walters:

·      25.858: S. J. Friesen, D. N. Schowalter and J. C. Walters (edd.), Corinth in context: comparative studies on religion and society. Reviewed by K. W. Slane.

P. J. Walton:

·      26.763: P. J. Walton, Rethinking Roman Britain: coinage and archaeology. Reviewed by H. W. Horsnæs.

J. B. Ward-Perkins:

·      17.755: J. B. Ward-Perkins and R. G. Goodchild, Christian monuments of Cyrenaica. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

B. Ward-Perkins:

·      30.875: R. R. R. Smith & B. Ward-Perkins (edd.), The last statues of antiquity. Reviewed by C. H. Hallett

·      30.864: R. R. R. Smith & B. Ward-Perkins (edd.), The last statues of antiquity. Reviewed by C. Mattusch

·      19.706: B. Ward-Perkins, The fall of Rome and the end of civilization. Reviewed by G. Fowden.

·      15.681: Averil Cameron, B. Ward-Perkins and M. Whitby (edd.), The Cambridge Ancient History vol. XIV: Late Antiquity. Reviewed by G. Fowden.

·      9.487: J. B. Ward-Perkins. The Severan Buildings of Lepcis Magna. An Architectural Survey. Reviewed by P. Gros.

·      7.361: H. Dodge and B. Ward-Perkins (edd.), Marble in antiquity: collected papers of J. B. Ward-Perkins. Reviewed by D. P. S. Peacock.

·      2.385: B. Ward-Perkins, From classical antiquity to the middle ages: urban public building in northern and central Italy, A.D. 300-850. Reviewed by S. J. B. Barnish.

M. Wartmann:

·      23.722: A. R. Furger, M. Wartmann and E. Riha, Die römischen Siegelkapseln aus Augusta Raurica. Reviewed by T. Derks.

S. Watson:

·      24.664: S. Watson and K. Heard, Development on Roman London’s western hill: excavations at Paternoster Square, City of London. Reviewed by D. Perring.

O. Wattel-de Croizant:

·      13.711: O. Wattel-de Croizant, Les mosaïques représentant le mythe d’Europe. Reviewed by J. P. Darmon.

D. Watts:

·      13.745: D. Watts, Religion in late Roman Britain. Reviewed by D. Janes.

M. Weber:

·    30.923: R. Collins, M. Symonds & M. Weber (edd.), Roman military architecture on the frontiers: armies and their architecture in late antiquity. Reviewed by S. T. Parker

J. Webster:

·      17.615: S. Scott and J. Webster (edd.), Roman imperialism and provincial art. Reviewed by M. C. Sturgeon.

T. B. L. Webster:

·      10.336: T. B. L. Webster, rev. by J. R. Green and A. Seeberg, Monuments illustrating New Comedy. Reviewed by E. Csapo.

S. Wefers:

·   29.978: S. Wefers, Die Mühlenkaskade von Ephesos. Technikgeschichtliche Studien zur Versorgung einer spätantiken bis frühbyzantinischen Stadt. Reviewed by M. Nikolic.

M. K. N. Weidner:

·      23.717: M. K. N. Weidner, Matrizen und Patrizen aus dem römischen Trier: Untersuchungen zu einteiligen keramischen Werkstattformen. Reviewed by M. Luik.

R. D. Weigel:

·      13.589: R. D. Weigel, The anonymous quadrantes reconsidered. Reviewed by T. V. Buttrey.

G. D. Weinberg:

·      5.490: G. D. Weinberg (ed.), Excavations at Jalame, site of a glass factory in late Roman Palestine. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

Z. Weiss:

·      28.902: Z. Weiss, Public spectacles in Roman and late antique Palestine. Reviewed by A. W. White.

·      21.700: Z. Weiss, with contributions by others, The Sepphoris synagogue. Deciphering an ancient message through its archaeological and socio-historical contexts. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

K. Weitzmann:

·      2.401: K. Weitzmann and H. L. Kessler, The Cotton Genesis. British library codex Cotton Otho B.VI. Reviewed by A. Cutler.

K. E. Welch:

·      23.488: K. E. Welch, The Roman amphitheatre: from its origins to the Colosseum. Reviewed by Th. Hufschmid.

·      23.505: K. E. Welch, The Roman amphitheatre: from its origins to the Colosseum. Reviewed by F. B. Sear.

·      20.481: S. Dillon and K. E. Welch, Representations of war in ancient Rome. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

P. S. Wells:

·      14.598: P. S. Wells, The barbarians speak. How the conquered peoples shaped Roman Europe. Reviewed by M. Carroll.

W. Wendrich:

·      22.759: S. E. Sidebotham and W. Wendrich (edd.), Berenike 1999/2000. Report on the excavations at Berenike, including excavations in Wadi Kalalat and Siket, and the survey of the Mons Smaragdus region. Reviewed by D. P. S. Peacock.

·      13.698: S. Sidebotham and W. Wendrich (edd.), Berenike ’94, ‘95 and ’96. Reviewed by V. Maxfield.

S. Westphalen:

·         30.937: S. Westphalen, in Zusammenarbeit mit N. Asgari, A. Işın & Ö. Öztürk, Die Basilika am Kalekapı in Herakleia Perinthos. Bericht über die Ausgrabungen von 1992-2010 in Marmara Ereğlisi. Reviewed by R. Ousterhout

M. Whitby:

·      25.729: P. Sabin, H. Van Wees, M. Whitby (edd.), The Cambridge history of Greek and Roman warfare. Reviewed by J. C. N. Coulston.

·      15.681: Averil Cameron, B. Ward-Perkins and M. Whitby (edd.), The Cambridge Ancient History vol. XIV: Late Antiquity. Reviewed by G. Fowden.

R. White:

·      15.639: P. Barker, R. White, K. Pretty, H. Bird and M. Corbishley, The Baths Basilica Wroxeter. Excavations 1966-90. Reviewed by M. Fulford.

R. H. White:

·      27.618: R. H. White, C. Gaffney & V. L. Gaffney, Wroxeter, the Cornovii and the urban process; final report on the Wroxeter Hinterland Project, vol. 2: Characterizing the city. Reviewed by M. Millett.

C. Whitehead:

·      25.999: C. Whitehead, Museums and the construction of disciplines: art and archaeologyin nineteenth century Britain. Reviewed by S. Dyson.

J. E. Whitehorne:

·      12.752: K. A. Worp, with J. E. Whitehorne and R. W. Daniel, Greek papyri from Kellis I. Reviewed by T. Gagos.

D. Whitehouse:

·      25.644: P. Roberts, W. Gudenrath, V. Tatton-Brown and D. Whitehouse, Roman cameo glass in the British Museum. Reviewed by C. Weiß.

·      13.693: D. Whitehouse, Excavations at Ed-Dur, vol. 1. The glass vessels. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

·      13.686: D. Whitehouse, Roman glass in the Corning Museum of Glass vol. 1. Reviewed by A. Oliver.

·      2.385: R. Hodges and D. Whitehouse, Mohammed, Charlemagne and the origins of Europe: archaeology and the Pirenne Thesis. Reviewed by S. J. B. Barnish.

H. Whitehouse:

·      16.527: H. Whitehouse, The Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Series A, Part One. Reviewed by H. Joyce.

R. D. Whitehouse:

·      15.375: R. D. Whitehouse, J. B. Wilkins and E. Herring, Botromagno. Excavation and survey at Gravina in Puglia, 1979-1985. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

C. R. Whittaker:

·      9.436: C. R. Whittaker, Frontiers of the Roman empire: a social and economic study. Reviewed by C. M. Wells.

·      9.436: P. Brun, S. van der Leeuw, C. R. Whittaker (edd.), Frontières d'empire: nature et signification des frontières romaines. Reviewed by C. M. Wells.

·      3.386: C. R. Whittaker (ed.), Pastoral economies in classical antiquity. Reviewed by D. P. Kehoe.

J. B. Whitwell:

·      5.388: J. B. Whitwell, The Church Street Sewer and an adjacent building (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

C. Wickham:

·      20.697: C. Wickham, Framing the Early Middle Ages. Europe and the Mediterranean, 400-800. Reviewed by M. Whittow.

T. Wiedemann:

·      8.376: T. Wiedemann, Emperors and gladiators. Reviewed by S. Brown.

·      4.240: T. Wiedemann, Adults and children in the Roman empire. Reviewed by R. P. Saller.

D. G. Wigg:

·      7.480: D. G. Wigg, Münzumlauf in Nordgallien um die Mitte des 4. Jh. Numismatische Zeugnisse für die Usurpation des Magnentius. Reviewed by R. Reece.

J. W. P. Wijnendaele:

·      30.898: J. W. P. Wijnendaele, The last of the Romans. Bonifatius — warlord and Comes Africae. Reviewed by Chr. Eger.

Ö. Wikander:

·      31.568: Ö. Wikander with contributions by F. Tobin, Roof tiles and tile-roofs at Poggio Civitate (Murlo). The emergence of central Italic tile industry. Reviewed by I. Edlund-Berry.

A. T. Wilburn:

·      28.917: A. T. Wilburn, Materia magica. The archaeology of magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus, and Spain. Reviewed by A. Hollmann.

J. P. Wild:

·       29.659: M. Carroll and J. P. Wild (edd.), Dressing the dead in classical antiquity. Reviewed by L. M. Stirling.

J. J. Wilkes:

·      18.660: J. J. Wilkes (ed.), Documenting the Roman army. Essays in honour of Margaret Roxan. Reviewed by P. Bidwell.

·      4.315: S. S. Frere and J. J. Wilkes, Strageath, excavations within the Roman fort, 1973-86. Reviewed by L. Keppie.

·      2.374: J. J. Wilkes, Diocletian's Palace, Split: residence of a retired emperor. Reviewed by T. Marasovic.

J. B. Wilkins:

·      15.375: R. D. Whitehouse, J. B. Wilkins and E. Herring, Botromagno. Excavation and survey at Gravina in Puglia, 1979-1985. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

P. Wilkinson:

·      18.583: P. Wilkinson, Pompeii. The last day. Reviewed by P. W. Foss.

T. J. Wilkinson:

·      28.889: E. W. Sauer, H. Omrani Rekavandi, T. J. Wilkinson & J. Nokandeh, Persia’s imperial power in late antiquity: the great wall of Gorgan and frontier landscapes of Sasanian Iran. Reviewed by W. E. Mierse.

D. Willers:

·      7.426: D. Willers, Hadrians panhellenisches Programm. Archäologische Beiträge zur Neugestaltung Athens durch Hadrian. Reviewed by M. T. Boatwright.

C. F. Williams II:

·      19.632: C. F. Williams II and N. Bookidis (edd.), Corinth, the centenary 1896-1996. Reviewed by T. Gregory.

Dyfri Williams:

·      20.509: D. Williams, The Warren Cup. Reviewed by J. R. Clarke.

D. F. Williams:

·      20.628: D. Peacock and D. Williams (edd.), Food for the gods. New light on the ancient incense trade. Reviewed by S. E. Sidebotham.

·      5.388: H. K. Kenward and D. Williams, Biological evidence from the Roman warehouses in Coney Street (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

·      5.388: A. R. Hall, H. K. Kenward and D. Williams, Environmental evidence from Roman deposits in Skeldergate (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

·      5.388: J. R. Perrin and D. F. Williams, Roman pottery from the colonia 2: General Accident and Rougier St. (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

J. Williams:

·      31.849: J. Williams, The archaeology of Roman surveillance in the central Alentejo, Portugal. Reviewed by M. Mayer i Olivé.

C. Williamson:

·      20.405: C. Williamson, The laws of the Roman people: public law in the expansion and decline of the Roman Republic. Reviewed by G. Rowe.

T. Wilmott:

·      24.671: T. Wilmott (ed.), Hadrian’s Wall: archaeological research by English Heritage 1976-2000. Reviewed by R. Collins & M. Symonds.

·      23.639: T. Wilmott, The Roman amphitheatre in Britain. Reviewed by D. L. Bomgardner.

A. Wilson:

·      30.676: A. Wilson & M. Flohr (edd.), Urban craftsmen and traders in the Roman world. Reviewed by J. Liu.

R. J. A. Wilson:

·      31.783: R. J. A. Wilson, Caddeddi on the Tellaro. A Late Roman villa in Sicily and its mosaics. Reviewed by D. Tanasi.

·      7.371: R. J. A. Wilson, Sicily under the Roman empire. The archaeology of a Roman province 36 BC - AD 535. Reviewed by M. Bell III.

M. Wilson Jones:

·        29.773: T. A. Marder and M. Wilson Jones (edd.), The Pantheon from antiquity to the present. Reviewed by J. A. Pinto.

·      15.465: M. Wilson Jones, Principles of Roman architecture. Reviewed by T. N. Howe.

E. Winter:

·      20.602: A. Schütte-Maischatz and E. Winter, Doliche — eine kommagenische Stadt und ihre Götter: Mithras und Iupiter Dolichenus. Reviewed by R. Gordon.

N. A. Winter:

·      23.439: N. A. Winter, Symbols of wealth and power: architectural decoration in Etruria & central Italy, 640-510 B.C. Reviewed by I. Edlund-Berry.

G. Wiplinger:  

·    31.927: G. Wiplinger (ed.), De aquaeductu atque urbium Lyciae Pamphyliae Pisidiae. Tagungsband des int. Frontinus-Symposiums, Antalya. Reviewed by D. K. Rogers.

  ·    21.549: G. Wiplinger (ed.), Cura Aquarum in Ephesus. Proceedings of the twelfth international congress on the history of water management and hydraulic engineering in the Mediterranean region. Reviewed by A. O. Koloski-Ostrow.

M. O. Wise:

·     30.832: M. O. Wise, Language and literacy in Roman Judea. A study of Bar Kokhba documents. Reviewed by M. C. A. Macdonald

T. P. Wiseman:

·    31.612: T. P. Wiseman, The Roman audience: classical literature as social history. Reviewed by D. Potter.

·     28.594: T. P. Wiseman, The death of Caligula: Josephus, Ant. Iud. XIX 1-273. Translation and commentary. Reviewed by D. Woods.

C. Witschel:

·    31.967: K. Bolle, C. Machado & C. Witschel (edd.), The epigraphic cultures of late antiquity. Reviewed by J. Weisweiler.

·   27.909: R. Behrwald & C. Witschel (edd.), Rom in der Spätantike. Historische Erinnerung im städtischen Raum. Reviewed by M. Maskarinec.

·   24.868: F. A. Bauer & C. Witschel (edd.), Statuen in der Spätantike. Reviewed by B. Ward-Perkins.

M. Wörrle:

·      3.484: M. Wörrle, Stadt und Fest im kaiserzeitlichen Kleinasien. Studien zu einer agonistischen Stiftung aus Oinoanda. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

C. Wolff:

·      15.528: Y. Le Bohec and C. Wolff (edd.), Les légions de Rome sous le Haut-Empire. Actes du congrès de Lyon. Reviewed by J. J. Wilkes.

H. Wolff:

·      1.181: W. Eck and H. Wolff (edd.), Heer und Integrationspolitik. Die römischen Militärdiplome als historische Quelle. Reviewed by M. Clauss.

S. E. Wood:

·      14.557: S. E. Wood, Imperial women. A study of public images, 40 BC - AD 68. Reviewed by S. Dillon.

A. Woodward:

·      12.694: A. Woodward and P. Leach, The Uley shrines. Reviewed by K. Painter.

G. Woolf:

·      28.712: E. Hemelrijk & G. Woolf (edd.), Women and the Roman city in the Latin West. Reviewed by P. Keegan.

·      25.552: G. Woolf, Tales of the barbarians: ethnography and empire in the Roman West. Reviewed by T. Ramsby.

·      13.611: G. Woolf, Becoming Roman. The origins of provincial civilization in Gaul. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

K. A. Worp:

·      12.752: K. A. Worp, with J. E. Whitehorne and R. W. Daniel, Greek papyri from Kellis I. Reviewed by T. Gagos.

S. Wrathmell:

·      6.449: S. Wrathmell and A. Nicholson (edd.), Dalton Parlours. Iron age settlement and Roman villa. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

H. Wrede:

·      16.561: H. Wrede, Senatorische Sarkophage Roms. Reviewed by B. Ewald.

D. H. Wright:

·      17.502: D. H. Wright, The Roman Vergil and the origins of medieval book design. Reviewed by Alan Cameron.

·      17.502: D. H. Wright, The Vatican Vergil. Reviewed by Alan Cameron.

R. P. Wright:

·      24.679: R. S. O. Tomlin, R. P. Wright & M. W. C. Hassall, The Roman inscriptions of Britain vol. III. Inscriptions on stone found or notified between 1 January 1955 and 31 December 2006. Reviewed by A. R. Birley.

·      6.403: S. Frere in R. G. Collingwood and R. P. Wright, The Roman inscriptions of Britain II. Instrumentum domesticum. Reviewed by M. C. W. Still.

R. Wroe-Brown

·      28.723: R. Wroe-Brown, Roman occupation south-east of the forum. Excavations at 20 Fenchurch Street, City of London, 2008-9. Reviewed by M. Pitts.

R. Wyles:

·      23.533: E. Hall and R. Wyles (edd.), New directions in ancient pantomime. Reviewed by W. Slater.

S. L. Wynia:

·      11.542: W. J. Th. Peters con E. M. Moormann, T. L. Heres, H. Brunsting, S. L. Wynia, La casa di Marcus Lucretius Fronto a Pompei e le sue pitture. Reviewed by Y. Perrin.

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