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Works Without a Listed Author

L. E. Tacoma:

·     30.682: L. de Ligt & L. E. Tacoma (edd.), Migration and mobility in the early Roman Empire. Reviewed by R. H. Wilkinson

·      20.639: L. E. Tacoma, Fragile hierarchies. The urban elites of third-century Roman Egypt. Reviewed by R. S. Bagnall.

O. Tal:

·      15.646: M. Fischer, M. Gichon and O. Tal, ‘En Boqeq. Excavations in an oasis on the Dead Sea, vol. II. Reviewed by A. Berlin.

R. J. A. Talbert:

·     31.717: R. J. A. Talbert, Roman portable sundials: the empire in your hand. Reviewed by J. P. Oleson.

·     29.692: S. E. Alcock, J. Bodel and R. J. A. Talbert (edd.), Highways, byways, and road systems in the pre-modern world. Reviewed by R. Laurence.

·      27.681: R. J. A. Talbert (ed.), Ancient perspectives: maps and their place in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece & Rome. Reviewed by A. H. Merrills.

·      25.763: K. A. Raaflaub and R. J. A. Talbert (edd.), Geography and ethnography: perceptions of the world in pre-modern societies. Reviewed by A. H. Merrills.

·      24.831: R. J. A. Talbert, Rome’s world: the Peutinger Map reconsidered. Reviewed by M. Kulikowski.

·      14.454: R. J. A. Talbert (ed.), Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman world. Reviewed by S. ALcock, H. Dey & G. Parker.

R. Talgam:

·      28.946: R. Talgam, Mosaics of faith. Floors of Pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land. Reviewed by J. Balty.

P. Talloen:

·      20.418: J. Poblome, P. Talloen, R. Brulet and M. Waelkens (edd.), Early Italian sigillata: the chronological framework and trade patterns. Reviewed by S. Rotroff.

R. Tannenbaum:

·      4.356: J. Reynolds and R. Tannenbaum, Jews and godfearers at Aphrodisias; Reviewed by M. Le Glay.

R. Tansini:

·      9.353: R. Tansini, I ritratti di Agrippina Maggiore. Reviewed by C. B. Rose.

I. Tantillo:

·      25.848: I. Tantillo e F. Bigi (a cura di), Leptis Magna. Una città e le sue iscrizioni in epoca tardoromana. Reviewed by A. Gavini.

D. Tardy:

·      23.675: J.-Ch. Moretti and D. Tardy (edd.), L’architecture funéraire monumentale: la Gaule dans l’Empire romain. Reviewed by A. Emmerson.

V. Tatton-Brown:

·      25.644: P. Roberts, W. Gudenrath, V. Tatton-Brown and D. Whitehouse, Roman cameo glass in the British Museum. Reviewed by C. Weiß.

C. Tavares da Silva:

·      13.633: F. Mayet and C. Tavares da Silva, L’atelier d’amphores de Pinheiro (Portugal). Reviewed by L. M. Stirling.

·      11.603: F. Mayet, A. Schmitt and C. Tavares da Silva, Les amphores du Sado (Portugal). Prospection des fours et analyse du materiel. Reviewed by D. Peacock and D. Williams.

D. Tavernier:

·      9.502: A. Desbat, O. LeBlanc, J.-L. Prisset, H. Savay-Guerraz, D. Tavernier, La maison des dieux Océan à Saint-Romain-en-Gal (Rhône). Reviewed by M. George.

I. Taxel:

·      24.870: I. Taxel, A Byzantine monastery in the Judaean Shephelah. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

R. Taylor:

·      16.557: R. Taylor, Roman builders. A study in architectural process. Reviewed by M. Wilson Jones.

A. Tchernia:

·      13.691: F. De Romanis and A. Tchernia (edd.), Crossings. Early Mediterranean contacts with India. Reviewed by C. R. Whittaker.

·      3.325: A. Tchernia, Le vin de l'Italie romaine. Reviewed by A. J. Parker.


·      4.387: TED’A, Els enterraments del Parc de la Ciutat I. La problematica funeraria de Tarraco; Reviewed by S. J. Keay.

·      4.387: TED’A, Un abocador del segle V D.C. en el Forum Provincial de Tarraco. Reviewed by S. J. Keay.

F. Teichner:

·      25.820: F. Teichner, Entre tierra y mar: Zwischen Land und Meer. Architektur und wirtschaftsweise ländlicher Siedlungplätze im Süden der römischen Provinz Lusitanien (Portugal). Reviewed by M. Kulikowski.

P. Temin:

·      28.637: P. Temin, The Roman market economy. Reviewed by P. F. Bang.

R. Tenu:

·      29.833: J.-C. Béal, C. Coquidé et R. Tenu, Ludna et Asa Paulini. Deux étapes antiques du Val de Saône sur la route de Lyon. Reviewed by Ph. Leveau and R. Royet.

P. ter Keurs:

·     29.887: R. Docter, R. Boussoffara and P. ter Keurs (edd.), Carthage, fact and myth. Reviewed by J. Freed.

N. Terrenato:

·    31.753: R. Opitz, M. Mogetta & N. Terrenato (edd.), A mid-Republican house from Gabii. Reviewed by E. Fentress.

·      15.536: S. Keay and N. Terrenato (edd.), Italy and the West. Comparative issues in Romanization. Reviewed by D. J. Mattingly.

J. Terry:

·      22.696: W. S. Hanson with K. Speller, P. A. Yeoman and J. Terry, Elginhaugh: a Flavian fort and its annexe. Reviewed by R. H. Jones.

E. Teyssier:

·      23.510: E. Teyssier, La mort en face. Le dossier gladiateurs. Reviewed by M. Junkelmann.

·      23.510: E. Teyssier and B. Lopez, Gladiateurs. Des sources à l’expérimentation. Reviewed by M. Junkelmann.

R. Thernot:

·      26.783: M. Pasqualini, R. Thernot et H. Garcia, L’amphithéâtre de Fréjus. Archéologie et architecture, relecture d’un monument. Reviewed by D. L. Bomgardner.

D. H. Thimme:

·       23.736: W. O. Stern and D. H. Thimme, Kenchreai, eastern port of Corinth, vol. VI: ivory, bone and related wood finds. Reviewed by J. Rife.

H. Thoen:

·      17.716: J. Devreker, H. Thoen and F. Vermeulen, Excavations in Pessinus: the so-called Acropolis. From Hellenistic and Roman cemetery to Byzantine castle. Reviewed by C. Lightfoot.

J. D. Thomas:

·      18.663: A. K. Bowman & J. D. Thomas, The Vindolanda writing-tablets III. Reviewed by W. Eck.

M. L. Thomas:

·      27.517: M. L. Thomas & G. E. Meyers (edd.), Monumentality in Etruscan and Early Roman architecture. Reviewed by G. Cifani.

T. K. Thomas:

·      15.686: T. K. Thomas, Late antique Egyptian funerary sculpture. Reviewed by S. Walker.

F. H. Thompson:

·      16.571: F. H. Thompson, The archaeology of Greek and Roman slavery. Reviewed by K. Bradley.

·      4.345: S. Macready and F. H. Thompson (edd), Roman architecture in the Greek world. Reviewed by F. K. Yegül.

P. Thonemann:

·      27.837: P. Thonemann (ed.), Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua vol. IX. Monuments from Phrygia and Lykaonia ... Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

·      26.914: P. Thonemann, The Maeander Valley. A historical geography from antiquity to Byzantium. Reviewed by M. Whittow.

J. Tidmarsh:

·      28.877: H. Jackson & J. Tidmarsh, Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, vol. 3. The pottery. Reviewed by J. A. Baird.

C. van Tilburg:

·    21.442: C. van Tilburg, Traffic and congestion in the Roman Empire. Reviewed by D. J. Newsome.

J. Timby:

·      14.613: M. Fulford and J. Timby, Late Iron Age and Roman Silchester. Excavations on the site of the Forum-Basilica 1977, 1980-1986. Reviewed by R. White.

M. Tirelli:

·      25.696: M. Tirelli (ed.), Altino antica: dai Veneti a Venezia. Reviewed by A. J. Ammerman.

L. Tissot-Jordan:

·      27.785: T. Hufschmid & L. Tissot-Jordan, Amphorenträgen im Treppenhaus. Zur Architektur und Wanddekoration der Gebäude in Insula 39 von Augusta Raurica. Reviewed by R. Ling.

F. Tobin:

·      31.568: Ö. Wikander with contributions by F. Tobin, Roof tiles and tile-roofs at Poggio Civitate (Murlo). The emergence of central Italic tile industry. Reviewed by I. Edlund-Berry.

M. Todd:

·      18.669: M. Todd (ed.), A companion to Roman Britain. Reviewed by D. J. Mattingly.

L. Todisco:

·     31.769: L. Todisco (ed.), Bari romana. Reviewed by A. M. Small. 

·      26.741: L. Todisco (ed.), La Puglia centrale dall’età del Bronzo all’Alto Medioevo. Archeologia e storia. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

G. W. Tol:

·      27.630: G. W. Tol, A fragmented history. A methodological and artefactual approach to the study of ancient settlement in the territories of Satricum and Antium. Reviewed by M. Revello Lami.

R. Tomber:

·      23.782: R. Tomber, Indo-Roman trade: from pots to pepper. Reviewed by D. Whitehouse.

·      14.619: R. Tomber and J. Dore, The National Roman Fabric Reference Collection. A handbook. Reviewed by M. Fulford.

·      9.484: M. Fulford and R. Tomber (edd.), Excavations at Sabratha 1948-1951, vol. II. The finds, Part 2. The finewares and lamps. Reviewed by J.-P. Morel.

M. Tombrägel:

·      26.519: M. Tombrägel, Die republikanischen Otiumvillen von Tivoli. Reviewed by D. Booms.

M. A. Tomei:

·      18.551: M. A. Tomei, Scavi francesi sul Palatino. Le indagini di Pietro Rosa. Reviewed by Y. Perrin.

R. Tomlin:

·      24.679: R. S. O. Tomlin, R. P. Wright & M. W. C. Hassall, The Roman inscriptions of Britain vol. III. Inscriptions on stone found or notified between 1 January 1955 and 31 December 2006. Reviewed by A. R. Birley.

·      3.437: R. Tomlin, "The curse tablets" in B. Cunliffe (ed.), The Temple of Sulis Minerva at Bath II: finds from the sacred spring. Reviewed by D. R. Jordan.

M. Torelli:

·      26.500: G. F. La Torre e M. Torelli (edd.), Pittura ellenistica in Italia e in Sicilia. Linguaggi e tradizioni. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      2.147: M. Torelli, Lavinio e Roma. Riti iniziatici e matrimonio tra archeologia e storia. Reviewed by L. Richardson, Jr.

L. Török:

·      20.661: L. Török et al., After the Pharaohs. Treasures of Coptic art from Egyptian collections. Reviewed by T. K. Thomas.

E. Toth:

·      6.403: E. Toth, in M. Hainzmann and Z. Visy, Instrumenta inscripta latina - das römische Leben im Spiegel der Kleininschriften. Reviewed by M. C. W. Still.

I. Tóth:

·    31.883: I. Tóth, Pannoniai Vallástörténet. Reviewed by Cs. Szabó.

L. A. Touchette:

·      10.427: L. A. Touchette, The dancing maenad reliefs: continuity and change in Roman copies. Reviewed by M. Fullerton.

I. Touratsoglou:

·      5.434 and 3.465: I. Touratsoglou, Die Münzstätte von Thessaloniki in der römischen Kaiserzeit. Reviewed by K. Butcher and by W. E. Metcalf.

A. Tovar:

·      5.367: A. Tovar, Iberische Landeskunde: segunda parte. Las tribus y las ciudades de la antigua Hispania, Tomo 3, Tarraconensis. Reviewed by M. Millett.

S. Tovoli:

·      7.303: S. Tovoli, Il sepolcreto villanoviano Benacci Caprara di Bologna. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

C. P. Trainor:

·        29.875: C. P. Trainor, The ceramics industry of Roman Sikyon: a technological study. Reviewed by K. W. Slane.

N. Tran:

·    31.648: M. Dondin-Payre & N. Tran (études réunies par), Esclaves et maîtres dans le monde romain. Expressions épigraphiques de leurs relations. Reviewed by K. R. Bradley.

·      27.584: N. Tran, Dominus tabernae. Le statut de travail des artisans et des commerçants de l’Occident romain. Reviewed by A. Wallace-Hadrill.

Tran Tam Tinh:

·      8.480: Tran Tam Tinh and M.-O. Jentel, Corpus des lampes à sujets isiaques du Musée Gréco-Romain d’Alexandrie. Reviewed by C. Pavolini.

·      5.331: Tran Tam Tinh, La Casa dei Cervi a Herculaneum. Reviewed by R. Ling.

G. Traversari:

·      14.632: G. Traversari (ed.), Laodicea di Frigia 1. Reviewed by S. Mitchell.

F. Trément:

·      15.561: P. Leveau, F. Trément, K. Walsh and G. Barker (edd.), Environmental reconstruction in Mediterranean landscape archaeology. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

·      15.561: M. Pasquinucci and F. Trément (edd.), Non-destructive techniques applied to landscape archaeology. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

A. Trevisiol:

·      15.577: A. Trevisiol, Fonti letterarie ed epigraphiche per la storia romana della provincia di Pesaro e Urbino. Reviewed by J. Linderski.

W. Trillmich:

·      17.681: J. Edmondson, T. Nogales Basarrate and W. Trillmich, Imagen y memoria. Monumentos funerarios con retratos en la Colonia Augusta Emerita. Reviewed by S. J. Keay.

J. Trimble:

·      25.622: J. Trimble, Women and visual replication in Roman imperial art and culture. Reviewed by E. P. Baltes.

C. Troso:

·      27.607: F. P. Porten Palange & C. Troso, La terra sigillata italica della collezione Stenico. Reviewed by P. M. Kenrick.

P. Trousset:

·      19.525: H. Slim, P. Trousset, R. Paskoff et A. Oueslati, Le littoral de la Tunisie. Reviewed by A. I. Wilson.

·      13.721: P. Trousset (ed.), L’Afrique du Nord antique et médiévale vols. 1-2. Reviewed by D. L. Stone.

S. Trow:

·      23.630: S. Trow, S. James and T Moore, Becoming Roman, being Gallic, staying British. Research and excavations at Ditches ‘Hillfort’ and villa. Reviewed by N. Holbrook.

D. Trucchi:

·      11.583: F. Guidobaldi, F. Olevano, A. Paribeni, D. Trucchi, Sectilia pavimenta di Villa Adriana. Reviewed by J. E. Packer.

M. Trümper:

·      24.542: M. Trümper, Graeco-Roman slave markets: fact or fiction?. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

M. Trunk:

·      17.603: M. Trunk, Die ‘Casa de Pilatos’ in Sevilla. Studien zu Sammlung, Aufstellung und Rezeption antiker Skulpturen im Spanien des 16. Jhs. Reviewed by A. Herrmann.

S. Trzcionka:

·      22.739: S. Trzcionka, Magic and the supernatural in fourth-century Syria. Reviewed by A. J. Hollmann.

P. L. Tucci:

·    31.722: P. L. Tucci, The Temple of Peace in Rome, vol. 1: Art and culture in Imperial Rome; vol. 2: Remodeling, conversions, excavations. Reviewed by J. E. Packer.

A. Tuck:

·      24.512: A. Tuck, The necropolis of Poggio Civitate (Murlo). Burials from Poggio Aguzzo. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

Y. Turnheim:

·      26.877: A. Ovadiah and Y. Turnheim, Roman temples, shrines and temene in Israel. Reviewed by J. A. Overman.

M. Turchiano:

·      22.825: G. Volpe and M. Turchiano (edd.), Paesaggi e insediamenti rurali in Italia meridionale fra tardoantico e altomedioevo. Reviewed by P. Arthur.

J. M. Turfa:

·     31.559: S. L. Budin & J. M. Turfa (edd.), Women in antiquity. Real women across the ancient world. Reviewed by L. Caldwell.

·      28.513: J. MacIntosh Turfa (ed.), The Etruscan world. Reviewed by A. Nijboer.

·      19.393: J. M. Turfa, Catalogue of the Etruscan gallery of the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Reviewed by F. R. Serra Ridgway.

R. Turcan:

·  30.666: R. Turcan, Recherches mithriaques: quarante ans de questions et d’investigation. Reviewed by R. Gordon

·      10.465: R. Turcan, L'art romain dans l'histoire. Six siecles d'expressions de la Romanité. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

·      6.403: R. Turcan, Nigra Moneta. Reviewed by M. C. W. Still.

Y. Turnheim:

·      19.659: Y. Turnheim and A. Ovadiah, Art in the public and private spheres in Roman Caesarea Maritima. Reviewed by K. G. Holum.

·      10.557: A. Ovadiah and Y. Turnheim, "Peopled" scrolls in Roman architectural decoration in Israel. The Roman theatre at Beth Shean/Scythopolis. Reviewed by G. Foerster.

R. A. Tybout:

·      6.341: R. A. Tybout, Aedificorum figurae. Untersuchungen zu den Architekturdarstellungen des frühen zweiten Stils. Reviewed by A. Kuttner.

V. Tzaferis:

·      24.791: V. Tzaferis and S. Israeli, Paneas vol. I. The Roman to Early Islamic periods. Excavations in areas A, B, E, F, G and H. Reviewed by B. Burrell.

·      24.791: V. Tzaferis and S. Israeli, Paneas vol. II. Small finds and other studies. Reviewed by B. Burrell.

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Works Without a Listed Author



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