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Works Without a Listed Author

P. Sabin:

·      25.729: P. Sabin, H. Van Wees, M. Whitby (edd.), The Cambridge history of Greek and Roman warfare. Reviewed by J. C. N. Coulston.

M. Sabottka:

·      22.772: M. Sabottka, Das Serapeum in Alexandria. Untersuchungen zur Architektur und Baugeschichte des Heiligtums von der frühen ptolemäischen Zeit bis zur Zerstörung 391 n.Chr. Reviewed by J. S. McKenzie.

P. Sabbatini Tumolesi:

·      3.310: P. Sabbatini Tumolesi, Epigrafia anfiteatrale dell'Occidente romano I; Roma; Reviewed by R. T. Scott.

A. Sadurska:

·      9.469: A. Sadurska and A. Bounni, Les sculptures funéraires de Palmyre. Reviewed by S. Downey.

I. Sælid Gilhus:

·      22.637: I. Sælid Gilhus, Animals, gods and humans. Changing attitudes to animals in Greek, Roman and Early Christian ideas. Reviewed by R. Gordon.

Z. Safrai:

·      11.669: Z. Safrai, The Jewish community in the Talmudic period. Reviewed by S. Dar.

M. M. Sage:

·      22.665: M. M. Sage, The Republican Roman army. A sourcebook. Reviewed by G. Davies.

C. Sagona:

·      18.436: C. Sagona, The archaeology of Punic Malta. Reviewed by N. C. Vella.

·      18.436: C. Sagona, Punic antiquities of Malta. Reviewed by N. C. Vella.

L. Saguì:

·      13.818: L. Saguì (ed.), Ceramica in Italia: VI-VII secolo. Reviewed by C. Wickham.

D. Sailor:

·      24.561: D. Sailor, Writing and empire in Tacitus. Reviewed by C. S. Kraus.

H.-L. Sainio:

·     21.410: K. Mustakallio, J. Hanska, H.-L. Sainio, V. Vuolanto, Hoping for continuity: childhood, education and death in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Reviewed by R. Laurence.

A. St. Clair:

·      18.745: A. St. Clair, Carving as craft. Palatine East and the Greco-Roman bone and ivory carving tradition. Reviewed by W. O. Stern.

P. Salama:

·    21.574: P. Salama, Promenades d’antiquités africaines. Scripta varia. Reviewed by C. Vismara.

·      5.408: L. Anselmino, M. Bouchenaki, A. Carandini, Ph. Leveau, D. Manacorda, C. Pavolini, G. Pucci, P. Salama, Il Castellum di Nador. Storia di una fattoria tra Tipasa e Caesarea (I-VI d.C.). Reviewed by D. J. Mattingly and J. W. Hayes.

A. Salihi:

·    21.696: U. Bellwald, M. al-Huneidi, A. Salihi, D. Keller, R. Naser, D. al-Eisawi, edited by I. Ruben, The Petra Siq. Nabataean hydrology uncovered. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

C. Saliou:

·      20.643: C. Saliou (ed.), Gaza dans l’antiquité tardive. Archéologie, rhétorique et histoire. Reviewed by L. Di Segni.

·      11.680: C. Saliou, Le traité d’urbanisme de Julien d’Ascalon. Droit et architecture en Palestine au VIe siècle. Reviewed by B. S. Hakim.

J.-Fr. Salles:

·      27.883: M.-Fr. Boussac, J.-Fr. Salles & J.-B. Yon (edd.), Autour du Périple de la Mer érythrée. Reviewed by R. Tomber.

G. Salmeri:

·      24. 787: B. Forsén & G. Salmeri (edd.), The province strikes back: imperial dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean. Reviewed by K. da Costa.

J. Salmon:

·      14.580: D. J. Mattingly and J. Salmon (edd.), Economies beyond agriculture in the classical world. Reviewed by R. Saller.

·      12.495: G. Shipley and J. Salmon (edd.), Human landscapes in classical antiquity. Reviewed by S. E. Alcock.

G. Saltini Semerari:

·      30.536: G. Saltini Semerari & G.-J. Burgers (edd.), Early Iron Age communities of Southern Italy. Reviewed by A. J. Nijboer

V. Sampaolo:

·      27.589: H. Meller, V. Sampaolo, L. Melillo (Hrgg.), Gladiator. Täglich den Tod vor Augen. Reviewed by M. Junkelmann.

F.-J. Sánchez-Palencia:

·      16.411: F.-J. Sánchez-Palencia and J. Mangas (edd.), El edicto del Bierzo: Augusto y el noroeste de Hispania. Reviewed by J. S. Richardson.

S. Sande:

·      7.339: S. Sande, Greek and Roman portraits in Norwegian collections. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

I. Sandwell:

·      20.595: I. Sandwell and J. Huskinson (edd.), Culture and society in later Roman Antioch. Reviewed by G. Brands.

R. Santangeli Valenzani:

·      20.469: R. Meneghini and R. Santangeli Valenzani (edd.), Formae Urbis Romae. Nuovi frammenti di piante marmoree dallo scavo dei fori imperiali. Reviewed by P. L. Tucci.

R. Santolini Giordani:

·      4.215: R. Santolini Giordani, Antichità Casali: la collezione di Villa Casali a Roma. Reviewed by C. Pavolini e G. Spinola.

S. Santoro:

·      18.723: M. Buora & S. Santoro (ed.), Progetto Durrës. L’indagine sui beni culturali albanesi della’antichità e del medioevo. Reviewed by H. R. Hurst.

C. Sapin:

·      16.710: C. Sapin (ed.), Archéologie et architecture d’un site monastique. Ve-XXe siècles. 10 ans de recherches à l’Abbaye Saint-Germain d’Auxerre. Reviewed by R. Hodges.

H. G. Saradi:

·      22.803: H. G. Saradi, The Byzantine city in the sixth century. Literary images and historical reality. Reviewed by L. Lavan.

A. Sarantis:

·      22.813: L. Lavan, E. Zanini and A. Sarantis (edd.), Technology in transition A.D. 300-650. Reviewed by J. P. Oleson.

P. Sarris:

·      22.800: P. Sarris, Economy and society in the age of Justinian. Reviewed by P. F. Bang.

M. Sartre:

·      19.682: M. Sartre, The Middle East under Rome. Reviewed by K. G. Holum.

M. Sasel Kos:

·      17.689 and 699: M. Sasel Kos and P. Scherrer (edd.), The autonomous towns of Noricum and Pannonia vol. 1. Noricum. Reviewed by M. Buora and N. Christie.

G. Sassatelli:

·      20.393: G. Sassatelli and E. Govi (edd.), Culti, forma urbana e artigianato a Marzabotto. Reviewed by G. Cifani.

E. Sauer:

·      28.889: E. W. Sauer, H. Omrani Rekavandi, T. J. Wilkinson & J. Nokandeh, Persia’s imperial power in late antiquity: the great wall of Gorgan and frontier landscapes of Sasanian Iran. Reviewed by W. E. Mierse.

·      12.682: E. Sauer, The end of paganism in the north western provinces of the Roman empire: the example of the Mithras cult. Reviewed by R. Gordon.

V. Sauer:

·      25.768: E. Olshausen and V. Sauer (Hrsg.), Die Landschaft und die Religion. Reviewed by R. Häussler.

D. Saunders:

·  30.557: U. Kästner & D. Saunders (edd.), Dangerous perfection. Ancient funerary vases from southern Italy. Reviewed by B. Peruzzi

R. Saupin:

·      28.908: L. Nehmé avec J. T. Milik & , Atlas archéologique et épigraphique de Pétra. Fascicule 1. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

G. Sauron:

·      22.466: F.-H. Massa-Pairault and G. Sauron (edd.), Images et modernité hellénistiques. Appropriation et représentation du monde d’Alexandre à César. Reviewed by R. Taylor.

·      20.505: X. Lafon and G. Sauron (edd.), Théorie et pratique de l’architecture romaine: la norme et l’expérimentation. Reviewed by A. Roth Congès.

·      15.416: G. Sauron, L’histoire végétalisée: ornement et politique à Rome. Reviewed by R. Cohon.

H. Savay-Guerraz:

·      9.502: A. Desbat, O. LeBlanc, J.-L. Prisset, H. Savay-Guerraz, D. Tavernier, La maison des dieux Océan à Saint-Romain-en-Gal (Rhône). Reviewed by M. George.

K. Sbonias:

·      15.561: J. Bintliff and K. Sbonias (edd.), Reconstructing past population trends in Mediterranean Europe. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

D. Scagliarini Corlàita:

·      22.621: A. Coralini and D. Scagliarini Corlàita (edd.), Ut natura ars. Virtual reality e archeologia. Reviewed by D. Favro.

V. Scarano Ussani:

·      26.610: P. G. Guzzo and V. Scarano Ussani, Ex corpore lucrum facere: la prostituzione nell’antica Pompei. Reviewed by T. A. J. McGinn.

P. Schäfer:

·      19.671: P. Schäfer (ed.), The Bar Kokhba War reconsidered. Reviewed by A. R. Birley.

E. Schallmayer:

·      12.675: E. Schallmayer et al., Der römische Weihebezirk von Osterburken I. Corpus der Beneficiarier-Inschriften. Reviewed by B. Rankov.

R. Schatzmann:

·      23.710: S. Martin-Kilcher and R. Schatzmann (edd.), Das römische Heiligtum von Thun-Allmendingen, die Regio Lindensis und die Alpen. Reviewed by C. Metzger.

J. Scheid:

·      27.653: S. Demougin & J. Scheid (edd.), Colons et colonies dans le monde romain. Reviewed by M. E. Hoskins Walbank.

·      15.499: J. Scheid and V. Huet (edd.), La colonne Aurélienne. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

·      13.463: J. Scheid et al., Recherches archéologiques à la Magliana. Commentarii fratrum arvalium qui supersunt. Reviewed by P. Herz.

·      3.321. H. Broise and J. Scheid, Recherches archéologiques à la Magliana: le balneum des frères arvales. Reviewed by J. DeLaine.

W. Scheidel:

·      27.660: W. Scheidel (ed.), The Cambridge companion to the Roman economy. Reviewed by W. V. Harris.

·      15.558: W. Scheidel (ed.), Debating Roman demography. Reviewed by D. Rathbone.

·      9.389: W. Scheidel, Grundpacht und Lohnarbeit in der Landwirtschaft des römischen Italien. Reviewed by D. P. Kehoe.

P. Scherrer:

·      17.689 and 17.699: M. Sasel Kos and P. Scherrer (edd.), The autonomous towns of Noricum and Pannonia vol. 1. Noricum. Reviewed by M. Buora and N. Christie.

J. Schneider:

·     31.845: J. Schneider, Ländliche Siedlungsstrukturen im römischen Spanien. Das Becken von Vera und das Camp de Tarragona — zwei Mikroregionen im Vergleich. Reviewed by J. Bermejo Tirado.

R. Schick:

·      15.691: Z. T. Fiema, C. Kanellopoulos, T. Waliszewski and R. Schick, The Petra Church. Reviewed by J.-P. Sodini.

·      12.813: R. Schick, The Christian communities of Palestine from Byzantine to Islamic rule. Reviewed by H. Kennedy.

T. Schierl:

·      28.699: G. Grabherr, B. Kainrath, T. Schierl (Hsrg.), Verwandte in der Fremde? Fibeln und Bestandteile der Bekleidung als Mittel zur Rekonstruktion von interregionalem Austausch .. Reviewed by M. Feugère.

F. Schimmer:

·      24.747: F. Schimmer, Amphoren aus Cambodunum/Kempten: ein Beitrag zur Handelsgeschichte der römischen Provinz Raetia. Reviewed by S. Martin-Kilcher.

B. Schlick-Nolte:

·      11.421: E. M. Stern and B. Schlick-Nolte, Early glass of the ancient world 1600 B.C.- A.D. 50: Ernesto Wolf Collection. Reviewed by L. C. Kahn.

G. Schmid:

·      16.653: G. Schmid and B. Kolb, Petra – Ez Zantur II. Reviewed by J. P. Oleson.

A. Schmidt-Colinet:

·    28.881: A. Schmidt-Colinet, Waleed Al-As’ad (Hrsgg.), Palmyras Reichtum durch weltweiten Handel. Archäologische Untersuchungen im Bereich der hellenistischen Stadt. Bd. 1. Architektur und ihre Ausstattung. Bd. 2. Kleinfunde. Reviewed by T. Kaizer.

·    21.652: A. Schmidt-Colinet, Palmyra. Kulturbegegnung im Grenzbereich. Reviewed by T. Kaizer.

·      15.675: A. Schmidt-Colinet, A. Stauffer, K. Al-As’ad, Die Textilien aus Palmyra: Neue und alte Funde. Reviewed by J. P. Wild.

·      7.437: A. Schmidt-Colinet, et al., Das Tempelgrab Nr 36 in Palmyra. Studien zur Palmyrenischen Grabarchitektur und ihrer Ausstattung. Reviewed by S. Cormack.

A. Schmitt:

·      24.722: F. Laubenheimer et A. Schmitt, Amphores vinaires de Narbonnaise. Production et grand commerce. Création d’une base de données géochimiques des ateliers. Reviewed by D. F. Williams.

·      11.603: F. Mayet, A. Schmitt and C. Tavares da Silva, Les amphores du Sado (Portugal). Prospection des fours et analyse du materiel. Reviewed by D. Peacock and D. Williams.

C. Schneider:

·      19.437: U. Hackl, H. Jenni and C. Schneider, Quellen zur Geschichte der Nabatäer. Reviewed by S. G. Schmid.

R. M. Schneider:

·      1.110 and 3.264: R. M. Schneider, Bunte Barbaren. Orientalenstatue aus farbigem Marmor in der römischen Repräsentationskunst. Reviewed by R. Brilliant and R. Cohon.

G. Schneider-Hermann:

·      12.493: G. Schneider-Hermann, The Samnites of the fourth century B.C. as depicted on Campanian vases. Reviewed by A. Oliver, Jr.

A. Scholl:

·    31.665: A. Scholl, Katalog der Skulpturen in der Antikensammlung der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin. Band I – Griechische und römische Bildnisse. Reviewed by S. Dillon.

F. Schön:

·      3.407: F. Schön, Der Beginn der römischen Herrschaft in Rätien. Reviewed by H. Wolff.

D. N. Schowalter:

·      28.782: S. J. Friesen, S. A. James, & D. N. Schowalter (edd.), Corinth in contrast. Studies in inequality. Reviewed by M. E. Hoskins Walbank.

·      25.858: S. J. Friesen, D. N. Schowalter and J. C. Walters (edd.), Corinth in context: comparative studies on religion and society. Reviewed by K. W. Slane.

S. F. Schröder:

·      18.624: S. F. Schröder, Katalog der antiken Skulpturen des Museo del Prado in Madrid, Bd. 2. Reviewed by B. S. Ridgway.

·      4.222: S. F. Schröder, Römische Bacchusbilder in der Tradition des Apollon Lykeios. Reviewed by V. J. Hutchinson.

I. Schrüfer-Kolb:

·      19.607: I. Schrüfer-Kolb, Roman iron production in Britain. Reviewed by M. G. Fulford.

I. D. Schrunk:

·      4.378: S. McNally and I. D. Schrunk (edd.), Diocletian's palace. American-Yugoslav excavations vol. 6. Reviewed by N. Duval.

A. Schütte-Maischatz:

·      20.602: Schütte-Maischatz and E. Winter, Dolichê — eine kommagenische Stadt und ihre Götter: Mithras und Iupiter Dolichenus. Reviewed by R. Gordon.

H.-J. Schulzki:

·      7.480: H.-J. Schulzki, Die Fundmünzen der römischen Strassenstation Flerzheim. Reviewed by R. Reece.

C. E. Schultz:

·      22.471: C. E. Schulz and P. B. Harvey jr. (edd.), Religion in Republican Italy. Reviewed by A. Nice.

·      20.413: C. E. Schultz, Women’s religious activity in the Roman Republic. Reviewed by S. Treggiari.

L. Schumacher:

·      16.577: L. Schumacher, Sklaverei in der Antike. Reviewed by W. Scheidel.

E. Schwertheim:

·     21.610: G. Petzl & E. Schwertheim, Hadrian und die dionysischen Künstler. Drei in Alexandreia Troas neugefundene Briefe des Kaisers an die Künstlervereinigung. Reviewed by W. Slater. Doukellis.

L. Schwinden:

·      3.415: W. Binsfeld, K. Goethert-Polaschek and L. Schwinden, Katalog der römischen Steindenkmäler des Rheinischen Landesmuseums Trier. I. Götter und Weihedenkmäler. Reviewed by P. Herz.

M. Sciallano:

·      11.571: M. Sciallano, Poissons de l’antiquité. Reviewed by R. I. Curtis.

V. Score:

·     29.812: V. Score, Hoards, hounds and helmets. A conquest-period ritual site at Hallaton, Leicestershire. Reviewed by J. V. S. Megaw.

A. Reynolds Scott:

·      22.489: A. Reynolds Scott, Cosa: the black-glaze pottery 2. Reviewed by V. Jolivet.

M. Scott:

·      25.535: M. Scott, Delphi and Olympia: the spatial politics of panhellenism in the archaic and classical periods. Reviewed by N. Purcell.

S. Scott:

·      17.615: S. Scott and J. Webster (edd.), Roman imperialism and provincial art. Reviewed by M. C. Sturgeon.

F. B. Sear:

·       21.489: F. Sear, Roman theatres: an architectural study. Reviewed by E. R. Gebhard.

·      18.593: P. M. Allison & F. B. Sear, Casa della Caccia Antica (VII 4, 48). Reviewed by R. Ling.

G. Sears:

·    25.781: R. Laurence, S. Esmonde Cleary and G. Sears, The city in the Roman West, c.250 BC–c.AD 250. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

·      23.799: G. Sears, Late Roman African urbanism: continuity and transformation in the city. Reviewed by R. Miles.

M. Segard:

·      23.700: M. Segard, Les Alpes occidentales romaines. Reviewed by C. Vismara.

M. Sehlmeyer:

·      13.434: M. Sehlmeyer, Stadtrömische Ehrenstatuen der republikanischen Zeit. Reviewed by T. Späth.

S. Seidel:

·    23.603: M. Buora and S. Seidel (edd.), Fibule antiche del Friuli. Reviewed by M. Feugère.

B. Seidensticker:

·      28.523: S. Kansteiner, K. Hallof, L. Lehmann, B. Seidensticker & K. Stemmer (edd.), Der Neue Overbeck: Die antiken Schriftquellen zu den bildenden Künsten der Griechen, Bd. I-V. Reviewed by M. Squire.

G. Seidmann:

·      3.261: G. Seidmann, "Nathaniel Marchant" in The Walpole Society 53 (1987). Reviewed by M. Henig.

E. H. Seland:

·      30.828: J. C. Meyer, E. H. Seland & N. Anfinset (edd.), Palmyrena: city, hinterland and caravan trade between Orient and Occident. Reviewed by L. Gregoratti

G. Sena Chiesa:

·      11.524: G. Sena Chiesa (ed.), Augusto in Cisalpina. Ritratti augustei e giulio-claudi in Italia Settentrionale. Reviewed by D. Boschung.

J. R. Senseney:

·      25.602: J. R. Senseney, The art of building in the classical world: vision, craftsmanship, and linear perspective in Greek and Roman architecture. Reviewed by P. Scotton.

F. R. Serra Ridgway:

·      12.476: R. E. Linington and F. R. Serra Ridgway, Lo scavo del Fondo Scataglini a Tarquinia. Reviewed by V. Jolivet.

·      12.476: F. R. Serra Ridgway, I corredi del Fondo Scataglini a Tarquinia. Reviewed by V. Jolivet.

E. Setari:

·      19.381: A. Bottini e E. Setari, La necropoli italica di Braida di Vaglio in Basilicata. Reviewed by J. C. Carter.

S. Settis:

·      22.762: C. Gallazzi, B. Kramer and S. Settis (edd.), Il papiro di Artemidoro (P. Artemid). Reviewed by T. Renner.

·      3.290: S. Settis (ed.), La colonna traiana. Reviewed by J. C. N. Coulston.

J. Sewell:

·      26.498: J. Sewell, The formation of Roman urbanism, 338-200 B.C.: between contemporary foreign influence and Roman tradition. Reviewed by S. L. Dyson.

J. L. Seydl:

·      23.561: V. C. Gardner Coates and J. L. Seydl (edd.), Antiquity recovered: the legacy of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Reviewed by N. Monteix.

C. Sfameni:

·    21.479: C. Sfameni, Ville residenziali nell’Italia tardoantica. Reviewed by R. J. A. Wilson.

S. Shadrake:

·    23.510: S. Shadrake, The world of the gladiator. Reviewed by M. Junkelmann.

I. Shahîd:

·      16.742: I. Shahîd, Byzantium and the Arabs in the sixth century vol. II part 1. Reviewed by C. Foss.

B. D. Shaw:

·      26.910: B. D. Shaw, Sacred violence. African Christians and sectarian hatred in the age of Augustine. Reviewed by J. Conant.

E. J. Shepherd:

·      23.475: E. J. Shepherd, G. Capecchi, G. De Marinis, F. Mosca and A. Patera (edd.), Le fornaci del Vingone a Scandicci. Reviewed by S. Menchelli..

J. D. Shepherd:

·      13.733: A. G. Poulter, R. K. Falkner and J. D. Shepherd, Nicopolis ad Istrum. The pottery and glass. Reviewed by M. Beckmann.

·      13.736: J. Shepherd, The Temple of Mithras. Excavations at the Walbrook. Reviewed by R. Gordon.

A. N. Sherwood:

·      13.476: J. W. Humphrey, J. P. Oleson and A. N. Sherwood, Greek and Roman technology. A sourcebook. Reviewed by G. W. Houston.

G. Shipley:

·      12.495: G. Shipley and J. Salmon (edd.), Human landscapes in classical antiquity. Reviewed by S. E. Alcock.

S. Shpuza:

·     31.876: S. Shpuza, La romanisation de l’Illyrie méridionale et de la Chaônie. Reviewed by D. R. Hernandez.

H. Sichtermann:

·      8.421: H. Sichtermann, Die mythologischen Sarkophage, Teil 2: Apollon, Ares, Bellerophon, Daidalos, Endymion, Ganymed, Giganten, Grazien. Reviewed by M. Koortbojian.

S. Sidebotham:

·      24.799: S. E. Sidebotham, Berenike and the ancient maritime spice route. Reviewed by J. Whitewright.

·      22.759: S. E. Sidebotham and W. Wendrich (edd.), Berenike 1999/2000. Report on the excavations at Berenike, including excavations in Wadi Kalalat and Siket, and the survey of the Mons Smaragdus region. Reviewed by D. P. S. Peacock.

·      13.698: S. Sidebotham and W. Wendrich (edd.), Berenike ’94, ‘95 and ’96. Reviewed by V. Maxfield.

D. Sider:

·      19.493: D. Sider, The library of the Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum. Reviewed by W. A. Johnson.

P. Sillières:

·     30.724: M. A. Magallón Botaya & P. Sillières (edd.), Labitolosa (La Puebla de Castro, province de Huesca, Espagne). Une cité romaine de l’Hispanie citérieure. Reviewed by M. Vickers.

·     23.681: S. Dardaine, M. Fincker, J. Lancha and P. Sillières, Belo VIII. Le sanctuaire d’Isis. Reviewed by L. Bricault.

F. Silvestrelli:

·      31.584: F. Silvestrelli & I. E. M. Edlund-Berry (edd.), The Chora of Metaponto 6. A Greek settlement at Sant’Angelo Vecchio. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

·      14.632: F. D’Andria and F. Silvestrelli (edd.), Ricerche archeologiche Turche nella Valle del Lykos. Reviewed by S. Mitchell.

A. Simmonds:

·      23.633: A. Simmonds, N. Márquez-Grant and L. Loe, Life and death in a Roman city. Excavation of a Roman cemetery with a mass grave at 120-122 London Road, Gloucester. Reviewed by H. R. Hurst.

B. Simmons:

·      22.693: B. Simmons and P. Cope-Faulkner, The Car Dyke: past work, current state and future possibilities. Reviewed by I. Longhurst.

·      22.693: B. Simmons and P. Cope-Faulkner, The Car Dyke. Reviewed by I. Longhurst.

E. Simon:

·      20.388: N. T. De Grummond and E. Simon, The religion of the Etruscans. Reviewed by P. G. Warden.

·      3.271: E. Simon, Augustus. Kunst und Leben in Rom um die Zeitenwende; Reviewed by E. Bartman.

A. Simon Stefan:

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