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Works Without a Listed Author

H. A. Raab:

·      16.685: H. A. Raab, Rural settlement in Hellenistic and Roman Crete. Reviewed by G. Harrison & J. Francis.

K. A. Raaflaub:

·      25.763: K. A. Raaflaub and R. J. A. Talbert (edd.), Geography and ethnography: perceptions of the world in pre-modern societies. Reviewed by A. H. Merrills.

S. M. Rababeh:

·      23.751: S. M. Rababeh, How Petra was built: an analysis of the construction techniques of the Nabataean freestanding buildings and rock-cut monuments. Reviewed by J. S. McKenzie.

A. Raban:

·      13.671: A. Raban and K. G. Holum, Caesarea Maritima: a retrospective after two millennia. Reviewed by R. L. Vann.

·      5.445: A. Raban et al., The harbours of Caesarea Maritima. Results of the Caesarea Ancient Harbour Excavating Project 1980-1985 vol.I: The site and the excavations. Reviewed by Y. Hirschfeld.

B. Rabe:

·      25.541: B. Rabe, Tropaia: TROPH und SKULA — Entstehung, Funktion und Bedeutung des griechischen Tropaions. Reviewed by A. Landskron.

P. Racagni:

·      24.855: P. Racagni (ed.), La basilica ritrovata. I restauri dei mosaici antichi di San Severo a Classe, Ravenna. Reviewed by N. Christie.

M.-Th. Raepsaet-Charlier:

·      22.681: M. Dondin-Payre and M.-Th. Raepsaet-Charlier (edd.), Sanctuaires, pratiques cultuelles et territoires civiques dans l’Occident romain. Reviewed by G. D. Woolf.

R. Raja:

·      830.823: A. Kropp & R. Raja (edd.), The world of Palmyra. Reviewed by N. Andrade

F. Rakob:

·      8.499: J. and G. Röder, “Die antike Turbinenmühle in Chemtou” pp. 95-102 in F. Rakob (ed.), Simitthus, Vol. 1: Die Steinbrücke und die antike Stadt. Reviewed by A. Wilson.

S. Rambaldi:

·      24.822: S. Rambaldi, L’edilizia pubblica nell’impero romano all’epoca dell’anarchia militare (235-284 d.C.). Reviewed by H. W. Dey. 

J. Ramón:

·      12.485: J. Ramón, Las ánforas fenicio-púnicas del Mediterraneo central y occidental. Reviewed by R. F. Docter.

M. Luisa Ramos:

·      19.583: M. Luisa Ramos (dir.), Experimentar en arqueología: construyendo un tejado romano (DVD). Reviewed by P. Warry.

K. Randsborg:

·      5.504: K. Randsborg (ed.), The birth of Europe. Archaeology and social development in the first millennium A.D. Reviewed by G. Woolf.

B. Rankov:

·      28.690: D. Blackman & B. Rankov, et al., Shipsheds of the ancient Mediterranean. Reviewed by J. P. Oleson.

J. J. Rasch:

·      7.496: J. J. Rasch, Das Mausoleum bei Tor de' Schiavi in Rom. Reviewed by A. Frazer.

T. Rasmussen:

·      12.440: G. Barker and T. Rasmussen, The Etruscans. Reviewed by D. and F. R. Serra Ridgway.

D. W. Rathbone:

·      20.658: R. S. Bagnall and D. W. Rathbone, Egypt from Alexander to the Early Christians: an archaeological and historical guide. Reviewed by R. J. Cook.

·      15.511: A. K. Bowman, P. Garnsey and D. Rathbone (edd.), The Cambridge Ancient History vol. XI: The High Empire. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock.

·      6.476: D. Rathbone, Economic rationalism and rural society in third-century A. D. Egypt. The Heroninos archive and the Appianus estate. Reviewed by D. P. Kehoe.

C. Ratté:

·      26.839: C. Ratté and P. D. De Staebler (edd.), The Aphrodisias regional survey. Reviewed by C. S. Lightfoot.

·      26.861: O. Dally and C. Ratté (edd.), Archaeology and the cities of Asia Minor in late antiquity. Reviewed by C. Foss.

S. Ratti:

·      24.835: S. Ratti, Antiquus error. Les ultimes feux de la résistance païenne. Reviewed by Alan Cameron.

D. M. Ratzan:

·      23.606: S. R. Hübner and D. M. Ratzan, Growing up fatherless in antiquity. Reviewed by B. Rawson.

B. Rawson:

·      25.708: B. Rawson (ed.), A companion to families in the Greek and Roman worlds. Reviewed by M. Carroll.

·      24.589: B. Rawson (ed.), A companion to families in the Greek and Roman worlds. Reviewed by K. Bradley.

M.-P. Raynaud:

·      25.884: M.-P. Raynaud, Corpus of the mosaics of Turkey, vol. 1. Lycia, Xanthos, part 1. The East Basilica. Reviewed by R. E. Kolarik.

D. Raynal:

·      20.689: D. Raynal, Archéologie et histoire de l’église d’Afrique. Uppenna vol. 1. Les fouilles 1904-1907; vol. 2. Mosaïques funéraires et mémoire des martyrs. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

R. Rea:

·      27.589: R. Rea & R. Vollkommer (Hrgg.), Gladiatoren und Kolosseum. Helden und Architektur im Dienst der Machtigen. Reviewed by M. Junkelmann.

E. Rebillard:

·      30.913: É. Rebillard, Transformations of religious practices in late antiquity. Reviewed by K. Harper

·      27.934: E. Rebillard, Christians and their many identities in late antiquity: North Africa, 200-450 CE. Reviewed by B. D. Shaw.

·      24.607: E. Rebillard, Musarna 3: La nécropole impériale. Reviewed by M. Feugère.

M. Reddé:

·      28.717: M. Reddé (ed.), De l’or pour les braves! Soldes, armées et circulation monétaire dans le monde romain. Reviewed by R. Reece.

·      22.674: M. Reddé and S. von Schnurbein (sous la direction de), Alésia et la bataille du Teutoberg. Un parallèle critique des sources. Reviewed by C. M. Wells.

·      20.556: M. Reddé, R. Brulet, R. Fellmann, J.-K. Haalebos, S. von Schnurbein, L’architecture de la Gaule romaine: les fortifications militaries. Reviewed by P. Bidwell.

·      17.631: M. Reddé and S. von Schnurbein, Alésia. Fouilles et recherches franco-allemandes sur les travaux militaires romains autour du Mont-Auxois. Reviewed by M. Feugère.

·      2.275: M. Reddé, Prospections des vallées du Nord de la Libye (1979-1980). Reviewed by D. J. Mattingly.

·      2.326: M. Reddé, Mare nostrum. Les infrastructures, le dispositif et l'histoire de la marine militaire sous l'empire romain. Reviewed by Y. Le Bohec.

S. Redford:

·      28.873: S. Redford (ed.), Antioch on the Orontes. Early explorations in the city of mosaics. Reviewed by A. U. De Giorgi.

F. Redo:

·      10.369: B. Lorinz, F. Redö, Onomasticon provinciarum Europae Latinarum vol. I. Reviewed by M. Mayer.

R. Reece:

·      9.587: R. Reece, Roman coins from 140 sites in Britain. Reviewed by T. V. Buttrey.

A. M. Reggiani Massarini:

·      6.285: A. M. Reggiani Massarini, Santuario degli Equicoli a Corvaro. Reviewed by B. Ginge.

P. Rehak:

·      23.483: P. Rehak, Imperium and cosmos. Augustus and the northern Campus Martius. Reviewed by A. Thein.

R. Reich:

·      27.858: R. Reich, Miqwa’ot (Jewish ritual baths) in the Second Temple, Mishnaic and Talmudic periods. Reviewed by Y. Adler.

J. Remesal Rodríguez:

·      26.820: A. Mrabet and J. Remesal Rodríguez, In Africa et in Hispania: études sur l’huile africaine. Reviewed by S. Keay.

·      14.585: J. M. Blázquez Martínez and J. Remesal Rodríguez (edd.), Estudios sobre el Monte Testaccio (Roma) vol. 1. Reviewed by P. P. A. Funari.

·      15.587: S. Keay, J. Creighton and J. Remesal Rodríguez, Celti (Peñaflor). The archaeology of a Hispano-Roman town in Baetica. Survey and excavations. Reviewed by M. Bendala.

S . Remijsen:

·          29.941: S . Remijsen, The end of Greek athletics in late antiquity. Reviewed by W. Slater.

J.-A. Remolà:

·      27.578: J. A. Remolà Vallverdú & J. Acero Pérez (edd.), La gestión de los residuos urbanos en Hispania. Reviewed by A. O. Koloski-Ostrow and S. E. Ostrow.

·      15.479: X. Dupré Raventós and J.-A. Remolà (edd.), Sordes urbis. La eliminación de residuos en la ciudad romana. Reviewed by A. Wilson.

B. Rémy:

·      26.770: N. Mathieu, B. Rémy et P. Leveau (edd.), L’eau dans les Alpes occidentales à l’époque romaine. Reviewed by M. Segard.

·      23.700: Ph. Leveau and B. Rémy (edd.), La ville des Alpes occidentales à l’époque romaine. Reviewed by C. Vismara.

M. Rendeli:

·      24.527: M. Rendeli (ed.), Ceramica, abitati, territorio nella bassa valle del Tevere e Latium Vetus. Reviewed by M. Mogetta. 

W. Reusch:

·      28.738: W. Reusch, M. Lutz & H.-P. Kuhnen, Die Ausgrabungen im Westteil der Trierer Kaiserthermen 1960-1966. Der Stadtpalast des Finanzprocurators der Provinzen Belgica, Ober- und Niedergermanien. Reviewed by C. Pavel.

Chr. Reusser:

·      25.564: M. Bentz und Chr. Reusser (Hrsg.), Etruskisch-italische und römisch-republikanische Häuser. Reviewed by V. Jolivet.

L. Revell:

·    31.813: M. Millett, L. Revell & A. Moore (edd.), The Oxford handbook of Roman Britain. Reviewed by A. Gilmour.

·     30.688: L. Revell, Ways of being Roman: discourses of identity in the Roman West. Reviewed by K. V. Huntley.

·      25.776: L. Revell, Roman imperialism and local identities. Reviewed by I. A. Oltean.

A. T. Reyes:

·      30.853: J. S. Mckenzie, J. A. Greene, A. T. Reyes, et al., The Nabataean temple at Khirbet et-Tannur, Jordan. Vol. 1 – architecture and religion. Final report on Nelson Glueck’s 1937 excavation. Reviewed by J. Patrich

J. Reynolds:

·      4.356: J. Reynolds and R. Tannenbaum, Jews and godfearers at Aphrodisias; Reviewed by M. Le Glay.

·      4.369: C. Roueché and J. M. Reynolds, Aphrodisias in late antiquity. The late Roman and Byzantine inscriptions. Reviewed by D. Feissel.

P. Reynolds:

·      24.725: P. Reynolds, Hispania and the Roman Mediterranean AD 100-700: ceramics and trade. Reviewed by M. Bonifay.

A. Ribera I Lacomba:

·    31.851: A. Ribera i Lacomba & M. Rosselló Mesquida, Los primeros obispos de Valencia. Reviewed by Chr. Eger.

·      27.800: D. Bernal Casasola & A. Ribera i Lacomba, Cerámicas hispanorromanas II: producciones regionales. Reviewed by J. T. Peña.

·      20.562: A. Ribera I Lacomba and P. P. Ripollès Allegre (edd.), Tesoros monetarios de Valencia y su entorno. Reviewed by J. M. Abascal.

S. Ribichini:

·      23.618: C. Bonnet, S. Ribichini and D. Steuernagel (edd.), Religioni in contatto nel Mediterraneo antico. Modalità di diffusione e processi di interferenza. Reviewed by A. Gavini.

P. M. Rice:

·      3.217: P. M. Rice, Pottery analysis: a sourcebook. Reviewed by R. Tomber.

J. Richard:

·      28.810: J. Richard, Water for the city, fountains for the people. Monumental fountains in the Roman East: an archaeological study of water management. Reviewed by L. Campagna.

E. Richardson:

·      6.277: E. Richardson, Etruscan votive bronzes. Reviewed by Jean-René Jannot.

J. Richardson:

·      127.535: J. Richardson, The language of empire: Rome and the idea of empire from the third century B.C. to the second century A.D. Reviewed by S. González Sánchez.

J. S. Richardson:

·      10.495: J. S. Richardson, The Romans in Spain. Reviewed by E. Haley.

L. Richardson, Jr.:

·      15.445: L. Richardson, Jr., A catalog of identifiable figure painters of ancient Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      8.360: L. Richardson, Jr., A new topographical dictionary of ancient Rome. Reviewed by N. Purcell.

·      4.248: L. Richardson, Jr., Pompeii, an architectural history. Reviewed by R. Ling.

O. Richier:

·      19.615: O. Richier, Centuriones ad Rhenum. Reviewed by A. R. Birley.

B. S. Ridgway:

·      17.537: B. S. Ridgway, Hellenistic sculpture III. The styles of ca. 100-31 B.C. Reviewed by B. Barr-Sharrar.

·      15.387: B. S. Ridgway, Hellenistic sculpture II. The styles of ca. 200-100 B.C. Reviewed by B. Barr-Sharrar.

D. Ridgway:

·      9.302: G. Buchner and D. Ridgway, Pithekoussai I. Reviewed by B. d'Agostino.

·      9.302: D. Ridgway, The first western Greeks. Reviewed by B. d'Agostino.

W. Riess:

·      30.598: W. Riess & G. G. Fagan (edd.), The topography of violence in the Greco-Roman world. Reviewed by G. Sears

A. M. Riggsby:

·      24.564: A. M. Riggsby, Roman law and the legal world of the Romans. Reviewed by B. W. Frier.

I. Riera:

·      13.597: G. Bodon, I. Riera and P. Zanovello, Utilitas necessaria: sistemi idraulichi nell’Italia romana. Reviewed by A. Wilson.

J. L. Rife:

·      26.827: J. L. Rife, Isthmia, vol. IX. The Roman and Byzantine graves and human remains. Reviewed by C. Eger.

C. Riggs:

·      23.770: C. Riggs, The beautiful burial in Roman Egypt: art, identity, and funerary religion. Reviewed by L. H. Corcoran.

E. Riha:

·      23.722: A. R. Furger, M. Wartmann and E. Riha, Die römischen Siegelkapseln aus Augusta Raurica. Reviewed by T. Derks.

D. Riley:

·      5.467: D. L. Kennedy and D. Riley, Rome's desert frontier from the air. Reviewed by S. T. Parker.

P. P. Ripollès Allegre:

·      20.562: A. Ribera I Lacomba and P. P. Ripollès Allegre (edd.), Tesoros monetarios de Valencia y su entorno. Reviewed by J. M. Abascal.

·      8.348: A. Burnett, M. Amandry and P. P. Ripollès, Roman provincial coinage volume 1: from the death of Caesar to the death of Vitellius (44 BC - AD 69). Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

S. Rippon:

·      12.689: S. Rippon, The Severn Estuary. Landscape evolution and wetland reclamation. Reviewed by T. W. Potter.

S. Ritter:

·      9.328: S. Ritter, Hercules in der römischen Kunst von den Anfängen bis Augustus. Reviewed by R. Winkes.

T. Ritti:

·     31.921: T. Ritti, Hierapolis di Frigia ix: storia e instituzioni di Hierapolis. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

C. Riva:

·      24.512: C. Riva, The urbanisation of Etruria. Funerary practices and social change, 700-600 BC. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

J. C. Rivel:

·      30.767: J. Bussière & J. C. Rivel, Répertoire de fleurons sur bandeaux de lampes africaines type Hayes II. Reviewed by J. Lund

J. Rives:

·      9.490: J. Rives. Religion and authority in Roman Carthage from Augustus to Constantine. Reviewed by J.-M. Lassère.

H. Rivière:

·      6.449: R. Monturet and H. Rivière, Les thermes sud de la villa gallo-romaine de Seviac. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

Y. Rivièr:

·     29.969: P. Porena et Y. Rivière (études réunies par), Expropriations et confiscations dans les royaumes barbares: une approche régionale. Reviewed by A. H. Merrills.

G. Rizza:

·      6.289: N. Bonacasa and G. Rizza (edd.), Ritratto ufficiale e ritratto privato: atti del II conferenza internazionale sul ritratto romano. Reviewed by E. K. Gazda and A. E. Haeckl.

C. Rizzardi:

·      24.863: R. Farioli Campanati, C. Rizzardi, P. Porta, A. Augenti, I. Baldini Lippolis (edd.), Ideologia e cultura artistica tra Adriatico e Mediterraneo Orientale (IV-X secolo): il ruolo dell’autorità ecclesiastica alla luce di nuovi scavi e ricerche. Reviewed by A. Christ.

G. Rizzo:

·      18.559: G. Rizzo, Instrumenta Urbis 1. Ceramiche fini da mensa, lucerne ed anfore a Roma. Reviewed by J. T. Peña.

M. A. Rizzo:

·      3.225: M. A. Rizzo (ed.), Un artista etrusco e il suo mondo. Il pittore di Micali. Reviewed by B. Ginge.

L. Robert:

·      22.735: L. Robert, Choix d’écrits. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

R. Robert:

·      23.567: I. Bragantini, R. de Bonis, A. Lemaire and R. Robert, Poseidonia-Paestum V. Les maisons romaines de l’îlot nord. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

P. Roberts:

·      25.644: P. Roberts, W. Gudenrath, V. Tatton-Brown and D. Whitehouse, Roman cameo glass in the British Museum. Reviewed by C. Weiß.

A. S. Robertson:

·      15.611: A. S. Robertson (R. Hobbs and T. V. Buttrey, edd.), An inventory of Romano-British coin hoards. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

B. A. Robinson:

·      27.833: B. A. Robinson, Histories of Peirene. A Corinthian fountain in three millennia. Reviewed by C. A. Feldman.

E. G. D. Robinson:

·      28.545: T. H. Carpenter, K. M. Lynch & E. G. D. Robinson (edd.), The Italic people of ancient Apulia: new evidence from pottery for workshops, markets, and customs. Reviewed by E. Lanza Catti.

O. F. Robinson:

·      13.446: O. F. Robinson, The sources of Roman law: problems and methods for ancient historians. Reviewed by B. W. Frier.

I. Rodá de Llanza:

·      22.684: G. Castellvi, J. M. Nolla, I. Rodà, Le trophée de Pompée dans les Pyrénées (71 avant J.-C.). Reviewed by P. Gros.

·      19.588: I. Rodá de Llanza (dir.), Aquaromana. Técnica humana y fuerza divina. Reviewed by G. Fabre.

·      11.605: G. Fabre, M. Mayer and I. Rodà, Inscriptions romaines de Catalogne IV. Barcino. Reviewed by F. Beltrán Lloris.

J.-M. Roddaz:

·      24.627: J. Nelis-Clément et J.-M. Roddaz (edd.), Le cirque romain et son image. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

E. Rodríguez-Almeida:

·      17.577: E. Rodríguez-Almeida, Formae urbis antiquae. Le mappe marmoree di Roma tra la Repubblica e Settimio Severo. Reviewed by T. Najbjerg & J. Trimble.

A. Rodríguez Colmenero:

·      19.577: Rodríguez Colmenero, S. Ferrer Sierra and R. D. Alvarez Asorey, Miliarios e outras inscricións viarias romanas do Noroeste hispánico. Reviewed by A. Kolb.

B. S. Rodgers:

·      9.532: C. E. V. Nixon and B. S. Rodgers, In praise of later Roman emperors. The panegyrici latini. Introduction, translation and historical commentary. Reviewed by T. D. Barnes.

G. M. Rogers:

·      28.792: G. M. Rogers, The mysteries of Artemis of Ephesos. Cult, polis and change in the Graeco-Roman world. Reviewed by P. Scherrer.

R. H. Rodgers:

·      18.502: R. H. Rodgers, Frontinus. De Aquaeductu Urbis Romae, edited with introduction and commentary. Reviewed by M. Peachin.

J. and G. Röder:

·      8.499: J. and G. Röder, “Die antike Turbinenmühle in Chemtou” pp. 95-102 in F. Rakob (ed.), Simitthus, Vol. 1: Die Steinbrücke und die antike Stadt. Reviewed by A. Wilson.

E. Rogan:

·      13.707: A. K. Bowman and E. Rogan (edd.), Agriculture in Egypt from Pharaonic to modern times. Reviewed by R. S. Bagnall.

A. Rogers:

·      27.739: A. Rogers, Water and Roman urbanism. Towns, waterscapes, land transformation and experience in Roman Britain. Reviewed by S. Rippon.

·      24.819: A. Rogers, Late Roman towns in Britain: rethinking change and decline. Reviewed by S. Esmonde-Cleary.

D. W. Roller:

·      12.705: D. W. Roller, The building program of Herod the Great. Reviewed by B. Burrell and E. Netzer.

Y. Roman:

·      9.436: Y. Roman (ed.), La frontière. Reviewed by C. M. Wells.

D. G. Romano:

·      14.571: D. G. Romano and I. Bald Romano, Catalogue of the classical collections of the Glencairn Museum. Reviewed by B. S. Ridgway.

I. Bald Romano:

·      14.571: D. G. Romano and I. Bald Romano, Catalogue of the classical collections of the Glencairn Museum. Reviewed by B. S. Ridgway.

I. Romeo:

28.803: I. Romeo, D. Panariti, R. Ungaro, La tomba bella. Un heroon giulio-claudio e il suo sarcofago. Reviewed by R. R. R. Smith.

A. Romualdi:

·      24.512: F. Lo Schiavo & A. Romualdi, I complessi archeologici di Trestina e di Fabbrecce nel Museo Archeologico di Firenze. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

A. Roppa:

·       29.566: A. Roppa, Comunità urbane e rurali nella Sardegna punica di età ellenistica. Reviewed by S. Angiolillo.

D. Roques:

·      5.419: D. Roques, Synésios de Cyrène et la Cyrénaïque du Bas-Empire. Reviewed by Alan Cameron.

·      5.419: D. Roques, Etudes sur la correspondance de Synésios de Cyrène. Reviewed by Alan Cameron.

C. B. Rose:

·      11.524: C. B. Rose, Dynastic commemoration and Imperial portraiture in the Julio-Claudian period. Reviewed by D. Boschung.

N. Rosenstein:

·      19.407: N. Rosenstein, Rome at war. Farms, families and death in the Middle Republic. Reviewed by S. E. Phang.

M. Rosselló Mesquida:

·    31.851: A. Ribera i Lacomba & M. Rosselló Mesquida, Los primeros obispos de Valencia. Reviewed by Chr. Eger.

C. Rossetti Tella:

·      10.415: C. Rossetti Tella, La terra sigillata tardo-italica decorata nel Museo Nazionale Romano. Reviewed by P. Kenrick.

O. Rossini:

·     30.615: C. Parisi Presicce & O. Rossini (edd.), Nutrire l’Impero: storie di alimentazione da Roma e Pompei. Reviewed by J. T. Peña

E. Rosso:

·    29.675: A. Dardenay & E. Rosso (textes réunis par), Dialogues entre sphère publique et sphère privée dans l’espace de la cité romaine. Vecteurs, acteurs, significations. Reviewed by A. Russell.

·   29.841: S. Agusta-Boularot et E. Rosso (édd.), Signa et tituli. Monuments et espaces de représentation en Gaule méridionale sous le regard croisé de la sculpture et de l’épigraphie. Reviewed by J. Ruiz de Arbulo.

J. P. Roth:

·      25.748: J. P. Roth, Roman warfare. Reviewed by G. Davies.

·      14.465: J. P. Roth, The logistics of the Roman army at war (264 B.C.- A.D. 235). Reviewed by C. E. P. Adams.

R. E. Roth:

·     22.477: R. E. Roth, Styling Romanisation. Pottery and society in central Italy. Reviewed by J. –P. Morel.

U. Roth:

·     21.419: U. Roth, Thinking tools. Agricultural slavery between evidence and models. Reviewed by E. Fentress.

S. Roucole:

·      20.689: A. Ben Abed-Ben Khader, M. Fixot, M. Bonifay and S. Roucole, Sidi Jdidi I. La basilique sud. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

C. Roueché:

·      4.369: C. Roueché and J. M. Reynolds, Aphrodisias in late antiquity. The late Roman and Byzantine inscriptions. Reviewed by D. Feissel.

A. Roura:

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