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Works Without a Listed Author

M. S. Pacetti:

·      13.407: M. S. Pacetti, Italia 4, Orvieto (Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum). Reviewed by F. R. Serra Ridgway.

G. Paci:

·      13.568: G. Paci (ed.), Epigrafia romana in area adriatica. Reviewed by A. R. Birley.

J. E. Packer:

·      12.600: J. E. Packer, The Forum of Trajan in Rome. Reviewed by A. Viscogliosi.

M. Pagano:

·      28.620: M. Pagano & R. Prisciandaro, Studio sulle provenienze degli oggetti rinvenuti negli scavi borbonici del Regno di Napoli. Reviewed by E. Dwyer.

·      11.539: M. Pagano, I diari di scavo di Pompei, Ercolano e Stabiae di Francesco e Pietro La Vega (1764-1810): Raccolta e studio di documenti inediti. Reviewed by C. Parslow.

P. Palazzo:

·      28.610: P. Palazzo & C. Pavolini (edd.), Gli dči propizi. La Basilica Hilariana nel contesto dello scavo dell’Ospedale Militare Celio (1987-2000). Reviewed by E. Fentress.

M. Pallottino:

·      10.318: M. Pallottino, Origini e storia primitiva di Roma. Reviewed by A. J. Ammerman.

D. Palombi:

·      22.549: A. Leone, D. Palombi e S. Walker (edd.), Res bene gestae. Ricerche di storia urbana su Roma antica in onore di Eva Margareta Steinby. Reviewed by E. Papi.

·    21.745: D. Palombi, Rodolfo Lanciani. L’archeologia a Roma tra Ottocento e Novecento. Reviewed by S. L. Dyson.

D. Panariti:

28.803: I. Romeo, D. Panariti, R. Ungaro, La tomba bella. Un heroon giulio-claudio e il suo sarcofago. Reviewed by R. R. R. Smith.

S. Panciera:

·      11.431: S. Panciera (ed.), Iscrizioni greche e latine del Foro Romano e del Palatino. Reviewed by F. Millar.

C. Panella:

·      27.887: C. Panella (ed.), I segni del potere. Realtŕ e immaginario della sovranitŕ nella Roma imperiale. Reviewed by Y. Perrin.

·      14.661: P. Pensabene and C. Panella, Arco di Costantino tra archeologia e archeometria. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

·      13.549: C. Panella (a cura di), Meta Sudans I: un area sacra ‘in Palatio’ e la valle del Colosseo prima e dopo Nerone. Reviewed by J. T. Peńa.

S. Panzram:

·      23.678: S. Panzram (ed.), Städte im Wandel. Bauliche Inszenierung und literarische Stilisierung lokaler Eliten auf der Iberischen Halbinsel. Reviewed by M. Kulikowski.

F. Paolucci:

·      18.747: F. Paolucci, L’arte del vetro inciso a Roma nel IV secolo d.C. Reviewed by A. Oliver.

·      12.806: F. Paolucci, I vetri incisi dall’Italia settentrionale e dalla Rezia nel periodo medio e tardo imperiale. Reviewed by D. Whitehouse.

A. Papaconstantinou:

·       26.941: A. Borrut, M. Debié, A. Papaconstantinou, D. Pieri et J.-P. Sodini (edd.), Le Proche-Orient de Justinien aux Abbassides. Peuplement et dynamiques spatiales. Reviewed by J. Magness.

J. K. Papadopoulos:

·    21.750: C. Lyons, J. K. Papadopoulos, L. S. Stewart & A. Szegedy-Maszak, Antiquity & photography. Early views of Mediterranean sites. Reviewed by F. Barry.

E. Papi:

·      16.495: E. Papi, L’Etruria dei Romani. Reviewed by J. Linderski.

M. Papini:

·      20.428: M. Papini, Antichi volti della Repubblica. La ritrattistica in Italia centrale tra IV e II secolo a.C. Reviewed by S. Dillon.

U. Pappalardo:

·      18.604: D. Mazzoleni with U. Pappalardo, Domus. Wall painting in the Roman house. Reviewed by J. P. Small.

M. Parani:

·      24.880: L. Bouras & M. Parani, Lighting in early Byzantium. Reviewed by K. da Costa.

A. Paribeni:

·      11.583: F. Guidobaldi, F. Olevano, A. Paribeni, D. Trucchi, Sectilia pavimenta di Villa Adriana. Reviewed by J. E. Packer.

R. Paris:

·      9.386: R. Paris (ed.), Dono Hartwig. Originali ricongiunti e copie tra Roma e Ann Arbor. Ipotesi per il Templum Gentis Flaviae. Reviewed by G. Koeppel.

C. Parisi Presicce:

·    30.615: C. Parisi Presicce & O. Rossini (edd.), Nutrire l’Impero: storie di alimentazione da Roma e Pompei. Reviewed by J. T. Peńa

·      29.747: E. La Rocca, C. Parisi Presicce, A. Lo Monaco (curated by), L’etŕ dell’angoscia. Da Commodo a Diocleziano, 180-305 d.C. Reviewed by E. Marlowe.

H. W. Parke:

·      3.471: H. W. Parke (ed. B. McGing), Sibyls and sibylline prophecy in classical antiquity. Reviewed by D. Potter.

S. T. Parker:

·    28.905: S. T. Parker & A. M. Smith II, The Roman Aqaba Project. Final report, vol. 1 – the regional environment and the regional survey. Reviewed by S. Sidebotham.

·    21.669: S. T. Parker, with contributions by others, The Roman frontier in Central Jordan. Final report on the Limes Arabicus Project 1980-1989. Reviewed by D. L. Kennedy.

·      5.473: S. T. Parker, Romans and Saracens. A history of the Arabian frontier. Reviewed by D. L. Kennedy.

·      5.473: S. T. Parker (ed.), The Roman frontier in Central Jordan. Interim report on the Limes Arabicus Project 1980-1985. Reviewed by D. L. Kennedy.

H. M. Parkins:

·      11.511: H. M. Parkins (ed.), Roman urbanism: beyond the consumer city. Reviewed by J. Berry.

L. Parlama:

·      14.629: N. C. Stampolidis and L. Parlama (edd.), The city beneath the city: finds from excavations for the Metropolitan railway of Athens. Reviewed by S. Leigh.

L. Paroli:

·    26.589: S. Keay and L. Paroli (edd.), Portus and its hinterland: recent archaeological research. Reviewed by C. Pavolini.

·    21.437: S. Keay, M. Millett, L. Paroli & K. Strutt, Portus. An archaeological survey of the port of Imperial Rome. Reviewed by M. Heinzelmann.

C. C. Parslow:

·      10.366: C. C. Parslow, Rediscovering antiquity. Karl Weber and the excavation of Herculaneum, Pompeii and Stabiae. Reviewed by E. Moormann.

R. Paskoff:

·      19.525: H. Slim, P. Trousset, R. Paskoff et A. Oueslati, Le littoral de la Tunisie. Reviewed by A. I. Wilson.

M. Pasqualini:

·       26.783: M. Pasqualini, R. Thernot et H. Garcia, L’amphithéâtre de Fréjus. Archéologie et architecture, relecture d’un monument. Reviewed by D. L. Bomgardner.

M. Pasquinucci:

·      15.561: M. Pasquinucci and F. Trément (edd.), Non-destructive techniques applied to landscape archaeology. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

J. Pásztókai-Szeöke:

·      28.695: M. Gleba & J. Pásztókai-Szeöke (edd.), Making textiles in pre-Roman and Roman times: people, places, identities. Reviewed by W. E. Mierse.

A. Patera:

·      23.475: E. J. Shepherd, G. Capecchi, G. De Marinis, F. Mosca and A. Patera (edd.), Le fornaci del Vingone a Scandicci. Reviewed by S. Menchelli..

J. Patrich:

·      25.901: J. Patrich, Studies in the archaeology and history of Caesarea Maritima, Caput Judaeae, Metropolis Palaestinae. Reviewed by H. W. Dey.

·      25.899: J. Patrich, Archaeological excavations at Caesarea Maritima, Areas CC, KK and NN. Final reports vol. I. The objects. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

·      10.587: J. Patrich, Sabas, leader of Palestinian monasticism. A comparative study in eastern monasticism, fourth to seventh centuries. Reviewed by R. Ousterhout.

H. Patterson:

·      15.561: R. Francovich and H. Patterson (edd.), Extracting meaning from ploughsoil assemblages. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

H. L. Patterson:

·      27.520: R. Cascino, H. Di Giuseppe & H. L. Patterson (edd.), ‘Veii. The historical topography of the ancient city’. A restudy of John Ward-Perkins’ survey. Reviewed by A. Murock Hussein.

G. M. Paul:

·      13.591: G. M. Paul and M. Ierardi (edd.), Roman coins and public life under the Empire. Reviewed by T. V. Buttrey.

M. Paul:

·      27.726: M. Paul, Fibeln und Gürtelzubehör der späten römischen Kaiserzeit aus Augusta Vindelicum/Augsburg. Reviewed by M. Buora.

C. Pavolini:

·      28.610: P. Palazzo & C. Pavolini (edd.), Gli dči propizi. La Basilica Hilariana nel contesto dello scavo dell’Ospedale Militare Celio (1987-2000). Reviewed by E. Fentress.

·      23.548: C. Pavolini, Ostia. Guide Archeologiche Laterza. Reviewed by J. DeLaine.

·      22.582: C. Pavolini, Ostia. Reviewed by A. Martin.

·      13.549: C. Pavolini (a cura di), Caput Africae I and II. Reviewed by J. T. Peńa.

·      5.408: L. Anselmino, M. Bouchenaki, A. Carandini, Ph. Leveau, D. Manacorda, C. Pavolini, G. Pucci, P. Salama, Il Castellum di Nador. Storia di una fattoria tra Tipasa e Caesarea (I-VI d.C.). Reviewed by D. J. Mattingly and J. W. Hayes.

Ma Paz García-Bellido:

·      16.460: Ma Paz García-Bellido and L. Callegarin (edd.), Los Cartagineses y la monetización del Mediterráneo Occidental. Reviewed by P. Visonŕ.

M. Peachin:

·       29.762: M. Peachin (ed.), Greek and Latin inscriptions at New York University. Reviewed by J. P. Bodel.

·      20.460: M. Peachin, Frontinus and the curae of the curator aquarum. Reviewed by C. Bruun.

D. Peacock:

·      20.626: D. Peacock and L. Blue (edd.), Myos Hormos – Quseir al-Qadim vol. 1: Survey and excavations 1999-2003. Reviewed by S. E. Sidebotham.

·      20.628: D. Peacock and D. Williams (edd.), Food for the gods. New light on the ancient incense trade. Reviewed by S. E. Sidebotham.

·      12.721: D. P. S. Peacock and V. A. Maxfield, Survey and excavation Mons Claudianus 1987-1993 vol. I. Reviewed by P. Pensabene.

J. Pearce:

·      16.635: J. Pearce, M. Millett and M. Struck (edd.), Burial, society and context in the Roman world. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

L. Péchoux:

·      25.822: L. Péchoux, Les sanctuaires de périphérie urbaine en Gaule romaine. Reviewed by R. Häussler.

J. G. Pedley:

·      25.994: J. G. Pedley, The life and work of Francis Willey Kelsey: archaeology, antiquity, and the arts. Reviewed by S. E. Ostrow.

P. Pelagatti:

·      10.604: P. Pelagatti e M. Bell III (ed.), Antichita senza provenienza. I siti distrutti, il recupero, il nodo dei prestiti. Reviewed by J. G. Pedley.

O. Peleg-Barkat:

·       31.798: O. Peleg-Barkat, The Temple Mount excavations in Jerusalem 1968-1978 directed by Benjamin Mazar. Final reports, vol. V. Herodian architectural decoration and King Herod’s royal portico. Reviewed by P. Gros.

J. T. Peńa:

·    21.498: J. T. Peńa, Roman pottery in the archaeological record. Reviewed by R. Tomber.

R. G. Penn:

·      10.411: R. G. Penn, Medicine on ancient Greek and Roman coins. Reviewed by A. E. Hanson.

E. Penni Iacco:

·      19.717: E. Penni Iacco, La Basilica di S. Apollinare Nuovo di Ravenna attraverso i secoli. Reviewed by S. E. Bassett.          

P. Pensabene:

·      23.548: P. Pensabene, Ostiensium marmorum decus et decor. Reviewed by J. DeLaine.

·      14.661: P. Pensabene and C. Panella, Arco di Costantino tra archeologia e archeometria. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

·      7.350: P. Pensabene, Il teatro romano di Ferento. Architettura e decorazione scultorea. Reviewed by F. Sear.

A. Perez:

·      9.447: A. Perez, Les cadastres antiques en Narbonnaise occidentale. Essai sur la politique coloniale romains en Gaule du Sud (IIe s. av. J.-C.- IIe s. ap. J.-C.). Reviewed by J.-L. Fiches.

P. Perkins:

·      24.523: J. Swaddling & P. Perkins (edd.), Etruscan by definition. The cultural, regional and personal identity of the Etruscans. Reviewed by N. de Grummond.

J. R. Perrin:

·      5.388: J. R. Perrin, Roman pottery from the Colonia: Skeldergate and Bishophill (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

·      5.388: J. R. Perrin and D. F. Williams, Roman pottery from the colonia 2: General Accident and Rougier St. (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

M.-Y. Perrin:

·      29.966: Y. Modéran, édité par M.-Y. Perrin, Les Vandales et l’Empire romain. Reviewed by A. H. Merrills.

D. Perring:

·   29.816: D. Perring and M. Pitts, Alien cities. Consumption and the origins of urbanism in Roman Britain. Reviewed by J. Lundock.

·      15.625: D. Perring, The Roman house in Britain. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

E. Perry:

·      18.419: E. Perry, The aesthetics of emulation in the visual arts of ancient Rome. Reviewed by C. H. Hallett.

M. Peter:

·      15.600: M. Peter, Untersuchungen zu den Fundmünzen aus Augst und Kaiseraugst. Reviewed by R. Reece.

W. J. Th. Peters:

·      11.542: W. J. Th. Peters con E. M. Moormann, T. L. Heres, H. Brunsting, S. L. Wynia, La casa di Marcus Lucretius Fronto a Pompei e le sue pitture. Reviewed by Y. Perrin.

L. Petersen:

·      29.650: S. R. Joshel and L. H. Petersen, The material life of Roman slaves. Reviewed by M. George.

·      4.331: L. Petersen (ed.), Prosopographia imperii romani saeculi I. II. III. Pars V. Fasc. 3 (N-O). Reviewed by M.-T. Raepsaet-Charlier.

J.-P. Petit:

·      8.511: J.-P. Petit and M. Mangin (edd.), Les agglomérations secondaires: la Gaule Belgique, les Germanies et l’Occident romain. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

·      8.511: J.-P. Petit et M. Mangin (edd.), Atlas des agglomérations secondaires de la Gaule Belgique et des Germanies. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

P. Petrovic:

·      11.635: P. Petrovic (ed.), Roman limes on the middle and lower Danube. Reviewed by J. J. Wilkes.

P. M. Petsas:

·      3.399: W. M. Murray and P. M. Petsas, Octavian's campsite memorial for the Actian War. Reviewed by P. N. Doukellis.

D. K. Pettegrew:

·   30.798: W. Caraher, R. S. Moore & D. K. Pettegrew, Pyla-Koutsopetria I. Archaeological survey of an ancient coastal town. Reviewed by M. Rautman

·      30.783: D. K. Pettegrew, The Isthmus of Corinth: crossroads of the Mediterranean world. Reviewed by M. E. Hoskins-Walbank

A. Pettinger

·       26.645: A. Pettinger, The Republic in danger: Drusus Libo and the succession of Tiberius. Reviewed by S. Thakur.

G. Petzl:

·     21.610: G. Petzl & E. Schwertheim, Hadrian und die dionysischen Künstler. Drei in Alexandreia Troas neugefundene Briefe des Kaisers an die Künstlervereinigung. Reviewed by W. Slater. Doukellis.

S. D. Pevnick:

·      28.688: S. D. Pevnick (ed.), Poseidon and the sea: myth, cult and daily life. Reviewed by E. Gebhard.

J. Peyras:

·      10.567: J. Peyras, Le Tell nord-est tunisien dans l'antiquite: essai de monographie regionale. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

R. Pfeilschifter:

·      23.464: M. Jehne and R. Pfeilschifter, Herrschaft ohne Integration? Rom und Italien in republikanischer Zeit. Reviewed by P. Herz.

H.-G. Pflaum:

·      17.638: H.-G. Pflaum, X. Dupuis, Inscriptions latines de l’Algérie II. Reviewed by D. Erkelenz.

S. E. Phang:

·      25.750: S. E. Phang, Roman military service. Ideologies of discipline in the Late Republic and Early Principate. Reviewed by J. Roth.

K. M. Phillips Jr.:

·      8.330: K. M. Phillips Jr., In the hills of Tuscany. Recent excavations at the Etruscan site of Poggio Civitate (Murlo). Reviewed by J.-R. Jannot.

R. L. Phillips:

·      24.815: R. L. Phillips, In pursuit of invisibility: ritual texts from Late Roman Egypt. Reviewed by L. LiDonnici.

R. Philpott:

·      6.427: R. Philpott, Burial practices in Roman Britain. A survey of grave treatment and furnishing AD 43-410. Reviewed by R. Jones.

M. Piccirillo:

·      14.693: M. Piccirillo, E. Alliata et al., Mount Nebo: new archaeological excavations 1967-1997. Reviewed by J. Balty.

·      11.693 and 11.700: M. Piccirillo, E. Alliata, et al., Umm al-Rasas, Mayfa’ah 1: Gli scavi del complesso di Santo Stefano. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock and Janine Balty.

·      9.594: M. Piccirillo, The mosaics of Jordan. Reviewed by J. Balty.

·      2.313: M. Piccirillo, I mosaici di Giordania. Reviewed by K. M. D. Dunbabin.

G. Piccottini:

·      9.424: G. Piccottini, Mithrastempel in Virunum. Reviewed by R. Gordon.

A. Pichot:

·      25.841: A. Pichot, Les édifices de spectacle des Maurétanies romaines. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

M. Piérart:

·      16.673: D. Knoepfler and M. Piérart (edd.), Éditer, traduire, commenter Pausanias en l’an 2000. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

D. Pieri:

·       26.941: A. Borrut, M. Debié, A. Papaconstantinou, D. Pieri et J.-P. Sodini (edd.), Le Proche-Orient de Justinien aux Abbassides. Peuplement et dynamiques spatiales. Reviewed by J. Magness.

C. Pilo:

·      29.545: S. Angiolillo, M. Giuman e C. Pilo (a cura di), Meixis. Dinamiche di stratificazione culturale nella periferia greca e romana. Reviewed by P. van Dommelen.

F. Pina Polo:

·      26.642: F. Pina Polo, The consul at Rome. The civil functions of the consuls in the Roman Republic. Reviewed by C. Williamson.

I. V. Pinto:

·   30.748: I. V. Pinto, R. R. de Almeida & A. Martin (edd.), Lusitanian amphorae: production and distribution. Reviewed by D. Mateo Corredor

J. A. Pinto:

·      11.583: W. L. MacDonald and J. A. Pinto, Hadrian’s Villa and its legacy. Reviewed by J. E. Packer.

I. Piro:

·      28.652: I. Piro, Spose bambine: risalenza, diffusione e rilevanza giuridica del fenomeno in etŕ romana. Dalle origini all’epoca classica. Reviewed by B. W. Frier.

F. Pirson:

·      15.429: F. Pirson, Mietwohnungen in Pompeji und Herkulaneum. Reviewed by E. M. Moormann.

S. Pittia:

·      22.511: J. Andreau, J. France and S. Pittia (edd.), Mentalités et choix économiques des Romains. Reviewed by B. W. Frier and A. Conison.

M. Pitts:

·   29.816: D. Perring and M. Pitts, Alien cities. Consumption and the origins of urbanism in Roman Britain. Reviewed by J. Lundock.

·      28.641: M. Pitts & M. J. Versluys (edd.), Globalisation and the Roman world. World history, connectivity and material culture. Reviewed by A. Van Oyen.

V. Platt:

·      26.701: V. Platt, Facing the gods. Epiphany and representation in Graeco-Roman art, literature and religion. Reviewed by V. H. Pennanen.

J. Poblome:

·      20.418: J. Poblome, P. Talloen, R. Brulet and M. Waelkens (edd.), Early Italian sigillata: the chronological framework and trade patterns. Reviewed by S. Rotroff.

·      14.635: J. Poblome, Sagalassos red slip ware: typology and chronology. Reviewed by K. W. Slane.

·      10.537: M. Waelkens and J. Poblome, Sagalassos I, II and III. Reviewed by J. Russell.

E. Pochmarski:

·      5.294: E. Pochmarski, Dionysische Gruppen: eine typologische Untersuchung zur Geschichte des Stützmotivs. Reviewed by V. J. Hutchinson.

M. Podini:

·       29.858: M. Podini, La decorazione architettonica di etŕ ellenistica e romana nell’Epiro del nord. Reviewed by D. Hernandez.

E. Poehler:

·      25.673: E. Poehler, M. Flohr and K. Cole (edd.), Pompeii. Art, industry and infrastructure. Reviewed by S. E. Craver.

M. B. Poliakoff:

·      1.97: M. B. Poliakoff, Combat sport. Reviewed by J.-P. Thuillier.

J. J. Pollini:

·      18.697: J. J. Pollini, Gallo-Roman bronzes and the process of Romanization. The Cobannus hoard. Reviewed by R. Fellmann.

·      6.303: J. Pollini, The portraiture of Gaius and Lucius Caesar. Reviewed by H. R. Goette.

L. Pons Pujol:

·      25.811: L. Pons Pujol (ed.), Hispania et Gallia: dos provincias del Occidente romano. Reviewed by W. Mierse.

·      23.689: L. Pons Pujol, La economía de la Mauretania Tingitana (s. I-III d.C.). Aceite, vino y salazones. Reviewed by E. Papi.

M. Ponsich:

·      4.299: M. Ponsich, Aceite de oliva y salazones de pescado. Factores geo-economicos de Bética y Tingitania. Reviewed by R. I. Curtis.

M. Ponting:

·    29.742: K. Butcher and M. Ponting, The metallurgy of Roman silver coinage: from the reform of Nero to the reform of Trajan. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

C. Poole:

·      22.691: P. Davenport, C. Poole and D. Jordan, Excavations at the New Royal Baths (the Spa), the Bellott’s Hospital 1998-1999. Reviewed by N. Holbrook.

M. L. Popkin:

·      30.592: M. L. Popkin, The architecture of the Roman triumph: monuments, memory, and identity. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner

R. Porat:

·       29.592: R. Porat, R. Chachy, and Y. Kalman, Herodium. Final reports of the 1972-2010 excavations directed by Ehud Netzer, vol. I. Herod’s tomb precinct. Reviewed by P. Gros.

P. Porena:

·     29.969: P. Porena et Y. Rivičre (études réunies par), Expropriations et confiscations dans les royaumes barbares: une approche régionale. Reviewed by A. H. Merrills.

P. Porta:

·      24.863: R. Farioli Campanati, C. Rizzardi, P. Porta, A. Augenti, I. Baldini Lippolis (edd.), Ideologia e cultura artistica tra Adriatico e Mediterraneo Orientale (IV-X secolo): il ruolo dell’autoritŕ ecclesiastica alla luce di nuovi scavi e ricerche. Reviewed by A. Christ.

F. P. Porten Palange:

·   27.607: F. P. Porten Palange & C. Troso, La terra sigillata italica della collezione Stenico. Reviewed by P. M. Kenrick.

S. Pothecary:

·   21.598: D. Dueck, H. Lindsay & S. Pothecary (edd.), Strabo’s cultural geography. The making of a kolossourgia. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock.

D. Potter:

·      14.492: D. Potter, Gladiators: sports and entertainment in the Roman world (video). Reviewed by K. Welch.

·      13.483: D. S. Potter and D. J. Mattingly (edd.), Life, death and entertainment in the Roman empire. Reviewed by W. J. Slater.

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