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From its inception JRA has specialized in long, synthetic reviews. JRA reviews are often the fullest evaluation that a book receives. Most are 3-4 pages long, some are even 10-12 pages or more. We aim to review between 75 and 90 works every year in the separate Reviews Fascicule of some 400 pages.
Search our Index of Books Reviewed (in all volumes from 1 to 27) to find out whether a particular work has been reviewed. Every main author of a work is included in the index. If you do not know the author’s name, you can search the Index by a keyword from the title of the book.
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Works Without a Listed Author

J. Nacef:

·     30.763: J. Nacef, avec une contribution de C. Capelli, La production de la céramique antique dans la région de Salakta et Ksour Essef (Tunisie). Reviewed by D. L. Stone.

A. M. Nagy:

·     8.435: A. M. Nagy, “Silvanus,” in LIMC VII. Reviewed by E. Schraudolph.

H. Nagy:

·    30.956: L. Bonfante & H. Nagy (edd.), The collection of antiquities of the American Academy in Rome. Reviewed by S. L. Tuck

·      24.512: S. Bell & H. Nagy (edd.), New perspectives on Etruria and Early Rome. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

·      6.285: H. Nagy, Votive terracottas from the Vignaccia, Cerveteri, in the Lowie Museum of Anthropology. Reviewed by B. Ginge.

F. S. Naiden:

·      26.718: C. A. Faraone and F. S. Naiden (edd.), Greek and Roman animal sacrifice: ancient victims, modern observers. Reviewed by M. MacKinnon.

A. Najjar:

·      22.745: G. Mazor and A. Najjar, Bet She’an I. Nysa-Scythopolis. The Caesareum and the Odeum. Reviewed by T. M. Weber.

C. Namin:

·      16.611: J.-P. Bost and C. Namin, Les monnaies (Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges). Reviewed by R. Reece.

R. Naser:

·    21.696: U. Bellwald, M. al-Huneidi, A. Salihi, D. Keller, R. Naser, D. al-Eisawi, edited by I. Ruben, The Petra Siq. Nabataean hydrology uncovered. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

L. Salah Nasrallah:

·    25.864: L. Nasrallah, C. Bakirtzis and S. J. Friesen (edd.), From Roman to Early Christian Thessalonike: studies in religion and archaeology. Reviewed by E. Rizos.

·    24.776: L. Salah Nasrallah, Christian responses to Roman art and architecture. The second-century church amid the spaces of empire. Reviewed by K. Harper.

G. S. Nathan:

·      14.664: G. S. Nathan, The family in late antiquity: the rise of Christianity and the endurance of tradition. Reviewed by R. P. Saller.

M. Navarro Caballero:

·      29.844: F. Cadiou et M. Navarro Caballero (textes réunis par), La guerre et ses traces. Conflits et sociétés en Hispanie à l’époque de la conquête romaine. Reviewed by B. Diaz Ariño.

·      15.581: M. Navarro Caballero and S. Demougin, Elites hispaniques. Reviewed by S. Keay.

N. Nayling:

·      20.541: N. Nayling and S. McGrail, The Barland’s Farm Romano-Celtic boat. Reviewed by G. Milne.

D. S. Neal:

·      25.793: S. R. Cosh and D. S. Neal, Roman mosaics of Britain vol. IV. Western Britain. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      16.624: D. S. Neal and S. R. Cosh, Roman mosaics of Britain I. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      6.449: D. S. Neal et al., Excavation of the Iron age, Roman and Medieval settlement at Gorhambury, St. Albans. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

E. Nedergaard:

·      2.195: E. Nedergaard, "Zur Problematik des Augustusbögen auf dem Forum Romanum" in Kaiser Augustus und die verlorene Republik. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

L. Nehmé:

·      28.908: L. Nehmé avec J. T. Milik & R. Saupin, Atlas archéologique et épigraphique de Pétra. Fascicule 1. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

L. Neira Jiménez:

·    31.701: L. Neira Jiménez (ed.), Estudios sobre mosaicos antiguos y medievales (Actas del XIII Congreso int. de la AIEMA, Madrid 2015). Reviewed by R. Ling.

D. Nelis:

·      28.582: D. Nelis et M. Royo (edd.), Lire la Ville. Fragments d’une archéologie littéraire de Rome antique. Reviewed byT. P. Wiseman.

J. Nelis-Clément:

·      29.695: J. France et J. Nelis-Clément (éd.), La statio. archéologie d’un lieu de pouvoir dans l’empire romain. Reviewed by P. Faure.

 ·    29.679: K. Coleman et J. Nelis-Clément (edd.), L’organisation des spectacles dans le monde romain. Huits exposés. Reviewed by D. S. Potter.

·      24.627: J. Nelis-Clément et J.-M. Roddaz (edd.), Le cirque romain et son image. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

·      15.524: J. Nelis-Clément, Les beneficiarii: militaires et administrateurs au service de l’empire. Reviewed by B. Rankov.

L. H. Nelson:

·      9.436: S. K. Drummond and L. H. Nelson, The western frontiers of imperial Rome. Reviewed by C. M. Wells.

M. -D. Nenna:

·   29.659: M.-D. Nenna (ed.), L’enfant et la mort dans l’Antiquité II. Types de tombes et traitement du corps des enfants dans l’Antiquité gréco-romaine. Reviewed by L. M. Stirling.

·     27.702: D. Foy & M.-D. Nenna (edd.), Corpus des signatures et marques sur verres antiques vol. 3. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

·     25.651: V. Arveiller-Dulong et M.-D. Nenna, Les verres anatiques du Musée du Louvre III. Parures, instruments et éléments d’incrustation. Reviewed by E. Swift.

·   21.501: D. Foy et M.-D. Nenna (edd.), Corpus des signatures et marques sur verres antiques. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

E. Netzer:

·      22.519: E. Netzer, The architecture of Herod, the great builder. Reviewed by K. G. Holum.

·      17.559: E. Netzer, Nabatäische Architektur, insbesondere Gräber und Tempel. Reviewed by J. S. McKenzie.

·      16.659: E. Netzer, Hasmonean and Herodian palaces at Jericho. Final reports I. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

·      16.659: E. Netzer, Die Paläste der Hasmonäer und Herodes’ des Großen. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

·      6.473: E. Netzer, Masada III. Final reports. The buildings, stratigraphy and architecture. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

O. Neverov:

·      3.261: O. Neverov, Antichnye kamei v sobranii Ermitazha (Ancient cameos in the collection of the Hermitage). Reviewed by M. Henig.

R. Neudecker:

·      4.257: R. Neudecker, Die skulpturen Austattung römischer Villen in Italien. Reviewed by P. G. Warden.

L. C. Nevett:

·      25.560: L. C. Nevett, Domestic space in classical antiquity. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

Y. D. Nevo:

·      18.771: Y. D. Nevo & J. Koren, Crossroads to Islam. The origins of the Arab religion and the Arab state. Reviewed by C. Foss.

Z. Newby:

·      30.594: Z. Newby, Greek myths in Roman art and culture. Imagery, values and identity in Italy, 50 BC - AD 250. Reviewed by R. Ling

·      20.514: Z. Newby, Greek athletics in the Roman world. Reviewed by J.-P. Thuillier.

A. Nicholson:

·      6.449: S. Wrathmell and A. Nicholson (edd.), Dalton Parlours. Iron age settlement and Roman villa. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

C. Nicolet:

·      1.137: C. Nicolet, L’inventaire du monde. Géographie et politique aux origines de l'empire romain. Reviewed by F. Millar.

A. M. Nielsen:

·      22.546: M. Moltesen and A. M. Nielsen (edd.), Agrippina Minor. Life and afterlife. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

I. Nielsen:

·      6.348: I. Nielsen, Thermae et balnea. The architecture and cultural history of Roman public baths. Reviewed by J. DeLaine.

R. Nielson:

·      24.664: R. Bluer, T. Brigham & R. Nielson, Roman and later development east of the Forum and Cornhill: excavations at Lloyd’s Register, City of London. Reviewed by D. Perring.

J. Nieto Prieto:

·      6.415: J. Nieto Prieto et al., Excavacions arqueològiques subaqàtiques a Cala Culip. Reviewed by M. Millett.

P. Niewöhner:

·     31.932: P. Niewöhner, Milet Band 1. Bauwerke in Milet Teil 11. Die byantinischen Basiliken von Milet. Reviewed by M. Rautman.

A. Ninfo:

·      25.696: A. Ninfo et al., “The map of Altinum,” Science 325. Reviewed by A. J. Ammerman.

L. Nista:

·      6.289: M. Anderson and L. Nista, Roman portraits in context: imperial and private likenesses from the Museo Nazionale Romano. Reviewed by E. K. Gazda and A. E. Haeckl.

C. E. V. Nixon:

·      9.532: C. E. V. Nixon and B. S. Rodgers, In praise of later Roman emperors. The panegyrici latini. Introduction, translation and historical commentary. Reviewed by T. D. Barnes.

V. Nizzo:

·      22.444: V. Nizzo, Ritorno ad Ischia. Dalla stratigrafia della necropoli di Pithekoussai alla tipologia dei materiali. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

H.-Chr. Noeske:

·      25.930: H.-Chr. Noeske, Münzfunde aus Ägypten I. Die Münzfunde des ägyptischen Pilgerzentrums Abu Minu und die vergleichsfunde aus den Dioecesen Aegyptus und Oriens vom 4.-8. Jh. n. Chr. Reviewed by T. V. Buttrey.

T. Nogales Basarrate:

·      17.681: J. Edmondson, T. Nogales Basarrate and W. Trillmich, Imagen y memoria. Monumentos funerarios con retratos en la Colonia Augusta Emerita. Reviewed by S. J. Keay.

J. Nokandeh:

·      28.889: E. W. Sauer, H. Omrani Rekavandi, T. J. Wilkinson & J. Nokandeh, Persia’s imperial power in late antiquity: the great wall of Gorgan and frontier landscapes of Sasanian Iran. Reviewed by W. E. Mierse.

J. M. Nolla:

·      22.684: G. Castellvi, J. M. Nolla, I. Rodà, Le trophée de Pompée dans les Pyrénées (71 avant J.-C.). Reviewed by P. Gros.

·      5.378: A. Roura, P. Castanyer, J. M. Nolla, S. J. Keay, La villa romana de Vilauba (Camós). Estudi d'un assentament rural (Campanyes de 1979-85). Reviewed by X. Aquilué.

J. Nollé:

·      24.764: J. Nollé, Kleinasiatische Losorakel. Astragal- und Alphabetchresmologien der Hochkaiserzeitlichen Orakelrenaissance. Reviewed by D. Potter.

D. Nony:

·      13.725: X. Loriot and D. Nony, La crise de l’empire romain 235-285. Reviewed by J. W. Eadie.

A. Nünnerich-Asmus:

·      12.636: A. Nünnerich-Asmus, El arco cuadrifronte de Cáparra. Reviewed by X. Dupré Raventós.

P. E. Nulton:

·      17.714: P. E. Nulton, The sanctuary of Apollo Hypoakraios and imperial Athens. Reviewed by M. Hoff.

V. Nutton:

·      18.495: V. Nutton, Ancient medicine. Reviewed by A. Hanson.

C. Nylander:

·      27.504: C. Nylander, B. Blomé, L. Karlsson et al., San Giovenale vol. V, fasc. 1. The Borgo. Excavating an Etruscan quarter: architecture and stratigraphy. Reviewed by I. Edlund-Berry.

The reviews are sorted by author's last name; click a letter below:
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Works Without a Listed Author



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