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Works Without a Listed Author

L. Ladjimi Sebai:

·      16.585: P. Ørsted, J. Carlsen, L. Ladjimi Sebai and H. Ben Hassen (edd.), Africa Proconsularis: regional studies in the Segermes Valley III. Reviewed by D. L. Stone.

·      10.567: S. Dietz, L. L. Sebai and H. Ben Hassan, Africa Proconsularis. Regional studies in the Segermes Valley of Northern Tunisia I-II. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

S. Ladstätter:

·      17.697: V. Gassner, S. Jilek and S. Ladstätter, Am Rande des Reiches. Die Römer in Österreich. Reviewed by E. M. Ruprechtsberger.

C. Laes:

·      31.639: K. Verboven & C. Laes (edd.), Work, labour and professions in the Roman world. Reviewed by C. Freu.

·      29.642: C. Laes and J. Strubbe, Youth in the Roman empire. The young and the restless years? Reviewed by E. Jewell.

·      25.712: C. Laes, Children in the Roman Empire: outsiders within. Reviewed by V. Dasen.

E. Lafli:

·    31.706: A. Muller & E. Lafli (dir.), S. Huysecom-Haxhi (coll.), Figurines de terre cuite en Méditerranée grecque et romaine, vol. I: Production, diffusion, étude. Reviewed by A. L. Boozer.

X. Lafon:

·      20.505: X. Lafon and G. Sauron (edd.), Théorie et pratique de l’architecture romaine: la norme et l’expérimentation. Reviewed by A. Roth Congès.

·      16.545: H. Broise and X. Lafon, La Villa Prato di Sperlonga. Reviewed by E. Fentress.

·    21.395: S. Agusta-Boularot et X. Lafon (dir.), Des Ibères aux Vénètes. Reviewed by J.-L. Fiches.

G. Lahusen:

·      17.487: G. Lahusen and E. Formigli, Römische Bildnisse aus Bronze. Reviewed by C. H. Hallett.

A. Laidlaw:

·      30.610: A. Laidlaw & M. S. Stella, The House of Sallust in Pompeii (VI, 2, 4). Reviewed by K. Dicus

M. L. Laird:

·   30.658: M. Laird, Civic monuments and the Augustales in Roman Italy. Reviewed by S. Thakur

·      20.705: E. Fentress, C. J. Goodson, M. L. Laird and S. C. Leone (edd.), Walls and memory. The Abbey of San Sebastiano at Alatri (Lazio). Reviewed by R. Hodges.

R. Lambrechts:

·      12.483: R. Lambrechts, Artena 3. Un “mundus” sur le piano della Civita? Reviewed by J.-P. Morel.

L. Lamoine:

·      24.697: L. Lamoine, Le pouvoir local en Gaule romaine. Reviewed by M.-T. Raepsaet-Charlier.

L. C. Lancaster:

·     31.793: L. C. Lancaster, Innovative vaulting in the architecture of the Roman Empire. Reviewed by A. Pierattini.

·      22.553: L. C. Lancaster, Concrete vaulted construction in imperial Rome. Innovations in context. Reviewed by U. Wulf-Rheidt.

J. Lancha:

·     23.681: S. Dardaine, M. Fincker, J. Lancha and P. Sillières, Belo VIII. Le sanctuaire d’Isis. Reviewed by L. Bricault.

·      12.641: J. Lancha, Mosaïque et culture dans l’Occident romain. Reviewed by K. M. D. Dunbabin.

·      1.169: A. Daviault, J. Lancha and L. A. Lopez Palomo, Un mosaico con inscripciones, Puente Genil (Cordoba). Reviewed by E. Rawson.

C. Landes:

·      7.397: C. Landes (ed.), Dieux guérisseurs en Gaule romaine. Catalogue de l'exposition de Lattes. Reviewed by A. Roth Congès.

C. Landwehr:

·      25.844: C. Landwehr, Die römischen Skulpturen von Caesarea Mauretania Band IV. Porträtplastik. Fragmente von Porträt- oder Idealplastik. Reviewed by D. Boschung.

R. J. Lane Fox:

·      1.207: R. J. Lane Fox, Pagans and Christians. Reviewed by D. Potter.

J. Lang:

·      16.692: F. Baratte, J. Lang, S. La Niece and C. Metzger, Le trésor de Carthage. Reviewed by K. S. Painter.

C. H. Lange:

·      30.584: C. H. Lange, Triumphs in the age of civil war. The Late Republic and the adaptability of triumphal tradition. Reviewed by M. L. Popkin

R. Langlands:

·    21.399: R. Langlands, Sexual morality in ancient Rome. Reviewed by B. Rawson.

A. Laniado:

·      17.747: A. Laniado, Recherches sur les notables municipaux dans l’empire protobyzantin. Reviewed by S. de Brestian.

S. La Niece:

·      16.692: F. Baratte, J. Lang, S. La Niece and C. Metzger, Le trésor de Carthage. Reviewed by K. S. Painter.

E. Lanza Catti:

·    31.584: E. Lanza Catti & K. Swift, The Chora of Metaponto 5. A Greek farmhouse at Ponte Fabrizio. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

E. Lapadula:

·      27.640: E. Lapadula, The chora of Metaponto 4. The late Roman farmhouse at San Biagio. Reviewed by M. Gualtieri.

K. Lapatin:

·   30.559: J. M. Daehner & K. Lapatin (edd.), Power and pathos. Bronze sculpture of the Hellenistic world. Reviewed by B. Barr-Sharrar

·        29.830: K. Lapatin (ed.), The Berthouville silver treasure and Roman luxury. Reviewed by F. Baratte.

·         29.626: K. Lapatin, Luxus. The sumptuous arts of Greece and Rome. Reviewed by M. Vickers. 

J.-P. Laporte:

·      5.401: J.-P. Laporte, Rapidum. Le camp de la cohorte des Sardes en Maurétanie Césarienne. Reviewed by M. Speidel.

F. Larché:

·      19.441 and 19.446: F. Zayadine, F. Larché et J. Dentzer-Feydy, Le Qasr al-Bint de Pétra. Reviewed by J. Patrich and D. F. Graf.

J.-M. Lassère:

·      30.757: J.-M. Lassère, Africa, quasi Roma, (256 av. J.-C. – 711 apr. J.-C.). Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner

E. La Rocca:

·      29.747: E. La Rocca, C. Parisi Presicce, A. Lo Monaco (curated by), L’età dell’angoscia. Da Commodo a Diocleziano, 180-305 d.C. Reviewed by E. Marlowe.

·      14.546: M. Cima and E. La Rocca (edd.), Horti romani: Atti del convegno internazionale, Roma 1995. Reviewed by N. Purcell.

·      1.132: M. Cima and E. La Rocca (edd.), Le tranquille dimore degli dei: la residenza imperiale degli Horti Lamiani. Reviewed by N. Purcell.

G. F. La Torre:

·      26.500: G. F. La Torre e M. Torelli (edd.), Pittura ellenistica in Italia e in Sicilia. Linguaggi e tradizioni. Reviewed by R. Ling.

M. La Torre:

·      23.746: M. Steskal and M. La Torre, Das Vediusgymnasium in Ephesos. Reviewed by D. Parrish.

F. Laubenheimer:

·      24.722: F. Laubenheimer et A. Schmitt, Amphores vinaires de Narbonnaise. Production et grand commerce. Création d’une base de données géochimiques des ateliers. Reviewed by D. F. Williams.

A. Launaro:

·      26.678: A. Launaro, Peasants and slaves. The rural population of Roman Italy (200 BC to AD 100). Reviewed by W. Scheidel.

R. Laurence:

·    25.781: R. Laurence, S. Esmonde Cleary and G. Sears, The city in the Roman West, c.250 BC–c.AD 250. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

·    21.447: A. Butterworth and R. Laurence, Pompeii, the living city. Reviewed by P. W. Foss.

·      9.351: R. Laurence, Roman Pompeii: space and society. Reviewed by P. Foss.

H. Lavagne:

·      18.690: H. Lavagne (ed.) et al., Nouvel Espérandieu tome 1. Recueil général des sculptures sur pierre de la Gaule, Vienne (Isère). Reviewed by M. Henig.

L. Lavan:

·      22.813: L. Lavan, E. Zanini and A. Sarantis (edd.), Technology in transition A.D. 300-650. Reviewed by J. P. Oleson.

M. Lavento:

·      30.849: P. Kouki & M. Lavento, Petra — the Mountain of Aaron. The Finnish Archaeological Project in Jordan, vol. III. The archaeological survey. Reviewed by S. E. Alcock

E. W. Leach:

·      18.599: E. W. Leach, The social life of painting in ancient Rome and on the Bay of Naples. Reviewed by Z. Newby.

·      4.262: E. W. Leach, The rhetoric of space. Literary and artistic representations of landscape in republican and Augustan Rome. Reviewed by D. O. Ross, Jr.

P. Leach:

·      15.621: P. Leach with C. J. Evans, Excavation of a Romano-British roadside settlement in Somerset: Fosse Lane, Shepton Mallett 1990. Reviewed by P. Booth.

·      12.694: A. Woodward and P. Leach, The Uley shrines. Reviewed by K. Painter.

O. LeBlanc:

·      9.502: A. Desbat, O. LeBlanc, J.-L. Prisset, H. Savay-Guerraz, D. Tavernier, La maison des dieux Océan à Saint-Romain-en-Gal (Rhône). Reviewed by M. George.

Y. Le Bohec:

·    21.569: Y. Le Bohec, Histoire de l’Afrique romaine, 146 avant J.-C. – 439 après J.-C. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

·      18.650: Y. Le Bohec (ed.) et al., Les discours d’Hadrien à l’armée d’Afrique. Exercitatio. Reviewed by B. Rankov.

·      15.528: Y. Le Bohec and C. Wolff (edd.), Les légions de Rome sous le Haut-Empire. Actes du congrès de Lyon. Reviewed by J. J. Wilkes.

·      5.401: Y. Le Bohec, L'armée romaine sous le Haut-Empire. Reviewed by M. Speidel.

·      5.401: Y. Le Bohec, La troisième légion Auguste. Reviewed by M. Speidel.

·      5.401: Y. Le Bohec, Les unités auxiliaires de l'armée romaine en Afrique Proconsulaire et Numidie sous le Haut Empire. Reviewed by M. Speidel.

S. Lebreton:

·      23.741: H. Bru, F. Kirbihler and S. Lebreton (edd.), L’Asie Mineure dans l’antiquité: échanges, populations et territoires. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

A. D. Lee:

·      9.528: A. D. Lee, Information and frontiers. Roman foreign relations in late antiquity. Reviewed by D. Potter.

M. Le Glay:

·      2.294: M. Le Glay, Temples et sanctuaires de l'Orient romain. Reviewed by J.-M. Lassère.

B. Le Guen:

·      15.383: B. Le Guen, Les associations de technites dionysiaques à l’époque hellénistique. Reviewed by W. Slater.

C. M. Lehmann:

·      16.665: C. M. Lehmann and K. G. Holum, The Greek and Latin inscriptions of Caesarea Maritima. Reviewed by B. Isaac.

L. Lehmann:

·      28.523: S. Kansteiner, K. Hallof, L. Lehmann, B. Seidensticker & K. Stemmer (edd.), Der Neue Overbeck: Die antiken Schriftquellen zu den bildenden Künsten der Griechen, Bd. I-V. Reviewed by M. Squire.

M. Lehtinen:

·      23.788: J. Frösén, A. Arjava and M. Lehtinen (edd.), The Petra papyri I. Reviewed by R. Ast.

V. Leitch:

·   29.711: E. Botte, V. Leitch (edd.), Fish & ships: production and commerce of salsamenta during antiquity. Reviewed by A. Marzano.

P. León:

·      24.734: P. León, textos de R. Hidalgo, C. Márquez y A. Ventura, Arquitectura y urbanismo (Arte romano de la Bética 1). Reviewed by S. Panzram.

A. Leone:

·      27.943: A. Leone, The end of the pagan city. Religion, economy, and urbanism in late antique North Africa. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

·      23.799: A. Leone, Changing townscapes in North Africa from late antiquity to the Arab conquest. Reviewed by R. Miles.

·      22.549: A. Leone, D. Palombi e S. Walker (edd.), Res bene gestae. Ricerche di storia urbana su Roma antica in onore di Eva Margareta Steinby. Reviewed by E. Papi.

S. C. Leone:

·      20.705: E. Fentress, C. J. Goodson, M. L. Laird and S. C. Leone (edd.), Walls and memory. The Abbey of San Sebastiano at Alatri (Lazio). Reviewed by R. Hodges.

A. Lemaire:

·      23.567: I. Bragantini, R. de Bonis, A. Lemaire and R. Robert, Poseidonia-Paestum V. Les maisons romaines de l’îlot nord. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

K. Lembke:

·      18.729: K. Lembke et al., Ägyptens späte Blüte. Die Römer am Nil. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

J. Lenaghan:

·      20.583: R. R. R. Smith with S. Dillon, C. H. Hallett, J. Lenaghan and J. Van Voorhis, Aphrodisias II. Roman portrait statuary. Reviewed by B. E. Borg.

N. Lenski:

·      17.729: N. Lenski, Failure of empire: Valens and the Roman state in the fourth century A.D. Reviewed by D. Woods.

S. Lepetz:

·      27.592: W. Van Andringa, H. Duday & S. Lepetz, Mourir à Pompei: fouille d’un quartier funéraire de la nécropole romaine de Porta Nocera. Reviewed by A. L. C. Emmerson.

S. Lepinski:

·     29.616: S. Lepinski & S. McFadden (edd.), Beyond iconography. materials, methods, and meaning in ancient surface decoration. Reviewed by R. Ling.

F. Lepper:

·      3.290: F. Lepper and S. Frere, Trajan's column. A new edition of the Cichorius plates, introduction, commentary and notes. Reviewed by J. C. N. Coulston.

H. Leppin:

·      7.364: H. Leppin, Histrionen: Untersuchungen zur socialen Stellung von Bühnenkünstlern im Westen des römischen Reiches zur Zeit der Republik und des Principats. Reviewed by W. Slater.

C. Lequesne:

·      15.615: C. Lequesne, Excavations at Chester. The Roman and later defences, Part 1. Reviewed by N. Hanel.

F Lerouxel:

·      29.684: C. Apicella, M.-L. Haack et F Lerouxel (textes réunis par), Les affaires de Monsieur Andreau. Économie et société du monde romain. Reviewed by N. Morley.

M. Lert:

·      24.708: M. Lert, M. Bois, V. Blanc-Bijon et V. Bel, Atlas topographique des villes de Gaule méridionale 3. Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux. Reviewed by A. Roth Congès.

P. Leveau:

·      26.770: N. Mathieu, B. Rémy et P. Leveau (edd.), L’eau dans les Alpes occidentales à l’époque romaine. Reviewed by M. Segard.

·      23.700: Ph. Leveau and B. Rémy (edd.), La ville des Alpes occidentales à l’époque romaine. Reviewed by C. Vismara.

·      15.561: P. Leveau, F. Trément, K. Walsh and G. Barker (edd.), Environmental reconstruction in Mediterranean landscape archaeology. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

·      5.408: L. Anselmino, M. Bouchenaki, A. Carandini, Ph. Leveau, D. Manacorda, C. Pavolini, G. Pucci, P. Salama, Il Castellum di Nador. Storia di una fattoria tra Tipasa e Caesarea (I-VI d.C.). Reviewed by D. J. Mattingly and J. W. Hayes.

·      1.166: P. Leveau (ed.), L'origine des richesses dépensées dans la ville antique. Reviewed by J.-M. Lassère.

·      1.190: P. Leveau, Caesarea de Maurétanie: une ville romaine et ses campagnes. Reviewed by T. W. Potter.

L. I. Levine:

·      27.875: L. I. Levine, Visual Judaism in late antiquity. Historical contexts of Jewish art. Reviewed by L. V. Rutgers.

·      13.683: L. I. Levine, The ancient synagogue. The first thousand years. Reviewed by E. M. Meyers.

J. Levithan:

·      28.709: J. Levithan, Roman siege warfare. Reviewed by G. Davies.

N. Lewis:

·      4.336: N. Lewis (ed.), Judean desert studies: the documents from the Bar Kokhba period in the Cave of Letters, Greek papyri. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock.

O. Licandro:

·      15.411: F. Costabile and O. Licandro, Tessera Paemeiobrigensis: un nuovo editto di Augusto dalla Transduriana provincia e l’imperium proconsulare del princeps. Reviewed by J. S. Richardson.

A. Lichtenberger:

·      16.659: A. Lichtenberger, Die Baupolitik Herodes des Großen. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

H. Lieb:

·      24.758: M. A. Speidel and H. Lieb (edd.), Militärdiplome. Die Forschungsbeiträge der Berner Gespräche von 2004. Reviewed by P. Sänger & K. Sänger-Böhm.

J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz:

·      16.705: J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz, The decline and fall of the Roman city. Reviewed by L. Lavan.

·      9.566: J. Liebeschuetz, Barbarians and bishops. Reviewed by H. Elton.

R. Lierke:

·      24.619: R. Lierke, Die nicht-geblasenen antiken Glasgefässe / The non-blown ancient glass vessels. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

·      17.621: R. Lierke, Antike Glastöpferei. Ein vergessenes Kapitel der Glasgeschichte. Reviewed by B. Hoffmann.

M. M. Lindner:

·    31.682: M. M. Lindner, Portraits of the Vestal Virgins, priestesses of ancient Rome. Reviewed by A. Alexandridis.

H. Lindsay:

·   21.598: D. Dueck, H. Lindsay & S. Pothecary (edd.), Strabo’s cultural geography. The making of a kolossourgia. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock.

A. Linfert:

·      12.561: D. Boschung, H. von Hesberg & A. Linfert, Die antiken Skulpturen in Chatsworth. Reviewed by M. Koortbojian.

·   21.542: B. Borg, H. von Hesberg, A. Linfert, Die antiken Skulpturen in Castle. Howard Reviewed by E. Bartman.

L. Ling:

·      20.448: R. Ling and L. Ling, The Insula of the Menander at Pompeii vol. II: The decorations. Reviewed by J. R. Clarke.

R. Ling:

·      20.448: R. Ling and L. Ling, The Insula of the Menander at Pompeii vol. II: The decorations. Reviewed by J. R. Clarke.

R. E. Linington:

·      12.476: R. E. Linington and F. R. Serra Ridgway, Lo scavo del Fondo Scataglini a Tarquinia. Reviewed by V. Jolivet.

B. Liou:

·      10.363: B. Liou and M.-T. Cam, Vitruve De l'Architecture livre VII. Reviewed by R. Ling.

J. Lipps:

·      31.730: A. W. Busch, J. Griesbach & J. Lipps (Hrsg.), Urbanitas — urbane Qualitäten. Die antike Stadt als kulturelle Selbstverwirklichung. Reviewed by P. Gros.

·     29.959: J. Lipps, C. Machado, P. von Rummel (edd.), The sack of Rome in 410 AD: the event, its context and its impact. Reviewed by R. van Dam.

L. K. Little:

·      22.630: L. K. Little (ed.), Plague and the end of antiquity: the Pandemic of 541-750. Reviewed by A. E. Hanson.

M. Livadiotti:

·    26.848: I. Baldini, M. Livadiotti (edd.), Archeologia protobizantina a Kos: la Basilica di S. Gabriele. Reviewed by J.-P. Sodini.

P. Liverani:

·    26.543: P. Liverani e G. Spinola, Le necropoli vaticane. La città dei morti di Roma. Reviewed by E. M. Steinby.

·    26.543: P. Liverani e G. Spinola, The Vatican necropoles. Rome’s city of the dead. Reviewed by E. M. Steinby.

B. Lledó:

·     24. 892: G. F. Bass, R. H. Brill, B. Lledó and S. D. Matthews, Serçe Limani. vol. II. The glass of an eleventh-century shipwreck. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

M. del Mar Llorens Forcada:

·      8.359: M. del Mar Llorens Forcada, La ciudad romana de Carthago Nova: las emisiones romanas. Reviewed by J.-B. Giard.

J. A. Lloyd:

·      6.359: G. W. Barker and J. A. Lloyd (edd.), Roman landscapes. Archaeological survey in the Mediterranean region. Reviewed by D. J. Mattingly.

E. Lo Cascio:

·    26.714: E. Lo Cascio (ed.), L’impatto della “peste antonina”. Reviewed by R. S. Bagnall.

·    21.519: E. Lo Cascio (ed.), Innovazione tecnica e progresso economico nel mondo romano. Reviewed by M. Nikolic and J. W. Humphrey.

·      18.482: E. Lo Cascio & A. Storchi Marino (edd.), Modalità insediative e strutture agrarie nell’Italia meridionale in età romana. Reviewed by E. Fentress.

·      13.727: E. Lo Cascio (ed.), Terre, proprietari e contadini dell’impero romano. Reviewed by W. Scheidel.

L. Loe:

·      23.633: A. Simmonds, N. Márquez-Grant and L. Loe, Life and death in a Roman city. Excavation of a Roman cemetery with a mass grave at 120-122 London Road, Gloucester. Reviewed by H. R. Hurst.

W. C. Loerke:

·      2.401: G. Cavallo, J. Gribomont and W. C. Loerke (edd.), Codex Purpureus Rossanensis. Museo dell'Arcivescovado, Rossano Calabria, Commentarium. Reviewed by A. Cutler.

R. Loisy:

·      16.596: R. Loisy, Les oscilla en Gaule romaine. Reviewed by R. Taylor.

Y. A. Lolos:

·         29.864: Y. A. Lolos, Land of Sikyon: archaeology and history of a Greek city-state. Reviewed by J. L. Rife.

A. Lo Monaco:

·      29.747: E. La Rocca, C. Parisi Presicce, A. Lo Monaco (curated by), L’età dell’angoscia. Da Commodo a Diocleziano, 180-305 d.C. Reviewed by E. Marlowe.

K. Lomas:

·      12.507: K. Lomas, Rome and the western Greeks. Reviewed by M. Gualtieri.

J. Long:

·      9.566: A. Cameron and J. Long, Barbarians and politics at the court of Arcadius. Reviewed by H. Elton.

B. Longfellow:

·      24.648: B. Longfellow, Roman imperialism and civic patronage: form, meaning, and ideology in monumental fountain complexes. Reviewed by L. Campagna.

F. Longo:

·      13.419: M. Cipriani and F. Longo (edd.), I Greci in Occidente. Poseidonia e i Lucani. Reviewed by R. Miller Ammerman.

T. Long:

·     31.936: T. Long & A. Højen Sørensen (edd.), Positions and professions in Palmyra. Reviewed by A. Schmidt-Colinet.

L. Loots:

·      16.677: M. Waelkens and L. Loots (edd.), Sagalassos V. Reviewed by C. Ratté.

B. Lopez:

·      23.510: E. Teyssier and B. Lopez, Gladiateurs. Des sources à l’expérimentation. Reviewed by M. Junkelmann.

L. A. Lopez Palomo:

·      1.169: A. Daviault, J. Lancha and L. A. Lopez Palomo, Un mosaico con inscripciones, Puente Genil (Cordoba). Reviewed by E. Rawson.

F. G. Lo Porto:

·      9.321: F. G. Lo Porto, Timmari. L'abitato, le necropoli, la stipe votiva. Reviewed by J. C. Carter.

B. Lorinz:

·      10.369: B. Lorinz, F. Redo, Onomasticon provinciarum Europae Latinarum vol. I. Reviewed by M. Mayer.

X. Loriot:

·      13.725: X. Loriot and D. Nony, La crise de l’empire romain 235-285. Reviewed by J. W. Eadie.

·      5.386: J.-P. Callu, X. Loriot, L'or monnayé II. La dispersion des aurei en Gaule romaine sous l'empire. Reviewed by R. Reece.

F. Lo Schiavo:

·      24.512: F. Lo Schiavo & A. Romualdi, I complessi archeologici di Trestina e di Fabbrecce nel Museo Archeologico di Firenze. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

S. T. Loseby:

·      10.593: N. Christie and S. T. Loseby (edd.), Towns in transition. Urban evolution in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages. Reviewed by E. Fentress.

B. Lowe:

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