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From its inception JRA has specialized in long, synthetic reviews. JRA reviews are often the fullest evaluation that a book receives. Most are 3-4 pages long, some are even 10-12 pages or more. We aim to review between 75 and 90 works every year in the separate Reviews Fascicule of some 400 pages.
Search our Index of Books Reviewed (in all volumes from 1 to 27) to find out whether a particular work has been reviewed. Every main author of a work is included in the index. If you do not know the author’s name, you can search the Index by a keyword from the title of the book.
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Works Without a Listed Author


C. Jackson:

·   29.620: J. Bayley, I. Freestone and C. Jackson (edd.), Glass of the Roman world. Reviewed by C. Lightfoot.

H. Jackson:

·      28.877: H. Jackson & J. Tidmarsh, Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates, vol. 3. The pottery. Reviewed by J. A. Baird.

R. P. J. Jackson:

·    31.827: R. Jackson & G. Burleigh, Dea Senuna. Treasure, cult and ritual at Ashwell, Hertfordshire. Reviewed by V. Hutchinson Pennanen.

·      24.677: R. Jackson, Cosmetic sets of Late Iron Age and Roman Britain. Reviewed by H. Eckardt.

·      13.647: R. P. J. Jackson and T. W. Potter, Excavations at Stonea, Cambridgeshire, 1980-85. Reviewed by J. Taylor.

·      2.299: R. Jackson, Doctors and diseases in the Roman empire. Reviewed by A. E. Hanson.

J.-P. Jacob:

·      3.361: C. Bémont et J.-P. Jacob (edd.), La terre sigillée gallo-romaine. Lieux de production du Haut-Empire. Implantations, produits, relations. Reviewed by R. Guéry.

D. M. Jacobson:

·      23.760: D. M. Jacobson and N. Kokkinos, Herod and Augustus. Papers presented at the IJS conference, 2005. Reviewed by D. W. Roller.

J. Jäger:

·     31.689: J. Jäger, Die mythologischen Lünettenreliefs stadtrömischer Sarkophage. Eine motivgeschichtliche Untersuchung. Reviewed by B. Emme.

P. Jaillette:

·      27.914: S. Crogiez-Pétrequin & P. Jaillette (edd.), Société, économie, administration dans le Code Théodosien. Reviewed by T. D. Barnes.

S. James:

·      26.687: S. James, Rome and the sword. How warriors & weapons shaped Roman history. Reviewed by A. L. Goldman.

·      23.630: S. Trow, S. James and T Moore, Becoming Roman, being Gallic, staying British. Research and excavations at Ditches ‘Hillfort’ and villa. Reviewed by N. Holbrook.

·      20.613: S. James, The excavations at Dura-Europos, Final Report VII: the arms and armour and other military equipment. Reviewed by M. Gschwind.

·      15.546: S. James and M. Millett (edd.), Britons and Romans: advancing an archaeological agenda. Reviewed by J.-L. Fiches.

S. A. James:

·      28.782: S. J. Friesen, S. A. James, & D. N. Schowalter (edd.), Corinth in contrast. Studies in inequality. Reviewed by M. E. Hoskins Walbank.

M. H. Jameson:

·      9.458: M. H. Jameson, C. N. Runnels, T. van Andel, A Greek countryside: the southern Argolid from prehistory to the present day. Reviewed by J. L. Davis.

J.-R. Jannot:

·      11.408: J.-R. Jannot (ed.), Vaisselle métallique, vaisselle céramique. Productions, usages et valeurs en Étrurie. Reviewed by J. P. Small.

M. Janon:

·      1.108. M. Janon, Le décor architectonique de Narbonne. Les rinceaux. Reviewed by G. Hallier.

G. C. M. Jansen:

·      26.723: G. C. M. Jansen, A. O. Koloski-Ostrow and E. M. Moormann (edd.), Roman toilets: their archaeology and cultural history. Reviewed by W. Heinz.

S. Japp:

·      16.659: S. Japp, Die Baupolitik Herodes’ des Großen. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

W. F. Jashemski:

·      18.607: W. F. Jashemski & F. G. Meyer (edd.), The natural history of Pompeii. Reviewed by G. Kron.

·      8.391: W. F. Jashemski, The gardens of Pompeii, Herculaneum and the villas destroyed by Vesuvius, vol. II: Appendices. Reviewed by E. M. Moormann.

M. Jehne:

·      23.464: M. Jehne and R. Pfeilschifter, Herrschaft ohne Integration? Rom und Italien in republikanischer Zeit. Reviewed by P. Herz.

H. Jenni:

·      19.437: U. Hackl, H. Jenni and C. Schneider, Quellen zur Geschichte der Nabatäer. Reviewed by S. G. Schmid.

M.-O. Jentel:

·      8.480: Tran Tam Tinh and M.-O. Jentel, Corpus des lampes à sujets isiaques du Musée Gréco-Romain d’Alexandrie. Reviewed by C. Pavolini.

S. Jilek:

·      17.697: V. Gassner, S. Jilek and S. Ladstätter, Am Rande des Reiches. Die Römer in Österreich. Reviewed by E. M. Ruprechtsberger.

A. Jiménez Díez:

·      26.788: A. Jiménez Díez, Imagines hibridae. Una aproximación postcolonialista al estudio de las necrópolis de la Bética. Reviewed by W. E. Mierse.

W. Jobst:

·      17.699: M. Buora and W. Jobst (edd.), Roma sul Danubio. Da Aquileia a Carnuntum lungo la via dell’ambra. Reviewed by N. Christie.

A. Jodin:

·      2.188: A. Jodin, Volubilis, Regia Iubae. Contribution à l'étude des civilisations du Maroc antique préclaudien. Reviewed by J.-M. Lassère and G. Hallier.

C. Johns:

·      25.804: C. Johns et al., The Hoxne Late Roman treasure: gold jewellery and silver plate. Reviewed by M. Guggisberg.

P. Johnson:

·      27.612: P. Johnson & M. Millett (edd.), Archaeological survey and the city. Reviewed by D. L. Stone.

D. Johnston:

·      13.446: D. Johnston, Roman law in context. Reviewed by B. F. Frier.

V. Jolivet:

·    27.509: V. Jolivet, Tristes portiques. Sur le plan canonique de la maison étrusque et romaine des origines au principat d’Auguste. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

·    21.747: V. Jolivet, Ruines italiennes. Photographies des collections Alinari. Reviewed by A. Szegedy-Maszak.

·      20.397: H. Broise and V. Jolivet, Musarna 2. Les bains hellénistiques. Reviewed by E. Papi.

A. K. G. Jones:

·      5.388: H. Kenward, A. R. Hall and A. K. G. Jones, Environmental evidence from a Roman well and Anglian pits in the legionary fortress (Roman York) Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

B. Jones:

·      6.433: B. Jones and D. Mattingly, An atlas of Roman Britain. Reviewed by R. J. A. Talbert.

C. P. Jones:

·       26.852: C. P. Jones, New heroes in antiquity: from Achilles to Antinoos. Reviewed by R. Gordon.

D. W. Jones:

·      29.688: D. W. Jones, Economic theory and the ancient Mediterranean. Reviewed by M. S. Hobson.

H. Jones:

·      19.401: H. Jones (ed.), Samnium. Settlement and cultural change. Reviewed by T. D. Stek.

M. Jones:

·    29.913: M. Jones and S. McFadden (edd.), Art of empire. The Roman frescoes and imperial cult chamber in Luxor temple. Reviewed by J. Elsner.

M. E. Jones:

·      13.743: M. E. Jones, The end of Roman Britain. Reviewed by S. Esmonde Cleary.

R. F. J. Jones:

·      12.567: S. E. Bon and R. Jones (edd.), Sequence and space in Pompeii. Reviewed by M. Grahame.

·      5.504: R. F. J. Jones, J. H. F. Bloemers, S. L. Dyson and M. Biddle (edd.), First millenium papers. Western Europe in the first millennium A.D. Reviewed by G. Woolf.

R. H. Jones:

·      26.760: R. H. Jones, Roman camps in Scotland. Reviewed by J. L. Davies.

W. Jongman:

·      4.243: W. Jongman, The economy and society of Pompeii. Reviewed by B. W. Frier.

D. Jordan:

·      22.691: P. Davenport, C. Poole and D. Jordan, Excavations at the New Royal Baths (the Spa), the Bellott’s Hospital 1998-1999. Reviewed by N. Holbrook.

S. R. Joshel:

·      29.650: S. R. Joshel and L. H. Petersen, The material life of Roman slaves. Reviewed by M. George.

·      26.651: S. R. Joshel, Slavery in the Roman world. Reviewed by J. S. Nikolaus.

H. Jouffroy:

·      2.238: H. Jouffroy, La construction publique en Italie et dans l'Afrique romaine. Reviewed by F. Jacques.

I. Jouffroy:

·      9.447: M. Clavel-Lévêque, I. Jouffroy et A. Vignot (edd.), De la terre au ciel I. Paysages et cadastres antiques. Reviewed by J.-L. Fiches.

The reviews are sorted by author's last name; click a letter below:
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Works Without a Listed Author



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