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Works Without a Listed Author

M.-L. Haack:

·      30.540: M.-L. Haack (textes réunis par), avec la collaboration de M. Miller, La construction de l'Étruscologie au début du XXe siècle. Reviewed by J. M. Turfa

·      29.684: C. Apicella, M.-L. Haack et F Lerouxel (textes réunis par), Les affaires de Monsieur Andreau. Économie et société du monde romain. Reviewed by N. Morley.

J.-K. Haalebos:

·      20.556: M. Reddé, R. Brulet, R. Fellmann, J.-K. Haalebos, S. von Schnurbein, L’architecture de la Gaule romaine: les fortifications militaires. Reviewed by P. Bidwell.

C. Haas:

·      11.690: C. Haas, Alexandria in late antiquity: topography and social conflict. Reviewed by C. Roueché.

R. Hachlili:

·      5.440: R. Hachlili, Ancient Jewish art and archaeology in the Land of Israel. Reviewed by S. Weingarten and M. L. Fischer.

U. Hackl:

·      19.437: U. Hackl, H. Jenni and C. Schneider, Quellen zur Geschichte der Nabatäer. Reviewed by S. G. Schmid.

M. Hainzmann:

·      6.403: E. Toth, in M. Hainzmann and Z. Visy, Instrumenta inscripta latina - das römische Leben im Spiegel der Kleininschriften. Reviewed by M. C. W. Still.

G. Hajnoczi:

·      9.415: G. Hajnoczi (ed.), La Pannonia e l'impero romano (Atti del convegno ... 1994). Reviewed by J. J. Wilkes.

J. Haldon:

·      25.969: J. Haldon (ed.), Money, power and politics in Early Islamic Syria. A review of current debates. Reviewed by G. Fowden.

S. Hales:

·      17.587: S. Hales, The Roman house and social identity. Reviewed by B. Tsakirgis.

E. W. Haley:

·      19.563: E. W. Haley, Baetica Felix. Reviewed by J. C. Edmondson.

·      8.465. E. W. Haley, Migration and economy in Roman imperial Spain. Reviewed by T. Kruse.

H. Halfmann:

·      2.247: H. Halfmann, Itinera principum. Geschichte und Typologie der Kaiserreisen im römischen Reich. Reviewed by T. D. Barnes.

A. R. Hall:

·      5.388: A. R. Hall, H. K. Kenward and D. Williams, Environmental evidence from Roman deposits in Skeldergate (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

·      5.388: H. Kenward, A. R. Hall and A. K. G. Jones, Environmental evidence from a Roman well and Anglian pits in the legionary fortress (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

D. Hall:

·      2.267: D. Hall, The Fenland project, no. 2, Cambridgeshire survey, Peterborough to March. Reviewed by T. W. Potter.

J. M. Hall:

·      27.544: J. M. Hall, Artifact & artifice: classical archaeology and the ancient historian. Reviewed by T. P. Wiseman.

E. Hall:

·      23.533: E. Hall and R. Wyles (edd.), New directions in ancient pantomime. Reviewed by W. Slater.

·      18.539: P. Easterling & E. Hall (edd.), Greek and Roman actors. Reviewed by S. Scullion.

C. H. Hallett:

·      20.583: R. R. R. Smith with S. Dillon, C. H. Hallett, J. Lenaghan and J. Van Voorhis, Aphrodisias II. Roman portrait statuary. Reviewed by B. E. Borg.

K. Hallof:

·      28.523: S. Kansteiner, K. Hallof, L. Lehmann, B. Seidensticker & K. Stemmer (edd.), Der Neue Overbeck: Die antiken Schriftquellen zu den bildenden Künsten der Griechen, Bd. I-V. Reviewed by M. Squire.

N. Hannestad:

·      10.447: N. Hannestad, Tradition in late antique sculpture. Conservation - modernisation – production. Reviewed by A. Claridge.

·      1.110: N. Hannestad, Roman art and imperial policy. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

C. G. Hansen:

·      23.583: S. Bell and I. L. Hansen (edd.), Role models in the Roman world: identity and assimilation. Reviewed by S. Dillon.

·      17.647: C. G. Hansen, Carthage. Results of the Swedish excavations 1979-1983 vol. 1. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

I. L. Hansen:

·      22.721: I. L. Hansen and R. Hodges (edd.), Roman Butrint: an aassessment. Reviewed by J. Urbanus.

J. Hanska:

·     21.410: K. Mustakallio, J. Hanska, H.-L. Sainio, V. Vuolanto, Hoping for continuity: childhood, education and death in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Reviewed by R. Laurence.

W. S. Hanson:

·      23.651: W. S. Hanson (ed.), The army and frontiers of Rome. Reviewed by R. Collins and M. Symonds.

·      22.696: W. S. Hanson, A Roman frontier fort in Scotland: Elginhaugh. Reviewed by R. H. Jones.

·      22.696: W. S. Hanson with K. Speller, P. A. Yeoman and J. Terry, Elginhaugh: a Flavian fort and its annexe. Reviewed by R. H. Jones.

·      4.315: W. S. Hanson, Agricola and the conquest of the north. Reviewed by L. Keppie.

A. Harker:

·      22.783: A. Harker, Loyalty and dissidence in Roman Egypt: the case of the Acta Alexandrinorum. Reviewed by R. S. Bagnall.

K. W. Harl:

·      10.425: K. W. Harl, Coinage in the Roman economy 300 BC-AD 700. Reviewed by C. Howgego.

K. Harloe:

·      27.971: K. Harloe, Winckelmann and the invention of antiquity: history and aesthetics in the age of Altertumswissenschaft. Reviewed by C. C. Mattusch.

K. Harper:

·      27.903: K. Harper, From shame to sin. The Christian transformation of sexual morality in late antiquity. Reviewed by V. Hutchinson Pennanen.

·      25.932: K. Harper, Slavery in the Late Roman world. Reviewed by C. Grey.

J. Harries:

·      23.572: J. Harries, Law and crime in the Roman world. Reviewed by T. A. J. McGinn.

·      14.671: J. Harries, Law and empire in late antiquity. Reviewed by T. D. Barnes.

W. V. Harris:

·     30.640: W. V. Harris (ed.), The ancient Mediterranean environment between science and history. Reviewed by E. Fentress

·      26.673: W. V. Harris, Rome’s imperial economy. Twelve essays. Reviewed by N. M. Ray.

·      22.461: W. V. Harris (ed.), Rethinking the Mediterranean. Reviewed by P. M. Allison.

·      19.426: W. V. Harris and G. Ruffini (edd.), Ancient Alexandria between Egypt and Greece. Reviewed by D. J. Thompson.

S. Harrison:

·      23.622: S. Swain, S. Harrison and J. Elsner, Severan culture. Reviewed by J. Frakes.

J. Hartnett:

·    31.742: J. Hartnett, The Roman street: urban life and society in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Rome. Reviewed by M. Selheimer.

K. J. Hartswick:

·      19.517: K. J. Hartswick, The Gardens of Sallust. Reviewed by E. Macaulay.

P. B. Harvey jr.:

·      22.471: C. E. Schulz and P. B. Harvey jr. (edd.), Religion in Republican Italy. Reviewed by A. Nice.

M. W. C. Hassall:

·      24.679: R. S. O. Tomlin, R. P. Wright & M. W. C. Hassall, The Roman inscriptions of Britain vol. III. Inscriptions on stone found or notified between 1 January 1955 and 31 December 2006. Reviewed by A. R. Birley.

H. Hassini:

·      26.797: C. Aranegui i H. Hassini (edd.), Lixus-3, Área suroeste del sector monumental (Cámaras Montalbán) 2005-2009. Reviewed by E. Papi.

A. Haug:

·    31.656: A. Haug & P.-A. Kreuz (herausgegeben von), Stadterfahrung als Sinneserfahrung in der römischen Kaiserzeit. Reviewed by I. Östenberg.

P. Hauser:

·      27.762: L. Flutsch & P. Hauser, Le mausolée nouveau est arrivé. Les monuments funéraires d’Avenches–En Chaplix. Reviewed by A. Roth-Congès.

F. Havé-Nikolaus:

·      13.510: F. Havé-Nikolaus, Untersuchungen zu den kaiserzeitlichen Togastatuen griechischer Provenienz. Reviewed by M. Fullerton.

S. Hay:

·      27.609: S. Hay, S. Keay & M. Millett, Ocriculum (Otricoli, Umbria): an archaeological survey of the Roman town. Reviewed by F. Vermeulen.

J. W. Hayes:

·      24.761: J. W. Hayes, The Athenian Agora. Roman pottery: fine-ware imports. Reviewed by J. Lund.

·      12.703: J. W. Hayes, Handbook of Mediterranean pottery. Reviewed by J. Lund.

·      7.512: J. W. Hayes, Excavations at Saraçhane in Istanbul 2: the pottery. Reviewed by Véronique François.

S. Haynes:

·      6.277: S. Haynes, Etruscan bronzes. Reviewed by Jean-René Jannot.

K. Heard:

·      24.664: S. Watson and K. Heard, Development on Roman London’s western hill: excavations at Paternoster Square, City of London. Reviewed by D. Perring.

P. J. Heather:

·      9.566: P. J. Heather, Goths and Romans. Reviewed by H. Elton.

·      9.566: P. J. Heather and J. Matthews, The Goths in the fourth century. Reviewed by H. Elton.

S. Heeren:

·     31.837: N. Roymans, S. Heeren & W. de Clerq (edd.), Social dynamics in the northwest frontiers of the Late Roman Empire. Beyond decline or transformation. Reviewed by R. Reece.

M. Heijmans:

·      20.673: M. Heijmans, Arles durant l’antiquité tardive. Reviewed by S. T. Loseby.

G. Heiken:

·      20.403: G. Heiken, R. Funiciello and D. De Rita, The seven hills of Rome: a geological tour. Reviewed by A. J. Ammerman.

A. Heimerl:

·      17.719: A. Heimerl, Die römischen Lampen aus Pergamon. Reviewed by E. Lafli.

F. Heimerl:

·      29.855: F. Heimerl, Nordafrikanische Sigillata, Küchenkeramik und Lampen aus Augusta Vindelicum/Augsburg. Reviewed by J. Lund.

H. Heinen:

·      26.651: H. Heinen (ed.), Antike Sklaverei: Rückblick und Ausblick. Reviewed by J. S. Nikolaus.

O. Heinrich Tamáska:

·      26.898: O. Heinrich-Tamáska (ed.), Keszthely-Fenékpuszta im Kontext spätantiker Kontinuitätsforschung zwischen Noricum und Moesia. Reviewed by E. Rizos.

O. Hekster:

·      22.643: O. Hekster, G. de Kleijn and D. Slootjes (edd.), Crises and the Roman empire. Reviewed by H. W. Dey.

S. Helas:

·     31.581: P. Fontaine & S. Helas (a cura di), Le fortificazioni arcaiche del Latium Vetus e dell’Etruria meridionale (IX-VI sec. a.C.). Reviewed by I. van der Graaff.

G. Hellenkemper Salies:

·      8.340: G. Hellenkemper Salies (ed.), H.-H. von Prittwitz und Gaffron, and G. Bauchhenß, Das Wrack der antike Schiffsfund von Mahdia. Reviewed by B. S. Ridgway.

E. Hemelrijk:

·      30.663: E. A. Hemelrijk, Hidden lives, public personae. Women and civic life in the Roman West. Reviewed by M. M. Lindner & E. Lamond

·      28.712: E. Hemelrijk & G. Woolf (edd.), Women and the Roman city in the Latin West. Reviewed by P. Keegan.

J. Henderson:

·      25.927: P. Degryse, J. Henderson and G. Hodgins (edd.), Isotopes in vitreous materials. Reviewed by T. Rehren.

M. Henig:

·      18.681: M. Henig, Roman sculpture from the north west Midlands. Reviewed by D. J. P. Mason.

C. Henriksén:

·     29.762: C. Henriksén (edited, with translation and commentary, by), Sylloge inscriptionum graecarum et latinarum Upsaliensis. Reviewed by J. P. Bodel.

S. Herbert:

·      23.762: Y. Z. Eliav, E. A. Friedland and S. Herbert (edd.), The sculptural environment of the Roman Near East. Reviewed by A. Kropp.

T. L. Heres:

·      11.542: W. J. Th. Peters con E. M. Moormann, T. L. Heres, H. Brunsting, S. L. Wynia, La casa di Marcus Lucretius Fronto a Pompei e le sue pitture. Reviewed by Y. Perrin.

I. Herklotz:

·      14.703: I. Herklotz, Cassiano dal Pozzo und die Archaölogie des 17. Jahrhunderts. Reviewed by E. M. Moormann.

J. Herrin:

·      3.509: J. Herrin, The formation of Christendom. Reviewed by G. Dagron.

E. Herring:

·      15.375: R. D. Whitehouse, J. B. Wilkins and E. Herring, Botromagno. Excavation and survey at Gravina in Puglia, 1979-1985. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

J. J. Herrmann:

·      27.937: A. van den Hoek & J. J. Herrmann, Jr., Pottery, pavements, and paradise: iconographic and textual studies on late antiquity. Reviewed by J. Spier.

K. K. Hersch:

·      24.583: K. K. Hersch, The Roman wedding: ritual and meaning in antiquity. Reviewed by S. Treggiari.

N. Herz:

·      7.361: M. Waelkens, N. Herz and L. Moens, Ancient stones: quarrying, trade and provenance. Reviewed by D. P. S. Peacock.

P. Heslin:

·      29.598: P. Heslin, The museum of Augustus. The Temple of Apollo in Pompeii, the Portico of Philippus in Rome, and Latin poetry. Reviewed by M. Squire.

V. Heuchert:

·      20.531: C. Howgego, V. Heuchert and A. Burnett (edd.), Coinage and identity in the Roman provinces. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

R. Hidalgo Prieto:

·     31.854: R. Hidalgo Prieto (coord.), Las villas romanas de la Bética, vols. I-II. Reviewed by C. Sfameni.

J. Higginbotham:

·      11.573: J. Higginbotham, Piscinae. Artificial fishponds in Roman Italy. Reviewed by X. Lafon.

J. Hillner:

·      23.811: K. Cooper and J. Hillner (edd.), Religion, dynasty and patronage in Early Christian Rome, 300-900. Reviewed by M. R. Salzman.

N. Himmelmann:

·      11.412: N. Himmelmann, Die homerischen Gruppen und ihre Bildquellen. Reviewed by A. Weis.

R. Hingley:

·      23.813: R. Hingley and C. Unwin, Boudica: Iron Age warrior queen. Reviewed by S. L. Dyson.

·      23.813: R. Hingley, The recovery of Roman Britain 1586-1906: a colony so fertile. Reviewed by S. L. Dyson.

·      20.549: R. Hingley, Globalizing Roman culture. Reviewed by L. D. Monteiro.

·      14.710: R. Hingley, Roman officers and English gentlemen. The imperial origins of Roman archaeology. Reviewed by S. Dyson.

J. R. Hinnells:

·      9.427: J. R. Hinnells (ed.), Studies in Mithraism. Reviewed by A. Blomart.

Y. Hirschfeld:

·      14.655: Y. Hirschfeld, Ramat Hanadiv excavations. Final report of the 1984-1998 seasons. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

·      11.671: Y. Hirschfeld, The Palestinian dwelling in the Roman-Byzantine period. Reviewed by M. Fischer, O. Potchter and Y. Jacob.

A. M. Hirt:

·      24.797: A. M. Hirt, Imperial mines and quarries in the Roman world: organizational aspects 27 BC–AD 235. Reviewed by L. E. Long.

R. Hobbs:

·      15.611: A. S. Robertson (R. Hobbs and T. V. Buttrey, edd.), An inventory of Romano-British coin hoards. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

B. Hobson:

·      23.542: B. Hobson, Latrinae et foricae: toilets in the Roman world. Reviewed by E. N. A. Heirbaut and S. Hoss.

M. S. Hobson:

·      29.880: M. S. Hobson, The North African boom. Evaluating economic growth in the Roman province of Africa Proconsularis (146 B.C.–A.D. 439). Reviewed by M. Bonifay.

R. Hodges:

·    30.948: R. Hodges, The archaeology of Mediterranean placemaking: Butrint and the global heritage industry. Reviewed by  D. M. Totten

·      22.721: I. L. Hansen and R. Hodges (edd.), Roman Butrint: an aassessment. Reviewed by J. Urbanus.

·      20.685: R. Francovich and R. Hodges, Villa to village: the transformation of the Roman countryside in Italy. Reviewed by K. Bowes.

·      14.710: R. Hodges, Visions of Rome: Thomas Ashby, archaeologist. Reviewed by S. Dyson.

·      9.604: R. Hodges (ed.), San Vincenzo al Volturno 1 and 2: the 1980-1986 excavations. Reviewed by E. Fentress.

·      2.385: R. Hodges and D. Whitehouse, Mohammed, Charlemagne and the origins of Europe: archaeology and the Pirenne Thesis. Reviewed by S. J. B. Barnish.

G. Hodgins:

·      25.927: P. Degryse, J. Henderson and G. Hodgins (edd.), Isotopes in vitreous materials. Reviewed by T. Rehren.

N. Hodgson:

·      23.651: N. Hodgson, Hadrian’s Wall 1999-2009. Reviewed by R. Collins and M. Symonds.

·      23.651: P. Bidwell and N. Hodgson, The Roman army in northern England. Reviewed by R. Collins and M. Symonds.

A. Höck:

·      17.689: A. Höck, Archäologische Forschungen in Teriola 1. Reviewed by M. Buora.

M. Holappa:

·      30.933: Z. T. Fiema, J. Frösén & M. Holappa, Petra — the mountain of Aaron. The Finnish archaeological project in Jordan, vol. II. The Nabataean sanctuary and the Byzantine monastery. Reviewed by T. Erickson-Gini

K.-J. Hölkeskamp:

·      20.409: K.-J. Hölkeskamp, Rekonstruktionen einer Republik. Die politische Kultur des antiken Rom und die Forschung der letzten Jahrzehnte. Reviewed by H. I. Flower.

C. Holleran:

·      26.561: C. Holleran, Shopping in ancient Rome. The retail trade in the Late Republic and the Principate. Reviewed by E. Papi.

T. Hölscher:

·      1.110: T. Hölscher, Staatsdenkmal und Publikum. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

C. Höpken

·      19.618: C. Höpken, Die römische Keramikproduktion in Köln. Reviewed by M. Carroll.

G. L. Hoffman:

·      29.818: L. R. Brody and G. L. Hoffman (edd.), Roman in the provinces: art on the periphery of empire. Reviewed by G. Sauron.

A. Højen Sørensen:

·     31.936: T. Long & A. Højen Sørensen (edd.), Positions and professions in Palmyra. Reviewed by A. Schmidt-Colinet.

J. M. Højte:

·      18.535: J. M. Højte (ed.), Images of ancestors. Reviewed by J. Bergemann.

P. Holder:

·      18.655: M. Roxan & P. Holder, Roman military diplomas IV. Reviewed by P. Weiß.

P. J. Holliday:

·      18.472: P. J. Holliday, The origins of Roman historical commemoration in the visual arts. Reviewed by T. Holscher.

R. Ross Holloway:

·      10.318: R. Ross Holloway, The archaeology of early Rome and Latium. Reviewed by A. J. Ammerman.

K. G. Holum:

·      16.665: C. M. Lehmann and K. G. Holum, The Greek and Latin inscriptions of Caesarea Maritima. Reviewed by B. Isaac.

·      13.671: A. Raban and K. G. Holum, Caesarea Maritima: a retrospective after two millennia. Reviewed by R. L. Vann.

V. M. Hope:

·      25.719: V. M. Hope and J. Huskinson (edd.), Memory and mourning. Studies on Roman death. Reviewed by A. L. C. Emmerson.

·      15.479: V. M. Hope and E. Marshall (edd.), Death and disease in the ancient city. Reviewed by A. Wilson.

J. N. Hopkins:

·      30.543: J. N. Hopkins, The genesis of Roman architecture. Reviewed by J. Armstrong

K. Hopkins:

·      20.454: K. Hopkins and M. Beard, The Colosseum. Reviewed by L. Lancaster.

·      13.763: K. Hopkins, A world full of gods. Pagans, Jews and Christians in the Roman Empire. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock.

P. Horden:

·      14.419: P. Horden and N. Purcell, The corrupting sea: a study of Mediterranean history. Reviewed by B. D. Shaw.

B. Horisberger:

·      23.713: S. Martin-Kilcher, H. Amrein and B. Horisberger, Der römische Goldschmuck aus Lunnern (ZH). Reviewed by M. Segard.

G. Horsmann:

·      14.499: G. Horsmann, Die Wagenlenker der römischen Kaiserzeit. Untersuchungen zu ihrer sozialen Stellung. Reviewed by W. Decker.

M. Horster:

·      15.489: M. Horster, Bauinschriften römischer Kaiser. Reviewed by G. Alföldy.

E. Hostetter:

·      11.624: E. Hostetter and T. N. Howe (edd.), The Romano-British villa at Castle Copse, Great Bedwyn. Reviewed by B. Walters.

C. Howard-Davis:

·      24.671: C. Howard-Davis (ed.), The Carlisle Millennium Project: excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001, vol. 2: Finds. Reviewed by R. Collins & M. Symonds.

J. Howard-Johnston:

·      24.897: J. Howard-Johnston, Witnesses to a world crisis. Historians and histories of the Middle East in the seventh century. Reviewed by M. Conterno.

C. Howgego:

·      20.531: C. Howgego, V. Heuchert and A. Burnett (edd.), Coinage and identity in the Roman provinces. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

S. R. Hübner:

·      23.606: S. R. Hübner and D. M. Ratzan, Growing up fatherless in antiquity. Reviewed by B. Rawson.

V. Huet:

·      15.499: J. Scheid and V. Huet (edd.), La colonne Aurélienne. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

T. Hufschmid:

·      27.785: T. Hufschmid & L. Tissot-Jordan, Amphorenträgen im Treppenhaus. Zur Architektur und Wanddekoration der Gebäude in Insula 39 von Augusta Raurica. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      25.831: T. Hufschmid, Amphitheatrum in provincia et Italia. Architektur und Nutzung römischer Amphitheater von Augusta Raurica bis Puteoli. Reviewed by D. L. Bomgardner.

J.-B. Humbert:

·      13.801: J.-B. Humbert and A. Desreumaux, Fouilles de Khirbet Es-Samra en Jordanie vol. 1. Reviewed by D. Graf.

J. W. Humphrey:

·      13.476: J. W. Humphrey, J. P. Oleson and A. N. Sherwood, Greek and Roman technology. A sourcebook. Reviewed by G. W. Houston.

R. S. Humphreys:

·      5.511: F. M. Clover and R. S. Humphreys (edd.), Tradition and innovation in late antiquity. Reviewed by D. Whitehouse.

B. Hundsalz:

·      4.222: B. Hundsalz, Das dionysische Schmuckrelief. Reviewed by V. J. Hutchinson.

F. Hunter:

·      27.746: F. Hunter & L. Keppie (edd.), A Roman frontier post and its people: Newstead 1911-2011. Reviewed by L. M. Anderson.

F. Hurlet:

·      24.550: F. Hurlet et B. Mineo (edd.), Le principat d’Auguste. Réalités et représentation du pouvoir. Autour de la Res publica restituta. Reviewed by S. Thakur.

D. Hurst:

·      20.545: D. Hurst, Roman Droitwich: Dodderhill fort, Bays Meadow villa, and roadside settlement. Reviewed by P. Booth.

H. R. Hurst:

·      12.773: H. R. Hurst, Excavations at Carthage. The British Mission. Vol. II,1, The circular harbour, north side. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

J. Huskinson:

·      25.719: V. M. Hope and J. Huskinson (edd.), Memory and mourning. Studies on Roman death. Reviewed by A. L. C. Emmerson.

·      25.631: J. Elsner and J. Huskinson (edd.), Life, death and representation: some new work on Roman sarcophagi. Reviewed by M. Koortbojian.

·      20.595: I. Sandwell and J. Huskinson (edd.), Culture and society in later Roman Antioch. Reviewed by G. Brands.

·      10.454: J. Huskinson, Roman children's sarcophagi: their decoration and its social significance. Reviewed by G. Koch.

S. Huysecom-Haxhi:

·    31.706: A. Muller & E. Lafli (dir.), S. Huysecom-Haxhi (coll.), Figurines de terre cuite en Méditerranée grecque et romaine, vol. I: Production, diffusion, étude. Reviewed by A. L. Boozer.

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