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Works Without a Listed Author

R. Gabrielli:

·      24.512: R. Gabrielli, Ceramica etrusco-corinzia del Museo Archeologico di Tarquinia. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

V. Gabrielsen:

·      26.488: Z. H. Archibald, J. K. Davies and V. Gabrielsen (edd.), The economies of Hellenistic societies, third to first centuries BC. Reviewed by M. Lawall.

C. Gaffney:

·      27.618: R. H. White, C. Gaffney & V. L. Gaffney, Wroxeter, the Cornovii and the urban process; final report on the Wroxeter Hinterland Project, vol. 2: Characterizing the city. Reviewed by M. Millett.

V. L. Gaffney:

·      27.618: R. H. White, C. Gaffney & V. L. Gaffney, Wroxeter, the Cornovii and the urban process; final report on the Wroxeter Hinterland Project, vol. 2: Characterizing the city. Reviewed by M. Millett.

V. Gaggadis-Robin:

·      19.602: V. Gaggadis-Robin, Les sarcophages païens du Musée de l’Arles antique. Reviewed by D. Piekarski.

T. Gagos:

·      23.788: A. Arjava, M. Buchholz and T. Gagos, The Petra papyri III. Reviewed by R. Ast.

M. Galinier:

·       29.716: M. Galinier et F. Baratte (edd.), Iconographie funéraire et société: corpus antique, approches nouvelles? Reviewed by V. H. Penannen.

·       21.471: M. Galinier, La colonne trajane et les forum impériaux. Reviewed by J. E. Packer.

K. Galinsky:

·      20.439: K. Galinsky (ed.), The Cambridge companion to the age of Augustus. Reviewed by S. Thakur.

·      11.517: K. Galinsky, Augustan culture: an interpretive introduction. Reviewed by B. Kellum.

C. Gallazzi:

·      22.762: C. Gallazzi, B. Kramer and S. Settis (edd.), Il papiro di Artemidoro (P. Artemid). Reviewed by T. Renner.

M. Galli:

·      28.780: M. Galli (ed.), Roman power and Greek sanctuaries: forms of interaction and communication. Reviewed by A. Spawforth.

A. Gallina Zevi:

·      17.589 and 18.621: C. Bruun and A. Gallina Zevi (edd.), Ostia e Portus nelle loro relazioni con Roma. Reviewed by C. Pavolini and by S.T. A. M. Mols.

·      14.536: A. Gallina Zevi and A. Claridge (edd.), ‘Roman Ostia’ revisited. Archaeological and historical papers in memory of Russell Meiggs. Reviewed by F. de Caprariis.

P. Galliou:

·      6.427: P. Galliou, Les tombes romaines d'Armorique. Essai de sociologie et d'économie de la mort. Reviewed by R. Jones.

A. Gallo:

·      18.591: A. Gallo, Pompei. L’insula I della Regione IX. Reviewed by J. Urbanus.

G. Gamer:

·      5.369: G. Gamer, Formen römischer Altäre auf der hispanischen Halbinsel. Reviewed by I. Rodà and M. Mayer.

E. Gamo Pazos:

·      28.764: E. Gamo Pazos, Corpus de inscripciones latinas de la provincia de Guadalajara. Reviewed by J. Edmondson.

T. Ganschow:

·      5.331: T. Ganschow, Untersuchungen zur Baugeschichte in Herculaneum. Reviewed by R. Ling.

D. Garcia:

·     31.603: S. Bouffier & D. Garcia (sous le direction de), Les territoires de Marseille antique. Reviewed by A. G. Sinner.

H. Garcia:

·      26.783: M. Pasqualini, R. Thernot et H. Garcia, L’amphithéâtre de Fréjus. Archéologie et architecture, relecture d’un monument. Reviewed by D. L. Bomgardner.

F. J. García Fernández:

·   30.742: F. J. García Fernández & E. García Vargas (edd.), Comer a la moda. Imitaciones de vajilla de mesa en Turdetania y la Bética occidental durante la Antigüedad. Reviewed by M. Vickers

E. García Vargas:

·   30.742: F. J. García Fernández & E. García Vargas (edd.), Comer a la moda. Imitaciones de vajilla de mesa en Turdetania y la Bética occidental durante la Antigüedad. Reviewed by M. Vickers

A. Gardner:

·      22.710: A. Gardner, An archaeology of identity. Soldiers and society in Late Roman Britain. Reviewed by H. E. M. Cool.

V. C. Gardner Coates:

·      23.561: V. C. Gardner Coates and J. L. Seydl (edd.), Antiquity recovered: the legacy of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Reviewed by N. Monteix.

M.-H. Garelli:

·      23.533: M.-H. Garelli, Danser le mythe: la pantomime et sa réception dans la culture antique. Reviewed by W. Slater.

P. Garmy:

·      10.489: P. Garmy and L. Maurin, Enceintes romaines d'Aquitaine. Reviewed by N. Christie.

P. Garnsey:

·      15.511: A. K. Bowman, P. Garnsey and D. Rathbone (edd.), The Cambridge Ancient History vol. XI: The High Empire. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock.

·      13.752: Averil Cameron and P. Garnsey (edd.), The Cambridge Ancient History (2nd edn.) vol. XIII. The late empire, A.D. 337-425. Reviewed by F. Millar.

·      13.485: P. Garnsey, Cities, peasants and food in classical antiquity. Reviewed by N. Morley.

·      2.223: P. Garnsey, Famine and food supply in the Graeco-Roman world. Responses to risk and crisis. Reviewed by C. Virlouvet.

V. Gasparini:

·      30.568: V. Gasparini (a cura di), Vestigia. Miscellanea di studi storico-religiosi in onore di Filippo Coarelli nel suo 80° anniversario. Reviewed by A. Ziolkowski

C. Gasparri:

·      4.222: C. Gasparri, "Bacchus " in LIMC III.1. Reviewed by V. J. Hutchinson.

L. Gasperini:

·      10.405: L. Gasperini, Iscrizioni latine rupestri nel Lazio I. Etruria meridionale. Reviewed by M. Mayer.

·      10.405: L. Gasperini (ed.), Rupes loquentes. Atti del Convegno: sulle iscrizioni rupestri di eta romana in Italia. Reviewed by M. Mayer.

V. Gassner:

·      17.697: V. Gassner, S. Jilek and S. Ladstätter, Am Rande des Reiches. Die Römer in Österreich. Reviewed by E. M. Ruprechtsberger.

·      12.715: V. Gassner et al., Forschungen in Ephesos, XIII/1/1/. Das Südtor der Tetragonos-Agora. Keramik und Kleinfunde. Reviewed by J. W. Hayes.

P. Gastaldi:

·      15.355: G. Bailo Modesti and P. Gastaldi (edd.), Prima di Pithecusa. I più antichi materiali greci del Golfo di Salerno. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

·      7.303: B. D'Agostino and P. Gastaldi, Pontecagnano II. La necropoli del Picentino 1. Le tombe della prima età del ferro. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

N. Gauthier:

·      27.955: E. Marin (ed.), N. Gauthier et al., Salona IV. Inscriptions de Salone chrétienne IVe-VIIe siècles vol. 1. Reviewed by M. A. Handley.

E. K. Gazda:

·      18.419: E. K. Gazda (ed.), The ancient art of emulation. Reviewed by C. H. Hallett.

·      5.319: E. K. Gazda (ed.), Roman art in the private sphere. Reviewed by R. Neudecker.

C. Gébara:

·      16.606: C. Gébara, J.-M. Michel, J.-L. Guendon (dir.), L’aqueduc romain de Fréjus. Reviewed by G. Fabre & J.-L. Fiches.

J. Geiger:

·      4.336: H. M. Cotton and J. Geiger (edd.), Masada II. Final reports: the Latin and Greek documents. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock.

Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz:

·      30.605: Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz (Hrsg), Nero. Kaiser, Künstler und Tyrann. Katalog aus dem Rheinischen Landesmuseum, Trier. Reviewed by Y. Perrin

V. Geneviève:

·      16.611: V. Geneviève, Monnaies et circulation monétaire à Toulouse sous l’empire romain. Reviewed by R. Reece.

M. George:

·      27.599: M. George (ed.), Roman slavery and material culture. Reviewed by E. Fentress.

G. Genovese:

·      14.462: G. Genovese, I santuari rurali nella Calabria greca. Reviewed by J. C. Carter.

K. Genser:

·      2.347: K. Genser, Der österreichische Donaulimes in der Römerzeit. Reviewed by J. J. Wilkes.

E. Gerousi-Bendermacher:

·      30.796: E. Gerousi-Bendermacher, Sepulkralkultur auf der Insel Thera (Santorin). Der spätantike Friedhof in Perissa und seine Ausgrabungsfunde unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Tonlampen. Reviewed by H. Williams

F. Ghedini:

·      13.716: F. Ghedini, ed. of M. Fantar et al., I mosaici romani di Tunisia. Reviewed by D. Parrish.

F. Giacobello:

·      24.613: F. Giacobello, Larari pompeiani: iconografia e culto dei Lari in ambito domestico. Reviewed by K. T. von Stackelberg.

J.-B. Giard:

·      15.605: J.-B. Giard, Le monnayage de l’atelier de Lyon de Claude Ier à Vespasien et au temps de Clodius Albinus. Reviewed by B. E. Levy.

·      6.410: J. B. Giard (ed.), Trésors monétaires XII. Reviewed by H. A. Cahn.

·      7.480: J.-B. Giard, M. Amandry, Trésors monétaires XIII: recherches sur le monnayage de Postume; Reviewed by R. Reece.

A. Giardina:

·      1.215: A. Giardina (ed.), Società romana e impero tardoantico III. Le merci gli insediamenti. Reviewed by R. Hodges and J. W. Hayes.

B. Giardina:

·      25.653: B. Giardina, Navigare necesse est. Lighthouses from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Reviewed by S. L. Tuck.

C. Giavarini:

·      20.663: C. Giavarini (ed.), La Basilica di Massenzio. Reviewed by E. A. Dumser.

M. Gichon:

·      15.646: M. Fischer, M. Gichon and O. Tal, ‘En Boqeq. Excavations in an oasis on the Dead Sea, vol. II. Reviewed by A. Berlin.

·      10.580: M. Gichon, En Boqeq. Ausgrabungen in einer Oase am Toten Meer. Band 1. Das spätrömische-byzantinische Kastell. Reviewed by S. T. Parker.

F. Gilbert:

·      30.670: F. Gilbert, Les gladiateurs des origines à la fin du Haut-Empire. Reviewed by M. Junkelmann

L. Gilhaus:

·      30.770: L. Gilhaus, Statue und Status. Statuen als Repräsentationsmedien der städtischen Eliten im kaiserzeitlichen Nordafrika. Reviewed by J. Eingartner

O. J. Gilkes:

·      26.825: O. Gilkes, Albania: an archaeological guide. Reviewed by D. P. S. Peacock.

·      18.720: O. J. Gilkes (ed.) et al., The theatre at Butrint. Luigi Maria Ugolini’s excavations. Reviewed by J. Bergemann.

D. Gill:

·      8.317: D. Gill, “Positivism, pots, and long distance trade” in I. Morris (ed.), Classical Greece: ancient histories and modern archaeologies. Reviewed by J. P. Small.

K.-J. Gilles:

·      27.755: K.-J. Gilles, Der römische Goldmünzenschatz aus der Feldstrasse in Trier. Reviewed by M. Beckmann.

J. F. Gilliam:

·      1.176: J. F. Gilliam, Roman army papers. Reviewed by M. M. Roxan.

M. Gillings:

·      15.561: M. Gillings, D. Mattingly and J. van Dalen (edd.), Geographical information systems and landscape archaeology. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

B. Ginge:

·      12.453: B. Ginge, Northwest necropolis, southwest sanctuary and acropolis, Satricum. Reviewed by C. J. Smith.

·      2.151: B. Ginge, Ceramiche etrusche a figure nere, Tarquinia. Reviewed by M. Del Chiaro.

J. Ginsburg:

·      20.443: J. Ginsburg, Representing Agrippina. Constructions of female power in the Early Roman Empire. Reviewed by S. Wood.

C. F. Giuliani:

·      3.245: C. F. Giuliani and P. Verduchi, L'area centrale del foro romano. Reviewed by T. P. Wiseman.

M. Giuman:

·      29.545: S. Angiolillo, M. Giuman e C. Pilo (a cura di), Meixis. Dinamiche di stratificazione culturale nella periferia greca e romana. Reviewed by P. van Dommelen.

S. Gjongecaj:

·   23.731: S. De Maria and S. Gjongecaj (edd.), Phoinike IV. Rapporto preliminare sulle campagne di scavi e ricerche 2004-2006. Reviewed by W. Bowden.

·   21.583: S. De Maria e S. Gjongecaj (edd.), Phoinike II. Rapporto preliminare sulle campagne di scavi e ricerche 2001. Reviewed by I. L. Hansen.

·   21.583: S. De Maria e S. Gjongecaj (edd.), Phoinike III. Rapporto preliminare sulle campagne di scavi e ricerche 2002-2003. Reviewed by I. L. Hansen.

M. Gleba:

·      28.695: M. Gleba & J. Pásztókai-Szeöke (edd.), Making textiles in pre-Roman and Roman times: people, places, identities. Reviewed by W. E. Mierse.

·      24.503: M. Gleba, Textile production in pre-Roman Italy. Reviewed by K. Olson.

M. Gnade:

·      12.453: M. Gnade, The southwest necropolis of Satricum. Reviewed by C. J. Smith.

K. Goethert-Polaschek:

·      3.415: W. Binsfeld, K. Goethert-Polaschek and L. Schwinden, Katalog der römischen Steindenkmäler des Rheinischen Landesmuseums Trier. I. Götter und Weihedenkmäler. Reviewed by P. Herz.

H. R. Goette:

·      4.219: H. R. Goette, Studien zu römischen Togadarstellungen. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

R. Goffredo:

·      25.586: R. Goffredo, Aufidus. Storia, archeologia e paesaggi della valle dell’Ofanto. Reviewed by F. Colivicchi.

R. Goguey:

·      8.511: J. Bénard and M. Mangin, R. Goguey, L. Roussel, Les agglomérations antiques de Côte-d’Or. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

G. K. Golden:

·      27.530: G. K. Golden, Crisis management during the Roman Republic. Reviewed by L. L. Brice.

A. K. Goldsworthy:

·     31.636: A. Goldsworthy, Pax romana. War, peace and conquest in the Roman world. Reviewed by P. Hunt.

·      11.644: A. K. Goldsworthy, The Roman army at war 100 BC-AD 200. Reviewed by E. L. Wheeler.

J.-C. Golvin:

·      6.375 and 4.272: J.-C. Golvin, L'amphithéâtre romain. Essai sur la théorisation de sa forme et de ses functions. Reviewed by D. L. Bomgardner and by K. Welch.

C. Goméz Bellard:

·      23.459: P. van Dommelen and C. Goméz Bellard (edd.), Rural landscapes of the Punic world. Reviewed by N. C. Vella.

J. L. Gómez-Pantoja:

·      24.738: J. L. Gómez-Pantoja, con J. Garrido, Epigrafia anfiteatrale dell’Occidente romano. VII. Baetica, Tarraconensis, Lusitania. Reviewed by J. Edmondson.

I. González Tascón:

·      19.571: I. González Tascón and I. Velázquez, Ingeniería romana en Hispania. Reviewed by G. Fabre.

R. G. Goodchild:

·      17.755: J. B. Ward-Perkins and R. G. Goodchild, Christian monuments of Cyrenaica. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

M. Goodman:

·      2.291: M. Goodman, The ruling class of Judaea. The origins of the Jewish revolt against Rome A.D. 66-70. Reviewed by J. Geiger.

C. J. Goodson

·    31.760: E. Fentress, C. Goodson, M. Maiuro (edd.), Villa Magna: an imperial estate and its legacies. Excavations 2006-10. Reviewed by P. A. J. Attema.

·      20.705: E. Fentress, C. J. Goodson, M. L. Laird and S. C. Leone (edd.), Walls and memory. The Abbey of San Sebastiano at Alatri (Lazio). Reviewed by R. Hodges.

T. Goodwin:

·      16.748: S. Album and T. Goodwin, Sylloge of Islamic coins in the Ashmolean Museum I. Reviewed by C. Foss.

J. M. Gordon:  

·      31.986: E. W. Averett, J. M. Gordon & D. B. Counts (edd.), Mobilizing the past for a digital future. The potential of digital archaeology. Reviewed by T. Huntsman.

E. Govi:

·      20.393: G. Sassatelli and E. Govi (edd.), Culti, forma urbana e artigianato a Marzabotto. Reviewed by G. Cifani.

G. Grabherr:

·      28.699: G. Grabherr, B. Kainrath, T. Schierl (Hsrg.), Verwandte in der Fremde? Fibeln und Bestandteile der Bekleidung als Mittel zur Rekonstruktion von interregionalem Austausch .. Reviewed by M. Feugère.

·      17.689: G. Grabherr, Michlhallberg. Die Ausgrabungen in der römischen Siedlung 1997-1999. Reviewed by M. Buora.

I. Gradel:

·      18.641: I. Gradel, Emperor worship and Roman religion. Reviewed by P. Herz.

D. Graepler:

·      13.424: D. Graepler, Tonfiguren im Grab. Fundkontexte hellenistischer Terrakotten aus der Nekropole von Tarent. Reviewed by M. Bell.

·      10.604: D. Graepler, M. Mazzei, Fundort: Unbekannt. Raubgrabungen zerstoren das archaologische Erbe. Reviewed by J. G. Pedley.

·      10.604: D. Graepler, M. Mazzei, Provenienza: Sconosciuta! Tombaroli, mercanti, e collezionisti: l'Italia archeologica allo sbaraglio. Reviewed by J. G. Pedley.

M. Grahame:

·      15.439: M. Grahame, Reading space: social interaction and identity in the houses of Roman Pompeii. Reviewed by R. Taylor.

S. Grainger:

·    21.416: S. Grainger, Cooking Apicius. Roman recipes for today. Reviewed by C. Cummings.

·     21.416: C. Grocock & S. Grainger, Apicius: a critical edition with an introduction and English translation. Reviewed by C. Cummings.

A. Grandazzi:

·      23.433: A. Grandazzi, Alba Longa: histoire d’une légende. Reviewed by T. P. Wiseman.

·      10.318: A. Grandazzi, La fondation de Rome. Reviewed by A. J. Ammerman.

M. Grant:

·      13.725: M. Grant, The collapse and recovery of the Roman empire. Reviewed by J. W. Eadie.

H.-C. Grassmann:

 ·      26.721: H.-C. Grassmann, Die Funktion von Hypokausten und Tubuli in antiken römischen Bauten, insbesondere in Thermen. Erklärungen und Berechnungen. Reviewed by W. Heinz.

D. Grassinger:

·      6.313: D. Grassinger, Römische Marmorkratere. Reviewed by R. Cohon.

M. Grawehr:

·     25.914: M. Grawehr, Petra–Ez Zantur IV. Ergebnisse der schweizerisch-liechtensteinischen Ausgrabungen. Eine Bronzewerkstatt des 1 Jhs. n. Chr. Reviewed by I. E. Schrüfer-Kolb.

·     21.687: D. Keller & M. Grawehr, Petra – Ez Zantur III. Die Gläser, Die Lampen. Reviewed by E. M. Stern and I. Kehrberg.

G. Greco:

·      22.450: I. Edlund-Berry, G. Greco and J. Kenfield (edd.), Deliciae Fictiles III. Architectural terracottas in ancient Italy. Reviewed by A. Rathje.

C. M. G. Green:

·      20.435: C. M. G. Green, Roman religion and the cult of Diana at Aricia. Reviewed by G. Ghini

J. A. Greene:

·    30.853: J. S. Mckenzie, J. A. Greene, A. T. Reyes, et al., The Nabataean temple at Khirbet et-Tannur, Jordan. Vol. 1 – architecture and religion. Final report on Nelson Glueck’s 1937 excavation. Reviewed by J. Patrich

M. Greenhalgh:

·     29.994: M. Greenhalgh, The military and colonial destruction of the Roman landscape of North Africa, 1830-1900. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

·      24.913: M. Greenhalgh, Marble past, monumental present: building with antiquities in the mediaeval Mediterranean. Reviewed by B. Ward-Perkins.

·      5.514: M. Greenhalgh, The survival of Roman antiquities in the Middle Ages. Reviewed by B. Ward-Perkins.

G. L. Gregori:

·      3.310: G. L. Gregori, Epigrafia anfiteatrale dell'Occidente romano II. Regiones Italiae VI-XI. Reviewed by R. T. Scott.

T. E. Gregory:

·      8.549: T. E. Gregory, Isthmia V. The Hexamilion and the fortress. Reviewed by G. Fowden.

C. Grey:

·      26.895: C. Grey, Constructing communities in the late Roman countryside. Reviewed by L. Dossey.

J. Gribomont:

·      2.401: G. Cavallo, J. Gribomont and W. C. Loerke (edd.), Codex Purpureus Rossanensis. Museo dell'Arcivescovado, Rossano Calabria, Commentarium. Reviewed by A. Cutler.

P. Grierson:

·      9.587: P. Grierson and M. Mays, Catalogue of late Roman coins in the Dumbarton Oaks collection and in the Whittemore Collection. Reviewed by T. V. Buttrey.

·      3.506: P. Grierson and M. Blackburn, Medieval European Coinage, with a catalogue of the coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge I; the early Middle Ages (5th-10th centuries). Reviewed by J. P. C. Kent.

J. Griesbach:

·   31.730: A. W. Busch, J. Griesbach & J. Lipps (Hrsg.), Urbanitas — urbane Qualitäten. Die antike Stadt als kulturelle Selbstverwirklichung. Reviewed by P. Gros.

C. Grocock:

·     21.416: C. Grocock & S. Grainger, Apicius: a critical edition with an introduction and English translation. Reviewed by C. Cummings.

K. Grønlund Evers:

·    31.948: K. Grønlund Evers, Worlds apart trading together: the organisation of long-distance trade between Rome and India in antiquity. Reviewed by R. Tomber.

M. Groot:

·     30.698: M. Groot, Livestock for sale: animal husbandry in a Roman frontier zone. Reviewed by M. MacKinnon

P. Gros:

·    31.936: P. Ducrey, P. Gros & M. Zink (éd.), Les archives au secours des temples détruits de Palmyre. Reviewed by A. Schmidt-Colinet.

·      22.689: P. Gros, Gallia Narbonensis. Eine römische Provinz in Südfrankreich. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

·      18.577: P. Gros, L’architecture romaine du début du IIIe s. av. J.-C. à la fin du Haut-Empire vol. 2. Reviewed by J. DeLaine.

·      14.603: P. Gros (ed.), Villes et campagnes en Gaule romaine. Reviewed by G. Woolf.

D. F. Grose:

·     31.750: D. F. Grose, The Hellenistic, Roman and Medieval glass from Cosa. Reviewed by H. E. M. Cool.

M. Gualtieri:

·      7.320: M. Gualtieri, H. Fracchia, Roccagloriosa I. L'abitato: scavo e ricognizione topografica (1976-1986). Reviewed by J. G. Pedley.

W. Gudenrath:

·      25.644: P. Roberts, W. Gudenrath, V. Tatton-Brown and D. Whitehouse, Roman cameo glass in the British Museum. Reviewed by C. Weiß.

S. Guédon:

·      27.822: S. Guédon (dir.), Entre Afrique et Égypte: relations et échanges. Reviewed by C. Vismara.

J.-L. Guendon:

·      16.606: C. Gébara, J.-M. Michel, J.-L. Guendon (dir.), L’aqueduc romain de Fréjus. Reviewed by G. Fabre & J.-L. Fiches.

P.-M. Guihard:

·   30.901: J. Chameroy, P.-M. Guihard (dir.), Produktion und Recyceln von Münzen in der Spätantike. 1. Internationales Numismatikertreffen. Reviewed by R. Reece

J.-P. Guilhembet:

·      26.634: M. Corbier et J.-P. Guilhembet (edd.), L’écriture dans la maison romaine. Reviewed by Y. Perrin.

A.-M. Guimier-Sorbets:

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F. Guidobaldi:

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R. Gurukkal:

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R. A. Gurval:

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C. Gutron:

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P. G. Guzzo:

·      26.610: P. G. Guzzo and V. Scarano Ussani, Ex corpore lucrum facere: la prostituzione nell’antica Pompei. Reviewed by T. A. J. McGinn.

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