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Works Without a Listed Author

G. Fabre:

·      11.605: G. Fabre, M. Mayer and I. Rodŕ, Inscriptions romaines de Catalogne IV. Barcino. Reviewed by F. Beltrán Lloris.

G. G. Fagan:

·      30.598: W. Riess & G. G. Fagan (edd.), The topography of violence in the Greco-Roman world. Reviewed by G. Sears

·      25.704: G. G. Fagan, The lure of the arena. Social psychology and the crowd at the Roman games. Reviewed by M. J. Carter.

·      15.459: G. G. Fagan, Bathing in public in the Roman world. Reviewed by C. Bruun.

R. K. Falkner:

·      13.733: A. G. Poulter, R. K. Falkner and J. D. Shepherd, Nicopolis ad Istrum. The pottery and glass. Reviewed by M. Beckmann.

Z. Fani Alpi:

·     31.953: Z. Fani Alpi, Dévotions lapidaires: reliefs divins du Liban romain. Reviewed by L. Dirven.

M. Fantar:

·      13.716: F. Ghedini, ed. of M. Fantar et al., I mosaici romani di Tunisia. Reviewed by D. Parrish.

C. A. Faraone:

·      26.718: C. A. Faraone and F. S. Naiden (edd.), Greek and Roman animal sacrifice: ancient victims, modern observers. Reviewed by M. MacKinnon.

R. Färber:

·      30.649: R. Färber, Römische Gerichtsorte: Räumliche Dynamiken von Jurisdiktion im Imperium Romanum. Reviewed by T. A. J. McGinn

R. Farioli Campanati:

·      24.863: R. Farioli Campanati, C. Rizzardi, P. Porta, A. Augenti, I. Baldini Lippolis (edd.), Ideologia e cultura artistica tra Adriatico e Mediterraneo Orientale (IV-X secolo): il ruolo dell’autoritŕ ecclesiastica alla luce di nuovi scavi e ricerche. Reviewed by A. Christ.

G. D. Farney:

·    21.387: G. D. Farney, Ethnic identity and aristocratic competition in Republican Rome. Reviewed by C. J. Smith.

A. Farrington:

·      10.520: A. Farrington, The Roman baths of Lycia. An architectural study. Reviewed by G. G. Fagan.

D. E. Farwell:

·      8.521: D. E. Farwell and T. I. Molleson, Excavations at Poundbury, vol. 2. The cemeteries. Reviewed by L. Buchet and C. Pilet.

S. Faust:

·      27.693: S. Faust, Schlachtenbilder der römischen Kaiserzeit. Erzählerische Darstellungskonzepte in der Reliefkunst von Traian bis Septimius Severus. Reviewed by A. Landskron.

F. Favory:

·      9.447: G. Chouquer and F. Favory, Les paysages de l'antiquité. Terres et cadastres de l'occident romain. Reviewed by J.-L. Fiches.

·      9.447: G. Chouquer et F. Favory, Les arpenteurs romains. Théorie et pratique. Reviewed by J.-L. Fiches.

·      2.182: G. Chouquer, M. Clavel-Lévęque, F. Favory and J.-P. Vallat, Structures agraires en Italie centro-méridionale: cadastres et paysage(s) ruraux. Reviewed by O. A. W. Dilke.

D. Favro:

·      13.515: D. Favro, The urban image of Augustan Rome. Reviewed by L. Haselberger.

A. T. Fear:

·      10.495: A. T. Fear, Rome and Baetica. Urbanization in southern Spain. Reviewed by E. Haley.

D. Feissel:

·      3.211: F. Bérard, D. Feissel et al. (edd.), Guide de l'épigraphiste. Bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales. Reviewed by J. Reynolds.

·      2.305: G. Dagron and D. Feissel, Inscriptions de Cilicie. Reviewed by D. Potter.

J. Fejfer:

·      14.560: J. Fejfer, The Ince Blundell Collection of classical sculpture vol. 1. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

·      9.466: J. Fefjer (ed.), Ancient Akamas I. Settlement and environment. Reviewed by M. Rautman.

·      7.339: J. Fejfer and E. Southworth, The Ince Blundell Collection of Classical Sculpture: 1: the female portraits. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

J. Felch:

·      25.999: J. Felch and R. Frammolino, Chasing Aphrodite. The hunt for looted antiquities at the world’s richest museum. Reviewed by S. Dyson.

R. Fellmann:

·      25.828: R. Fellmann, Römische Kleinfunde aus Holz aus dem Legionslager Vindonissa. Reviewed by B. Hoffmann.

·      20.556: M. Reddé, R. Brulet, R. Fellmann, J.-K. Haalebos, S. von Schnurbein, L’architecture de la Gaule romaine: les fortifications militaires. Reviewed by P. Bidwell.

E. Fentress:

·    31.760: E. Fentress, C. Goodson, M. Maiuro (edd.), Villa Magna: an imperial estate and its legacies. Excavations 2006-10. Reviewed by P. A. J. Attema.

·      25.960: H. Dey and E. Fentress (edd.), Western monasticism ante litteram. The spaces of monastic observance in late antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Reviewed by P. Delogu.

·      20.705: E. Fentress, C. J. Goodson, M. L. Laird and S. C. Leone (edd.), Walls and memory. The Abbey of San Sebastiano at Alatri (Lazio). Reviewed by R. Hodges.

·      18.615: E. Fentress et al., Cosa V. An intermittent town, excavations 1991-1997. Reviewed by S. L. Dyson.

·      15.397: E. Fentress (ed.), Romanization and the city. Creation, transformations, and failures. Reviewed by M. Gualtieri.

·      9.564: A. Mohamedi, A. Benmansour, A. Amamra, E. Fentress, Fouilles de Sétif 1977-1984. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

F. Feraudi-Gruénais:

·      16.516: F. Feraudi-Gruénais, Die Dekoration der kaiserzeitlichen Gräber Roms. Reviewed by I. Bragantini.

S. Ferdi:

·      21.580: S. Ferdi, Corpus des mosaďques de Cherchel. Reviewed by D. Parrish.

·      13.716: S. Ferdi, Mosaďques des eaux en Algérie. Reviewed by D. Parrish.

A. Ferdičre:

·      4.295: A. Ferdičre, Les campagnes en Gaule romaine. I: les hommes et l'environnement en Gaule rurale (52 av. J.C.- 486 ap. J.C.) 2: les techniques et les productions rurales en Gaule. Reviewed by Ph. Leveau.

S. Féret:

·      29.562: O. de Cazanove, S. Féret, A. Caravelli, Civita di Tricarico II. Habitat et artisanat au centre du plateau. Reviewed by F. Colivicchi.

F. Fernández:

·      11.437: W. Eck, A. Caballos and F. Fernández, Das senatus consultum de Cn Pisone patre. Reviewed by D. Potter.

D. Fernández-Galiano:

·      17.744: D. Fernández-Galiano et al., Carranque. Centro de Hispania romana. Reviewed by K. Bowes.

C. Fernández Rodríguez:

·      18.707: C. Fernández Rodríguez, Ganadería, caza y animales de compańía en la Galicia romana: estudio arqueozoológico. Reviewed by M. MacKinnon.

G. Ferrari:

·      7.317: G. Ferrari, I vasi attici a figure rosse del periodo arcaico (Tarquinia). Reviewed by D. Buitron-Oliver.

J.-L. Ferrary:

·     29.932: J.-L. Ferrary, Les monuments de délégations du sanctuaire oraculaire de Claros, d’aprčs la documentation conservée dans le fonds Louis Robert. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

S. Ferrer Sierra:

·      19.577: A. Rodríguez Colmenero, S. Ferrer Sierra and R. D. Alvarez Asorey, Miliarios e outras inscricións viarias romanas do Noroeste hispánico. Reviewed by A. Kolb.

I. Ferris:

·      28.726: I. Ferris, Roman Britain through its objects. Reviewed by T. J. Derrick.

M. Feugčre:

·      28.862: N. Dieudonné-Glad, M. Feugčre & M. Önal, Zeugma V. Les objets. Reviewed by I. R. Scott.

·      26.775: M. Feugčre et M. Py, Dictionnaire des monnaies découvertes en Gaule méditerranéenne (530-27 av. notre čre). Reviewed by P. Visonŕ.

·      18.701: M. Feugčre, Weapons of the Romans. Reviewed by L. M. Anderson.

J.-L. Fiches:

·      2.191: J.-C. Bessac, M. Christol, J.-L. Fiches et al., Ugernum, Beaucaire et le Beaucairois ŕ l'époque romaine I et II. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

Z. T. Fiema:

·      30.933: Z. T. Fiema, J. Frösén & M. Holappa, Petra — the mountain of Aaron. The Finnish archaeological project in Jordan, vol. II. The Nabataean sanctuary and the Byzantine monastery. Reviewed by T. Erickson-Gini

·      23.785: Z. T. Fiema and J. Frösén, Petra — the Mountain of Aaron, vol. I. The church and the chapel. Reviewed by R. Schick.

·      15.691: Z. T. Fiema, C. Kanellopoulos, T. Waliszewski and R. Schick, The Petra Church. Reviewed by J.-P. Sodini.

P. Figueras:

·      27.867: P. Figueras, The pagan image of Greco-Roman Palestine and surrounding lands. Reviewed by M. L. Fischer.

A. Filges:

·      13.510: A. Filges, Standbilder jugendlicher Göttinnen. Reviewed by M. Fullerton.

M. Fincker:

·     23.681: S. Dardaine, M. Fincker, J. Lancha and P. Silličres, Belo VIII. Le sanctuaire d’Isis. Reviewed by L. Bricault.

S. Fine:

·     31.956: S. Fine, Art, history and the historiography of Judaism in Roman antiquity. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

R. Finn:

·     24.781: R. Finn, O.P., Asceticism in the Graeco-Roman world. Reviewed by V. H. Pennanen.

P. Corby Finney:

·      9.580: P. Corby Finney, The invisible god: the earliest Christians on art. Reviewed by D. Janes.

C. S. Fioriello:

·    31.769: C. S. Fioriello, ‘Poedicvlorum oppida’. Spazi urbani della Puglia centrale in etŕ romana. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

Günter Fischer:

·      11.503: G. Fischer, Das römische Pola. Eine archäologische Stadtgeschichte. Reviewed by G. Rosada.

M. Fischer:

·      27.862: M. Fischer, Horvat Mesad. A way-station on the Jaffa-Jerusalem road. Reviewed by J. Magness.

·      15.646: M. Fischer, M. Gichon and O. Tal, ‘En Boqeq. Excavations in an oasis on the Dead Sea, vol. II. Reviewed by A. Berlin.

T. Fischer:

·      29.753: T. Fischer, Die Armee der Caesaren. Archäologie und Geschichte. Reviewed by M. Junkelmann.

·      17.689: T. Fischer, Noricum. Reviewed by M. Buora.

T. Fischer-Hansen:

·      6.274: T. Fischer-Hansen, Scavi di Ficana vol. I. Topografia generale. Reviewed by T. W. Potter.

D. Fishwick:

·     31.841: D. Fishwick, Precinct, temple and altar in Roman Spain. Studies on the imperial monuments at Mérida and Tarragona. Reviewed by M. Mayer i Olivé.

K. Fittschen: 

·    31.669: K. Fittschen & J. Bergemann, Katalog der Skulpturen der Sammlung Wallmoden. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

·    29.628: K. Fittschen, P. Zanker, aufnahmen von G. Fittschen-Badura, Katalog der römischen Porträts in den Capitolinischen Museen und den anderen kommunalen Sammlungen der Stadt Rom. Band IV. Kinderbildnisse; Nachträge zu den Bänden I-III; neuzeitliche oder neuzeitlich verfälschte Bildnisse; Bildnisse an Reliefdenkmalern. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

·      14.560: K. Fittschen, Prinzenbildnisse antoninischer Zeit. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

G. Fittschen-Badura:

·         29.628: K. Fittschen, P. Zanker, aufnahmen von G. Fittschen-Badura, Katalog der römischen Porträts in den Capitolinischen Museen und den anderen kommunalen Sammlungen der Stadt Rom. Band IV. Kinderbildnisse; Nachträge zu den Bänden I-III; neuzeitliche oder neuzeitlich verfälschte Bildnisse; Bildnisse an Reliefdenkmalern. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

W. Fitzgerald:

·      14.473: W. Fitzgerald, Slavery and the Roman literary imagination. Reviewed by K. Bradley.

A. P. Fitzpatrick:

·      15.621: A. S. Anderson, J. S. Wacher and A. P. Fitzpatrick, The Romano-British ‘small town’ at Wanborough, Wiltshire: excavations 1966-1976. Reviewed by P. Booth.

M. Fixot:

·      20.689: Ben Abed-Ben Khader, M. Fixot, M. Bonifay and S. Roucole, Sidi Jdidi I. La basilique sud. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

M. Flecker:

·    31.694: M. Flecker, Römische Gladiatorenbilder. Studien zu den Gladiatorenreliefs der späten Republik und der Kaiserzeit aus Italien. Reviewed by K. M. D. Dunbabin.

M. Flohr:

·      30.676: A. Wilson & M. Flohr (edd.), Urban craftsmen and traders in the Roman world. Reviewed by J. Liu.

·      27.596: M. Flohr, The world of the fullo. Work, economy, and society in Roman Italy. Reviewed by K. Olson.

·      25.673: E. Poehler, M. Flohr and K. Cole (edd.), Pompeii. Art, industry and infrastructure. Reviewed by S. E. Craver.

H. I. Flower:

·      23.469: H. I. Flower, Roman Republics. Reviewed by J. A. North.

·      20.421: H. I. Flower, The art of forgetting: disgrace and oblivion in Roman political culture. Reviewed by T. P. Wiseman.

·      12.541: H. I. Flower, Ancestor masks and aristocratic power in Roman culture. Reviewed by M. McDonnell.

R. Flower:

·    31.965: R. Flower (transl.), Imperial invectives against Constantius ii: Athanasius of Alexandria, Hilary of Poitiers, and Lucifer of Cagliari. Reviewed by D. Greenwood.

C. Flügel:

·      26.810: H. Dolenz und C. Flügel, Die Deutschen Ausgrabungen in Karthago. Römische und byzantinische Grossbauten am Decumanus Maximus. Reviewed by J. Freed.

L. Flutsch:

·      27.762: L. Flutsch & P. Hauser, Le mausolée nouveau est arrivé. Les monuments funéraires d’Avenches–En Chaplix. Reviewed by A. Roth-Congčs.

G. Foerster:

·      9.355: G. Foerster, Masada V. Final reports: art and architecture. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

R. Förtsch:

·      8.406: R. Förtsch, Archäologischer Kommentar zu den Villenbriefen der Jüngeren Plinius. Reviewed by B. Bergmann.

S. Follet:

·      19.649: S. Follet (ed.), L’Hellénisme d’époque romaine: nouveaux documents, nouvelles approches. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

P. Fontaine:

·     31.581: P. Fontaine & S. Helas (a cura di), Le fortificazioni arcaiche del Latium Vetus e dell’Etruria meridionale (IX-VI sec. a.C.). Reviewed by I. van der Graaff.

F. Fontana:

·      24.615: F. Fontana con E. Murgia, I culti isiaci nell’Italia settentrionale vol. 1. Reviewed by A. Gavini.

M. Fora:

·      12.613: M. Fora, I munera gladiatoria in Italia. Reviewed by G. Chamberland.

H. Forbes:

·      12.499: C. Mee and H. Forbes (edd.), A rough and rocky place. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

E. Formigli:

·      17.487: G. Lahusen and E. Formigli, Römische Bildnisse aus Bronze. Reviewed by C. H. Hallett.

B. Forschner:

·    30.578: B. Forschner, Die Einheit der Ordnung: Recht, Philosophie und Gesellschaft in Ciceros Rede Pro Milone. Reviewed by T. A. J. McGinn

B. Forsén:

·      24. 787: B. Forsén & G. Salmeri (edd.), The province strikes back: imperial dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean. Reviewed by K. da Costa.

C. Foss:

·   24.887: C. Foss, Arab-Byzantine coins: an introduction, with a catalogue of the Dumbarton Oaks Collection. Reviewed by D. Woods.

·   21.450: J. J. Dobbins and P. W. Foss (edd.), The world of Pompeii. Reviewed by S. J. R. Ellis.

·      18.775: E. W. Bodnar with C. Foss, Cyriac of Ancona. Later travels. Reviewed by G. Fowden.

T. Fournet:

·      23.780: J. Dentzer-Feydy, M. Vallerin, T. Fournet, R. and A. Mukdad, Bosra, aux portes de l’Arabie. Reviewed by K. E. T. Butcher.

G. Fowden:

·      19.731: G. Fowden, Qusayr Amra: art and the Umayyad elite in late antique Syria. Reviewed by M. Mavroudi.

·      7.509: G. Fowden, Empire to commonwealth: consequences of monotheism in late antiquity. Reviewed by F. G. B. Millar.

L. Foxhall:

·      28.665: L. Foxhall, Studying gender in classical antiquity. Reviewed by E. Smith.

D. Foy:

·   27.702: D. Foy & M.-D. Nenna (edd.), Corpus des signatures et marques sur verres antiques vol. 3. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

·   21.501: D. Foy et M.-D. Nenna (edd.), Corpus des signatures et marques sur verres antiques. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

H. Fracchia:

·      7.320: M. Gualtieri, H. Fracchia, Roccagloriosa I. L'abitato: scavo e ricognizione topografica (1976-1986). Reviewed by J. G. Pedley.

J. F. D. Frakes:

·      23.669: J. F. D. Frakes, Framing public life: the portico in Roman Gaul. Reviewed by P. Gros.

R. Frammolino:

·      25.999: J. Felch and R. Frammolino, Chasing Aphrodite. The hunt for looted antiquities at the world’s richest museum. Reviewed by S. Dyson.

J. France:

·    29.695: J. France et J. Nelis-Clément (éd.), La statio. archéologie d’un lieu de pouvoir dans l’empire romain. Reviewed by P. Faure.

·      22.511: J. Andreau, J. France and S. Pittia (edd.), Mentalités et choix économiques des Romains. Reviewed by B. W. Frier and A. Conison.

J. E. Francis:

·     31.906: J. E. Francis & A. Kouremenos (edd.), Roman Crete: new perspectives. Reviewed by M. Livadiotti.

R. Francovich:

·      20.685: R. Francovich and R. Hodges, Villa to village: the transformation of the Roman countryside in Italy. Reviewed by K. Bowes.

·      15.561: R. Francovich and H. Patterson (edd.), Extracting meaning from ploughsoil assemblages. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

R. Frankel:

·      11.597: R. Frankel, S. Avitsur, E. Ayalon, History and technology of olive oil in the Holy Land. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

D. Frankfurter:

·      13.789: D. Frankfurter, Religion in Roman Egypt: assimilation and resistance. Reviewed by G. Fowden.

A. Frantz:

·      3.494: A. Frantz, The Athenian Agora XXIV. Late Antiquity A.D. 267-700. Reviewed by G. Fowden.

A. Frascarelli:

·      13.407: A. Frascarelli, Italia 2, Perugia I (Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum). Reviewed by F. R. Serra Ridgway.

D. Frascone:

·      28.858: D. Frascone, Zeugma IV. Les monnaies. Reviewed by K. Butcher.

J. M. Frayn:

·      10.420: J. M. Frayn, Markets and fairs in Roman Italy. Their social and economic importance. Reviewed by C. R. Whittaker.

R. Frederiksen:

·      25.980: R. Frederiksen and E. Marchand (edd.), Plaster casts. Making, collecting and displaying from classical antiquity to the present. Reviewed by C. C. Mattusch.

J. Freed:

·      25.991: J. Freed, Bringing Carthage home. The excavations of Nathan Davis, 1856-1859. Reviewed by H. R. Hurst.

·      9.560: A. M. McCann and J. Freed, Deep water archaeology. A late-Roman ship from Carthage and an ancient trade route near Skerki Bank. Reviewed by A. J. Parker.

P. W. M. Freeman:

·      22.705: P. W. M. Freeman, The best training-ground for archaeologists. Francis Haverfield and the invention of Romano-British archaeology. Reviewed by R. Hingley.

I. Freestone:

·   29.620: J. Bayley, I. Freestone and C. Jackson (edd.), Glass of the Roman world. Reviewed by C. Lightfoot.

C. French:

·      2.267: F. Pryor, C. French, et al., The Fenland project, no.1: archaeology and environment in the Lower Welland valley, vols 1-2. Reviewed by T. W. Potter.

D. French:

·      25.888: S. Mitchell and D. French, The Greek and Latin inscriptions of Ankara (Ancyra). vol. I. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

H. G. Frenz:

·      1.115: H. G. Frenz, Römische Grabreliefs in Mittel- und Süditalien. Reviewed by D. E. E. Kleiner.

S. Frere:

·      6.403: S. Frere in R. G. Collingwood and R. P. Wright, The Roman inscriptions of Britain II. Instrumentum domesticum. Reviewed by M. C. W. Still.

·      4.315: S. S. Frere and J. J. Wilkes, Strageath, excavations within the Roman fort, 1973-86. Reviewed by L. Keppie.

·      3.290: F. Lepper and S. Frere, Trajan's column. A new edition of the Cichorius plates, introduction, commentary and notes. Reviewed by J. C. N. Coulston.

K. S. Freyberger:

·      13.678: K. S. Freyberger, Die frühkaiserzeitlichen Heiligtümer der Karawanen-stationen im hellenisierten Osten. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

S. Frey-Kupper:

·      28.554: S. Frey-Kupper, Die antike Fundmünzen vom Monte Iato 1971–1990. Ein Beitrag zur Geldgeschichte Westsiziliens. Reviewed by R. J. A. Wilson.

E. A. Friedland:

·      27.870: E. Friedland, The Roman marble sculptures from the Sanctuary of Pan at Caesarea Philippi/Panias (Israel). Reviewed by S. J. Barker.

·      23.762: Y. Z. Eliav, E. A. Friedland and S. Herbert (edd.), The sculptural environment of the Roman Near East. Reviewed by A. Kropp.

S. J. Friesen:

·      28.782: S. J. Friesen, S. A. James, & D. N. Schowalter (edd.), Corinth in contrast. Studies in inequality. Reviewed by M. E. Hoskins Walbank.

B. W. Frier:

·      19.419: W. Frier and T. A. J. McGinn, A casebook on Roman family law. Reviewed by A. Richlin.

·      8.483: R. S. Bagnall and B. W. Frier, The demography of Roman Egypt. Reviewed by D. J. Thompson and G. Hawthorn.

S. J. Friesen:

·    25.864: L. Nasrallah, C. Bakirtzis and S. J. Friesen (edd.), From Roman to Early Christian Thessalonike: studies in religion and archaeology. Reviewed by E. Rizos.

·      25.858: S. J. Friesen, D. N. Schowalter and J. C. Walters (edd.), Corinth in context: comparative studies on religion and society. Reviewed by K. W. Slane.

·      18.638: S. J. Friesen, Imperial cults and the Apocalypse of John. Reviewed by P. Herz.

P. Frisch:

·      2.295: P. Frisch, Zehn agonistische Papyri. Reviewed by M. B. Poliakoff.

T. Fröhlich:

·      9.358: T. Fröhlich, Lararien- und Fassadenbilder in den Vesuvstädten. Untersuchungen zur "volkstümlichen" pompejanischen Malerei. Reviewed by R. A. Tybout.

J. Frösén:

·      30.933: Z. T. Fiema, J. Frösén & M. Holappa, Petra — the mountain of Aaron. The Finnish archaeological project in Jordan, vol. II. The Nabataean sanctuary and the Byzantine monastery. Reviewed by T. Erickson-Gini

·      23.785: Z. T. Fiema and J. Frösén, Petra — the Mountain of Aaron, vol. I. The church and the chapel. Reviewed by R. Schick.

·      23.788: J. Frösén, A. Arjava and M. Lehtinen (edd.), The Petra papyri I. Reviewed by R. Ast.

M. P. Fronda:

·      25.593: M. P. Fronda, Between Rome and Carthage. Southern Italy during the Second Punic War. Reviewed by P. Visonŕ.

R. Fry:

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A. Futrell:

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