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Works Without a Listed Author

E. Dabrowa:

·      10.518: E. Dabrowa (ed.), The Roman and Byzantine army in the east. Reviewed by B. Isaac.

J. Daehner:

·   30.559: J. M. Daehner & K. Lapatin (edd.), Power and pathos. Bronze sculpture of the Hellenistic world. Reviewed by B. Barr-Sharrar

·      22.592: J. Daehner (ed.), The Herculaneum Women: history, contexts, identities. Reviewed by J. Trimble.

A. Daguet-Gagey:

·      22.611: S. Benoist and A. Daguet-Gagey (edd.), Un discours en images de la condamnation de mémoire. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

B. D'Agostino:

·      7.303: B. D'Agostino and P. Gastaldi, Pontecagnano II. La necropoli del Picentino 1. Le tombe della prima età del ferro. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

G. Dagron:

·      28.931: G. Dagron, L’hippodrome de Constantinople: jeux, peuple et politique. Reviewed by R. Lim.

·      2.305: G. Dagron and D. Feissel, Inscriptions de Cilicie. Reviewed by D. Potter.

U. Dahari:

·      25.909: G. Avni, U. Dahari and A. Kloner, The necropolis of Bet Guvrin–Eleutheropolis. Reviewed by M. Heinzelmann.

J. Dalaison:

·      23.742: J. Dalaison, L’atelier d’Amaseia du Pont. Recherches historiques et numismatiques. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

·      23.742: J. Dalaison, B. Rémy and M. Amandry, Zéla sous l’empire romain. Étude historique et corpus monétaire. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

A. Dalby:

·      26.730: A. Dalby, Geoponika. Farm work. A modern translation of the Roman and Byzantine farming handbook. Reviewed by A. E. Hanson.

M. T. D’Alessio:

·      17.531: M. T. D’Alessio, Materiali votivi dal Foro Triangolare di Pompei. Reviewed by R. Miller Ammerman.

R. D'Alessio:

·     31.626: R. D’Alessio, Studii sulla "capitis deminutio minima". Dodici tavole giurisprudenza editto. Reviewed by T. A. J. McGinn.

A. Dalla Rosa:

·      31.630: A. Dalla Rosa, Cura et tutela: le origini del potere imperiale sulle province proconsulari. Reviewed by T. A. J. McGinn.

O. Dally:

·      26.861: O. Dally and C. Ratté (edd.), Archaeology and the cities of Asia Minor in late antiquity. Reviewed by C. Foss.

A. D’Ambrosio:

·      13.578: A. D’Ambrosio & E. de Carolis (edd.), I monili dall’area Vesuviana. Reviewed by M. Henig.

F. D’Andria:

·      14.632: F. D’Andria and F. Silvestrelli (edd.), Ricerche archeologiche Turche nella Valle del Lykos. Reviewed by S. Mitchell.

·   21.621: F. D’Andria, Hierapolis of Phrygia (Pamukkale). An archaeological guide. Reviewed by M. Feugère

R. W. Daniel:

·      29.984: L. Koenen, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio and R. W. Daniel, The Petra papyri II. Reviewed by U. Yiftach.

·      12.752: K. A. Worp, with J. E. Whitehorne and R. W. Daniel, Greek papyri from Kellis I. Reviewed by T. Gagos.

M. Danner:

·      31.785: M. Danner, Wohnkultur im spätantiken Ostia. Reviewed by C. Pavolini.

M.-P. Darblade-Audoin:

·     21.560: M.-P. Darblade-Audoin, Nouvel Espérandieu, tome II; Lyon. Recueil général des sculptures sur pierre de la Gaule. Reviewed by M. Henig.

S. Dardaine:

·     23.681: S. Dardaine, M. Fincker, J. Lancha and P. Sillières, Belo VIII. Le sanctuaire d’Isis. Reviewed by L. Bricault.

A. Dardenay:

·    29.675: A. Dardenay & E. Rosso (textes réunis par), Dialogues entre sphère publique et sphère privée dans l’espace de la cité romaine. Vecteurs, acteurs, significations. Reviewed by A. Russell.

·      28.731: J. Boislève, A. Dardenay et F. Monier (edd.), Peintures murales et stucs d’époque romaine. Révéler l’architecture par l’étude du décor. Reviewed by R. Ling.

M. Darder Lissón:

·      12.667: M. Darder Lissón, De nominibus equorum circensium, pars occidentalis. Reviewed by F. Heintz.

J. P. Darmon:

·      26.810: C. Balmelle, A. Bourgeois, H. Broise, J.-P. Darmon et M. Ennaïfer, Carthage, colline de l’Odéon. Maisons de la Rotonde et du Cryptoportique (recherches 1987-2000). Reviewed by J. Freed.

·      10.473: J. P. Darmon, Recueil général des mosaïques de la Gaule II. Province de Lyonnaise 5, partie nord-ouest. Reviewed by M. Fuchs.

W. A. Daszewski:

·      2.313: W. A. Daszewski and D. Michaelides, Mosaic floors in Cyprus. Reviewed by K. M. D. Dunbabin.

·      2.313: W. A. Daszewski and D. Michaelides, Guide to the Paphos mosaics. Reviewed by K. M. D. Dunbabin.

P. Davenport:

·      22.691: P. Davenport, C. Poole and D. Jordan, Excavations at the New Royal Baths (the Spa), the Bellott’s Hospital 1998-1999. Reviewed by N. Holbrook.

·      3.419: B. Cunliffe and P. Davenport, The Temple of Sulis Minerva at Bath I. The site. Reviewed by T. F. C. Blagg.

A. Daviault:

·      1.169: A. Daviault, J. Lancha and L. A. Lopez Palomo, Un mosaico con inscripciones, Puente Genil (Cordoba). Reviewed by E. Rawson.

G. Davies:

·      29.919: G. Davies and J. Magness, The 2003-2007 excavations in the late Roman fort at Yotvata. Reviewed by S. T. Parker.

J. Davies:

·      26.488: Z. H. Archibald, J. K. Davies and V. Gabrielsen (edd.), The economies of Hellenistic societies, third to first centuries BC. Reviewed by M. Lawall.

·      14.667: J. Davies, Death, burial and rebirth in the religions of antiquity. Reviewed by J. L. Rife.

P. J. E. Davies:

·      15.485: P. J. E. Davies, Death and the emperor. Roman imperial funerary monuments from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius. Reviewed by J. Arce.

R. W. Davies:

·      4.322: R. W. Davies, Service in the Roman army. Reviewed by P. Le Roux.

J. L. Davis:

·      7.421: J. F. Cherry, J. L. Davis and E. Mantzourani, Landscape archaeology as long-term history: northern Keos in the Cycladic Islands from earliest settlement until modern times. Reviewed by M. Rautman.

R. R. de Alemeida

·     30.748: I. V. Pinto, R. R. de Almeida & A. Martin (edd.), Lusitanian amphorae: production and distribution. Reviewed by D. Mateo Corredor

F. de Angelis:

·      26.565: F. de Angelis (ed.), Spaces of justice in the Roman world. Reviewed by C. F. Noreña.

M. Debié:

·      26.941: A. Borrut, M. Debié, A. Papaconstantinou, D. Pieri et J.-P. Sodini (edd.), Le Proche-Orient de Justinien aux Abbassides. Peuplement et dynamiques spatiales. Reviewed by J. Magness.

L. De Blois:

·      15.516: L. De Blois (ed.), Administration, prosopography and appoint-ment policies in the Roman empire. Reviewed by C. Ando.

R. de Bonis:

·      23.567: I. Bragantini, R. de Bonis, A. Lemaire and R. Robert, Poseidonia-Paestum V. Les maisons romaines de l’îlot nord. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

F. de Callataÿ:

·      30.644: F. de Callataÿ (ed.), Quantifying the Greco-Roman economy and beyond. Reviewed by M. S. Hobson

S. De Caro:

·      9.344: S. De Caro, La villa rustica in località Villa Regina a Boscoreale. Reviewed by R. Ling.

W. de Clerq:

·     31.837: N. Roymans, S. Heeren & W. de Clerq (edd.), Social dynamics in the northwest frontiers of the Late Roman Empire. Beyond decline or transformation. Reviewed by R. Reece.

J. DeFelice:

·      15.436: J. DeFelice, Roman hospitality: the professional women of Pom-peii. Reviewed by R. Taylor.

M. De Franceschini:

·      11.583: M. De Franceschini, Villa Adriana: mosaici-pavimenti-edifici. Reviewed by J. E. Packer.

R. Degeest:

·      15.657: R. Degeest, The common wares of Sagalassos: typology and chronology. Reviewed by K. Slane.

A. U. De Giorgi:

·      30.810: A. U. De Giorgi, Ancient Antioch from the Seleucid era to the Islamic conquest. Reviewed by A. M. Roberts

N. T. De Grummond:

·      20.388: N. T. De Grummond, Etruscan myth, sacred history and legend. Reviewed by P. Gregory Warden.

·      20.388: N. T. De Grummond and E. Simon, The religion of the Etruscans. Reviewed by P. Gregory Warden.

·      16.469: N. T. de Grummond and B. S. Ridgway (edd.), From Pergamon to Sperlonga. Reviewed by S. G. Schmid.

P. Degryse:

·      25.927: P. Degryse, J. Henderson and G. Hodgins (edd.), Isotopes in vitreous materials. Reviewed by T. Rehren.

F. W. Deichmann:

·      4.398: F. W. Deichmann, Ravenna, Hauptstadt des spätantiken Abendlandes Band II. Kommentar, III Teil. Geschichte, Topographie, Kunst und Kultur. Reviewed by J.-P. Sodini.

C. Delaplace:

·      20.712: C. Delaplace (ed.), Aux origines de la paroisse rurale en Gaule méridionale (IVe-IXe siècles). Reviewed by R. Hodges.

·      11.499: C. Delaplace, La romanisation du Picenum. L’exemple d’Urbs Salvia. Reviewed by L. Gasperini.

L. de Ligt:

·      30.682: L. de Ligt & L. E. Tacoma (edd.), Migration and mobility in the early Roman Empire. Reviewed by R. H. Wilkinson

·      26.678: L. de Ligt, Peasants, citizens and soldiers. Studies in the demographic history of Roman Italy 225 BC–AD 100. Reviewed by W. Scheidel.

·      10.420: L. De LIigt, Fairs and markets in the Roman empire. Reviewed by C. R. Whittaker.

D. Mauskopf Deliyannis:

·      24.855: D. Mauskopf Deliyannis, Ravenna in late antiquity. Reviewed by N. Christie.

C. Delplace:

·    21.652: C. Delplace & J. Dentzer-Feydy, L’Agora de Palmyre. Reviewed by T. Kaizer.

F. Delrieux:

·    23.742: F. Delrieux, Les monnaies des cités grecques de la Basse Vallée de l’Harpasos en Carie. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

E. De Magistris:

·    24.597: E. De Magistris, Structurae. Ricerche su tecniche costruttive e monumenti antichi vol. 1. Reviewed by D. Maschek.

S. De Maria:

·   23.731: S. De Maria and S. Gjongecaj (edd.), Phoinike IV. Rapporto preliminare sulle campagne di scavi e ricerche 2004-2006. Reviewed by W. Bowden.

·   21.583: S. De Maria e S. Gjongecaj (edd.), Phoinike II. Rapporto preliminare sulle campagne di scavi e ricerche 2001. Reviewed by I. L. Hansen.

·   21.583: S. De Maria e S. Gjongecaj (edd.), Phoinike III. Rapporto preliminare sulle campagne di scavi e ricerche 2002-2003. Reviewed by I. L. Hansen.

·      19.714: S. De Maria (ed.), Nuove ricerche e scavi nell’area della Villa di Teoderico a Galeata. Reviewed by B. Ward-Perkins.

·      17.706: S. De Maria and S. Gjongecaj, Phoinike 1. Reviewed by I. L. Hansen.

·      2.195: S. De Maria, Gli archi onorari di Roma e dell'Italia romana. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

G. De Marinis:

·      23.475: E. J. Shepherd, G. Capecchi, G. De Marinis, F. Mosca and A. Patera (edd.), Le fornaci del Vingone a Scandicci. Reviewed by S. Menchelli.

C. De Mitri:

·      25.580: C. De Mitri, Inanissima pars Italiae. Dinamiche insediative nella penisola Salentina in età romana. Reviewed by R. Goffredo.

S. Demougin:

·      27.653: S. Demougin & J. Scheid (edd.), Colons et colonies dans le monde romain. Reviewed by M. E. Hoskins Walbank.

·      15.581: M. Navarro Caballero and S. Demougin, Elites hispaniques. Reviewed by S. Keay.

S. De Natale:

·      7.303: S. De Natale, Pontecagnano II. La necropoli di S. Antoniio: propr. ECI 2. Tombe della prima età del ferro. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

M. Denoyelle:

·      22.587: M. Denoyelle and S. Descamps-Lequime, The eye of Josephine. The antiquities collection of the empress in the Musée du Louvre. Reviewed by C. Mattusch.

·      22.587: S. Descamps-Lequime and M. Denoyelle, De Pompéi à Malmaison. Les antiques de Joséphine. Reviewed by C. Mattusch.

M. Denti:

·      7.339: M. Denti, Ellenismo e romanizzazione nella X regio. La scultura delle elites locali dall'età repubblicana ai Giulio-Claudi. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

J.-M. Dentzer:

·      19.666: J. Dentzer-Feydy, J.-M. Dentzer, P.-M. Blanc (edd.), Hauran II. Les installations de Si’ 8. Du sanctuaire à l’établissement viticole. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

·      5.450: J.-M. Dentzer (ed.), Hauran I. Recherches archéologiques sur la Syrie du Sud à l'époque hellénistique et romaine. Reviewed by D. F. Graf.

J. Dentzer-Feydy:

·      23.780: J. Dentzer-Feydy, M. Vallerin, T. Fournet, R. and A. Mukdad, Bosra, aux portes de l’Arabie. Reviewed by K. E. T. Butcher.

·    21.652: C. Delplace & J. Dentzer-Feydy, L’Agora de Palmyre. Reviewed by T. Kaizer.

·      19.666: J. Dentzer-Feydy, J.-M. Dentzer, P.-M. Blanc (edd.), Hauran II. Les installations de Si’ 8. Du sanctuaire à l’établissement viticole. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

·      19.441 and 446: F. Zayadine, F. Larché et J. Dentzer-Feydy, Le Qasr al-Bint de Pétra. Reviewed by J. Patrich and D. F. Graf.

G. Depeyrot:

·      15.600: G. Depeyrot, Le numéraire gaulois du IVe siècle, aspects quantitatifs. Reviewed by R. Reece.

R. D. De Puma:

·      8.330: R. D. De Puma and J. P. Small (edd.), Murlo and the Etruscans. Reviewed by J.-R. Jannot.

·      7.457: V. Begley and R. D. De Puma (edd.), Rome and India. The ancient sea trade. Reviewed by D. P. S. Peacock.

M. C. D’Ercole:

·      6.285: M. C. D’Ercole, La stipe votiva del Belvedere a Lucera. Reviewed by B. Ginge.

D. De Rita:

·      20.403: G. Heiken, R. Funiciello and D. De Rita, The seven hills of Rome: a geological tour. Reviewed by A. J. Ammerman.

T. Derks:

·      24.745: T. Derks and N. Roymans (edd.), Ethnic constructs in antiquity: the role of power and tradition. Reviewed by L. Revell.

F. De Romanis:

·     29.915: F. De Romanis and M. Maiuro (edd.), Across the ocean: nine essays on Indo-Mediterranean trade. Reviewed by S. E. Sidebotham.

·      13.691: F. De Romanis and A. Tchernia (edd.), Crossings. Early Mediterranean contacts with India. Reviewed by C. R. Whittaker.

J. Desanges:

·      7.454: J. Desanges et al., Sur les routes antiques de l'Azanie et de l'Inde. Le fonds Révoil du Musée de l'Homme (Heïs et Damo, en Somalie). Reviewed by M. Reddé.

A. Desbat:

·      9.502: A. Desbat, O. LeBlanc, J.-L. Prisset, H. Savay-Guerraz, D. Tavernier, La maison des dieux Océan à Saint-Romain-en-Gal (Rhône). Reviewed by M. George.

S. Descamps-Lequime:

·      22.587: M. Denoyelle and S. Descamps-Lequime, The eye of Josephine. The antiquities collection of the empress in the Musée du Louvre. Reviewed by C. Mattusch.

·      22.587: S. Descamps-Lequime and M. Denoyelle, De Pompéi à Malmaison. Les antiques de Joséphine. Reviewed by C. Mattusch.

J.-P. Descœudres:

·      18.621: J.-P. Descœudres (ed.), Ostia, port et porte de la Rome antique. Reviewed by S. T. A. M. Mols.

M. De’ Spagnolis:

·      15.355: M. De’ Spagnolis, Pompei e la valle del Sarno in epoca pre-romana: la cultura delle tombe a fossa. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

A. Desreumaux:

·      13.801: J.-B. Humbert and A. Desreumaux, Fouilles de Khirbet Es-Samra en Jordanie vol. 1. Reviewed by D. Graf.

H. Dessale:

·   29.778: H. Dessales, Le partage de l’eau. Fontaines et distribution hydraulique dans l’habitat urbain de l’Italie romaine. Reviewed by D. C. Keenan-Jones.

P. D. De Staebler:

·      26.839: C. Ratté and P. D. De Staebler (edd.), The Aphrodisias regional survey. Reviewed by C. S. Lightfoot.

G. De Tommaso:

·      6.409: G. De Tommaso, Ampullae vitreae. Contenitori in vetro di unguenti e sostanze aromatiche dell'Italia romana (I sec a.C.- III s. d.C.). Reviewed by D. Whitehouse.

M. de Vos:

·      27.806: M. De Vos & R. Attoui, Rus Africum tome 1. Le paysage rural antique autour de Dougga et Téboursouk. Reviewed by D. L. Stone.

·      27.810: M. De Vos, R. Attoui & A. Battisti, Rus Africum tome 2. Le paysage rural antique autour de Dougga. L’aqueduc Aïn Hammam-Thugga. Reviewed by Ph. Leveau.

·      27.635: M. De Vos & B. Maurina (a cura di), La villa romana di Isera: ricerche e scavi (1973-2004). Reviewed by N. Christie.

·      15.597: M. de Vos (ed.), Rus Africum. Terra acqua olio nell’ Africa settentionale. Scavo e ricognizione nei dintorni di Dougga. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

·      13.543: M. De Vos, Dionysus, Hylas e Isis sui monti di Roma. Reviewed by R. Ling.

J. Devreker:

·      17.716: J. Devreker, H. Thoen and F. Vermeulen, Excavations in Pessinus: the so-called Acropolis. From Hellenistic and Roman cemetery to Byzantine castle. Reviewed by C. Lightfoot.

H. Dey:

·     29.972: H. W. Dey, The afterlife of the Roman city. Architecture and ceremony in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages. Reviewed by B. Anderson.

·     26.879: H. W. Dey, The Aurelian Wall and the refashioning of Imperial Rome, AD 271-855. Reviewed by B. Ward-Perkins.

·      25.960: H. Dey and E. Fentress (edd.), Western monasticism ante litteram. The spaces of monastic observance in late antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Reviewed by P. Delogu.

B. Díaz Ariño:

·      23.473: B. Díaz Ariño, Epigrafía latina republicana de Hispania. Reviewed by J. Richardson.

C. P. Dickenson:

·     31.893: C. P. Dickenson, On the Agora. The evolution of a public space in Hellenistic and Roman Greece. Reviewed by J. C. Donati.

E. Dickey:

·      18.648: E. Dickey, Latin forms of address. Reviewed by R. S. O. Tomlin.

J.-A. Dickmann:

·      15.429: J.-A. Dickmann, Domus frequentata. Anspruchsvolles Wohnen im Pompejanischen Stadthaus. Reviewed by E. M. Moormann.

V. Di Cola:

·      29.790: M. Medri con V. Di Cola, Ostia V: Le Terme del Nuotatore. Cronologia di un’insula ostiense. Reviewed by I. Miliaresis.

S. Dietz:

·      10.567: S. Dietz, L. L. Sebai and H. Ben Hassan, Africa Proconsularis. Regional studies in the Segermes Valley of Northern Tunisia I-II. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

N. Dieudonné-Glad:

·      28.862: N. Dieudonné-Glad, M. Feugère & M. Önal, Zeugma V. Les objets. Reviewed by I. R. Scott.

H. Di Giuseppe:

·      27.520: R. Cascino, H. Di Giuseppe & H. L. Patterson (edd.), ‘Veii. The historical topography of the ancient city’. A restudy of John Ward-Perkins’ survey. Reviewed by A. Murock Hussein.

J. H. F. Dijkstra:

·      24.882: J. H. F. Dijkstra, Philae and the end of ancient Egyptian religion. A regional study of religious transformation (298-642 CE). Reviewed by T. M. Kristensen.

J. N. Dillon:

·      26.887: J. N. Dillon, The justice of Constantine: law, communication, and control. Reviewed by T. D. Barnes.

S. Dillon:

·      25.618: S. Dillon, The female portrait statue in the Greek world. Reviewed by T. E. Reeves.

·      20.481: S. Dillon and K. E. Welch, Representations of war in ancient Rome. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

·      20.583: R. R. R. Smith with S. Dillon, C. H. Hallett, J. Lenaghan and J. Van Voorhis, Aphrodisias II. Roman portrait statuary. Reviewed by B. E. Borg.

V. Di Napoli:

·    30.790: V. Di Napoli, Teatri della Grecia romana: forma, decorazione, funzioni. La provincia d’Acaia. Reviewed by E. Gebhard

A. Di Vita:

·      25.870: A. Di Vita, Gortina di Creta: quindici secoli di vita urbana. Reviewed by J. E. Francis and G. W. M. Harrison

·      20.588: Di Vita (ed.), Gortina VI. Scavi 1979-1982. Reviewed by J. Francis.

·      3.502: A. Di Vita (ed.), Gortina I. Reviewed by G. W. M. Harrison.

K. R. Dixon:

·      11.657: P. Southern and K. R. Dixon, The Late Roman army. Reviewed by J. W. Eadie.

W. Djobadze:

·      1.229: W. Djobadze, Archeological investigations in the region west of Antioch on-the-Orontes. Reviewed by J.-P. Sodini.

J. J. Dobbins:

·   21.450: J. J. Dobbins and P. W. Foss (edd.), The world of Pompeii. Reviewed by S. J. R. Ellis.

M. J. Dobson:

·      22.655: M. Dobson, The army of the Roman Republic. The second century B.C., Polybius, and the camps at Numantia, Spain. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

·      6.371: V. A. Maxfield and M. J. Dobson (edd.), Roman frontier studies 1989: proceedings of the 15th international congress of Roman frontier studies. Reviewed by J. W. Eadie.

R. Docter:

·     29.887: R. Docter, R. Boussoffara and P. ter Keurs (edd.), Carthage, fact and myth. Reviewed by J. Freed.

H. Dodge:

·      7.361: H. Dodge and B. Ward-Perkins (edd.), Marble in antiquity: collected papers of J. B. Ward-Perkins. Reviewed by D. P. S. Peacock.

H. Dolenz:

·      26.810: H. Dolenz und C. Flügel, Die Deutschen Ausgrabungen in Karthago. Römische und byzantinische Grossbauten am Decumanus Maximus. Reviewed by J. Freed.

·      17.750: H. Dolenz, Damous-el-Karita. Die Österreichisch-tunesischen Ausgrabungen der Jahre 1996 und 1997 im Saalbau und der Memoria des Pilgerheiligtumes Damous-el-Karita in Karthago. Reviewed by S. T. Stevens.

S. Dominic Ruegg:

·      10.347: S. Dominic Ruegg et al., Underwater investigations at Roman Minturnae: Liris-Garigliano river. Reviewed by M. Gualtieri.

S. Donaghey:

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