Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 22 (2009)


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Volume 22 Archaeological Notes 

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Stucco fluting the columns of the temple at Kh. Omrit
M. C. Nelson and J. T. Thole
Evidence of demolition and remodeling at Villa A at Oplontis after A.D. 45
M. L. Thomas & J. R. Clarke

The cults of Ituraean Heliopolis (Baalbeck)
A. Kropp
New inscriptional evidence and Petra’s rôle in the province of Arabia
T. Gagos
Books and libraries in a newly-discovered treatise of Galen
C. P. Jones
Antium, the Palatium, and the Domus Tiberiana again
P. L. Tucci
v22_07-Trincherini                         v22_08-Rihll                        v22_09-Segard      
The wall-top at castrum Bigorra (Saint-Lézer)
J. Wood
A propos du couronnement du rempart de Saint-Lézer
Ch. Darles et al.
An early Byzantine ‘élite’ tomb in a domestic context at Kaukana, Sicily
R. J. A. Wilson et al.

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