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Publication date October 28, 2014
. THE HOROLOGIUM OF AUGUSTUS: DEBATE AND CONTEXT, by Lothar Haselberger,  with contributions by Paolo Albèri Auber, Géza Alföldy†, John Fillwalk, Bernard Frischer, Robert Hannah, Peter J. Heslin, Eugenio La Rocca, Günter Leonhardt, John Pollini with Nicholas Cipolla, and Michael Schütz. Cloth, 7 x 10 inch. 206 pages, 72 figs. ISBN-13: 978-0-9913730-3-1. List price $89.50. Special prepublication price to individuals $69.50.

Recently published:
by Anne Laidlaw and Marco Salvatore Stella, with contributions by J. Collins-Clinton, A. Martin, S. Ranucci & J. Burge. Cloth, 8 1/2 x 11 inch. 283 pages, 12 pages of colour plates, 294 figures, Tables, End pocket containing two plans (scale 1 : 100) and two photomosaics (1 : 75 and 1 : 50). ISBN-13: 978-0-9913730-2-4. Publication date: July 8, 2014. List price $109. Web price to individuals $89. Publication of this book has been aided by a grant from the von Bothmer Publication Fund of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Reconstruction of peristyle by J. Burge
, edited by Elizabeth C. Robinson. Contributors: P. A. J. Attema, B. Belelli Marchesini, G. Cifani, F. di Gennaro, E. Govi, J. N. Hopkins, E. van’t Lindenhout, P. S. Lulof, M. Mogetta, P. Perkins, S. Pope, E. C. Robinson, J. F. Seubers and B. Ullrich. Cloth, 7 x 10 inch. 243 pages, 113 figs. ISBN-13: 978-0-9913730-1-7. (International Roman Archaeology Conference Series). Published on May 27, 2014. List price $99. Web price to individuals $79.

S96. INFANT HEALTH AND DEATH IN ROMAN ITALY AND BEYOND, edited by Maureen Carroll and Emma-Jayne Graham. Contributors: M. Carroll, A. Chamberlain, T. Derks, R. Gowland, E.-J. Graham, D. R. Gröcke, C. Laes, A. R. Millard, L. A. Powell, R. C. Redfern, W. Southwell-Wright and A. Sparreboom. Cloth, 7 x 10 inch. 181 pages, c.44 figs., tables. ISBN-13: 978-0-9913730-0-0. Published on January 24, 2014. List price $89. Web price to individuals $71.20.

Journal of Roman Archaeology volume 27 (2014), containing 996 pages and heavily illustrated, with 18 pages of colour, is now at the printer and will be available around November 1st. Price to individual subscribers remains $72.95 plus postage. Please click here for subscription information for institutions and agents.
Highlights among articles include:
W. Scheidel, The shape of the Roman world: modelling imperial connectivity
J. R. W. Prag, Bronze rostra from the Egadi Islands off NW Sicily: the Latin inscriptions
M. Pitts, Reconsidering Britain’s first urban communities
J. Magness et al., Hoqoq (Lower Galilee) and its synagogue mosaics
N. Benovitz, The Justinianic plague: dated Greek epitaphs of Byzantine Palestine and Arabia with online appendix

103 works are reviewed. Highlights among review articles include:
T. P. Wiseman, Archaeology and history: the house of Augustus
Y. Perrin, La fabrique néronienne de l’Oppius: art et chronologie
A. Wallace-Hadrill, Microhistories of Roman trade
M. Millett, Urban archaeological survey in practice
A. M. Small, A major study of imperial estates in Italy
R. Gordon, Debating pre-Constantinian religious change
K. M. D. Dunbabin, Athletes represented in Roman mosaic and painting
R. Gordon, The curse tablets from Mainz
Ph. Leveau, Archéologie d’un aqueduc africaine
C. Pavolini, Opinioni diverse su Ostia tardoantica
T. D. Barnes, A new collection of essays on the Theodosian Code
B. D. Shaw, An innovative work on the plebs in late-antique North Africa
C. C. Mattusch, “A passionate collector” and “the right person at the right time”

Volume 26 (published October 2013), is now hosted by Cambridge Journals Online. Paid subscribers to vol. 26 have free access to the online version at http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=JRO
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Supplements published in 2013:
LIVING AND WORKING IN THE ROMAN WORLD. ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF MICHAEL FULFORD  edited by Hella Eckardt and Stephen Rippon. Contributors: J. R. L. Allen, W. Bowden, A. Clarke, J. Creighton, N. Crummy, B. W. Cunliffe, E. Durham, H. Eckardt, N. Holbrook, H. R. Hurst, D. J. Mattingly, D. P. S. Peacock, S. Rippon, J. Timby and A. Wallace-Hadrill. Cloth. 8 1/2 x 11 inch. 239 pages, 80 figs., many tables. ISBN-13: 978-1-887829-95-3. Published on October 19, 2013. List price $99. Web price to individuals  $79.
S94. ROME BEYOND ITS FRONTIERS: IMPORTS, ATTITUDES AND PRACTICES, edited by Peter S. Wells (International Roman Archaeology Conference Series). Cloth, 7 x 10 inch. 131 pages, 40 figs including 6 pages of colour. ISBN-13: 978-1-887829-94-6. Published on April 4, 2013. List price $62. Web price to individuals $49.
edited by Rob Collins and Matthew Symonds (International Roman Archaeology Conference Series). Cloth, 7 x 10 inch. 140 pages, 45 figs. including 9 pages of colour. ISBN 978-1-887829-93-9. Published on February 25, 2013. List price $62. Web price to individuals $49.

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